CodyCross Weekend at the Beach Pack answers

Weekend at the Beach PackWeekend at the Beach

Here are the answers to CodyCross Weekend at the Beach Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

Ridge of beach built up off the coast.

Type of kerchief cowboys wear.

A portable device that creates a flame.

Tomato sauce for putting on burgers.

Formal ceremony of marriage.

Captain Corelli's forename.

Six-sided shape.

David __; Canadian filmmaker married to Elton John.

Reshuffle, revamp, overhaul.

The world's largest ocean.

1980s US soap starring Joan Collins.

Participant in the Tour de France.

Puzzle 2

Slang for uncool, or rectangle with equal sides.

Edward who painted Nighthawks.

Type of performer known for rhyming bars.

Projectile that comes out of a firearm.

Drainage basins of inland deserts.

Ancient Roman port of Ravenna.

Suck up dust and dirt from carpets with a machine.

Individual pieces of sand.

Amulet with magical powers to protect the owner.

The White House has an oval one.

Richness, opulence.

Swipe left or right on this app to find a match.

Heated through.

Women's two-piece swimsuit.

Puzzle 3

Kind of animal that stars in Flipper.

Model-making substance for rolling and stretching.

Outer layer or top level.

Underwater eyewear.

Skin flaps that cover seeing organs.

Jerry __; Tom Cruise's "Show me the money" film.

Lattice-rope lounger.

Chocolate brand with dark purple livery.

Throbbing effect made by a musical instrument.

Baptize by sprinkling.

It ain't over until this person sings.

One thousand squared.

The marmalade cat.

To speak in a hushed, secretive manner.

Puzzle 4

Land completely surrounded by water.

George, Tarzan and Mowgli called this place home.

Country home to Copacabana beach.

Joint __; concerted approach.

Lawless buccaneer who buries treasure.

Memory machine in Assassin's Creed games.

This spiny lizard is now invasive to Puerto Rico.

Pursue; keep up with someone on social media.

Four and this many blackbirds were baked in a pie.

Fictional writer who helps solve murders on TV.

Fabled Scottish lake dweller.

Images of people, sent to keep spirits up.

Evening meal.

Giant costumed character in a sports stadium.

Puzzle 5

Quays, moorings.

American word for what Brits call a takeaway.

The blonde Powerpuff Girl with a sweet disposition.

Bent down to be knighted.

Constant movement of sea water.

Not delivered on time; to be late.

Iconic sled in Citizen Kane.

Half woman, half fish.

Games or problems that need to be solved.

Squiggles, mindless works of art.

Puzzle 6

Museum displays.

Saltwater clams used as Shell Oil's logo.

Australian stone form that looks like moving water.

Boy Scouts are famous for being this.

Sunglasses for pilots.

Shallow seawater puddle filled with marine life.

Big man captured by the Lilliputians.

Device for firing a rocket.

Ladylike, acting like a woman.

It's what the P in P.E. stands for.

Chinese dessert eaten during lunar festivals.

Puzzle 7

When bothered, feathers do this.

Gillian from Community and Love.

Well-being in fitness and diet.

An opening to the outside guarded by glass.

Cooking cakes in the oven.

Pair of men's swimwear.

In the style of a male monarch.

The words of a song.

German intelligence service, 1920-45.

Spanish mansions.

Cloth or textile.

Animal dung used to add nutrients to soil.

Movie where Tom Hanks loves a mermaid.

Puzzle 8

Car-maker partner of Benz.

Sonic's red echidna friend.

The capital of Djibouti.

He lives under children's beds.

Vision, how well you can see.

Type of ship propelled by the wind.

All the Go-Go's ever wanted.

Decade of the Jazz Age.

US name for a courgette.

Cinderella's prince.

Flaming spherical meteor.

Sounds made by a hungry lamb.

Competition with gold, silver, and bronze medals.

Puzzle 9

Spread made from chickpeas.

Dolly and Whitney sang "I will __ love you".

Primate like a baboon or marmoset.

Tiny men's swimsuit brand.

Dover has some famous white ones.

President grants one per year to a lucky turkey.

If you're incompetent, don't quit your __.

Bathroom cabinet with a sink built in.

Single-masted sailing vessels with Dutch origins.

All-inclusive tourist destination.

Belgian comic about a boy journalist and his dog.

Showing affection and strong feelings for someone.

Sum of money paid for capturing a wanted criminal.

Snake-haired woman.

Puzzle 10

Hiccup's dragon in Cressida Cowell's novels.

Sea where Cuba lies.

Beach material made of volcanic basalt.

Goats appear on the cover of this Beach Boys LP.

Broken remains of a boat.

Heavy-bottomed skillet for searing food.

2020 film with Tiffany Haddish and Billy Porter.

The nuts in Nutella.

Explorer of Asia; swimming pool game.

Furry pollinator who flits from flower to flower.

Disregard of one's own personal safety.

Puzzle 11

Bears and other animals do this in the winter.

Warning call before someone quickly throws a ball.

Jam made from Seville oranges.

Something played on an Xbox or Nintendo Switch.

Kiss up.

Boat with two parallel hulls.

Four-sided shape without equal sides.

Inflatable toy for bouncing.

Where Ed Sheeran's castle is located.

Dora the Explorer's cousin stars in this spinoff.

German city famed for sausages.

These include Chinese, French, Latin, Russian.

Puzzle 12

Piles of burning branches and logs.

Sea just beyond the Venetian Lagoon.

Northern actor of Sharpe, and the warrior Boromir.

Professional portrait for auditioning performers.

Capital city of Jamaica where Bob Marley was from.

Superstition tells us not to open it indoors.

Disney movie featuring The Sorcerer's Apprentice.

The real inner person.

Round tube that is spun around the waist.

Outdoor grilling party.

Body decoration with a pendant.

This ugly one turned out to be a swan.

Float on a canopy pulled by a speedboat.

Puzzle 13

Common reptilian goodbye; "In a while, __".

Beer brand with Whassup ad slogan.

UK name for an eggplant.

Soapy liquid used to wash clothes.

Witches' assistants.

What Schwarzenegger does in a 1984 sci-fi movie.

She's a superhero cousin of Superman.

Las Vegas hosts one by David Copperfield.

Washed up dead trees.


Australia's Great Barrier is the largest one.

Weird Al Yankovic and Dr. Demento.

Puzzle 14

What one might find in a bottle on the beach.

Small salty fish found on a pizza.


Moving on two feet at a gentle pace.

Largest amount allowed.

A rumble heard during a storm.

Accompanying music with the voice.

Fluid stuck under a layer of skin.

Fluffy cushions to rest against in bed.

Moved through water faster than someone else.

Macroalgae that includes kelp.

Debates the price of a market-stall product.

Portlandia's co-creator and star Fred __.

Puzzle 15

Accord, consensus.

The most expensive property in Monopoly.

Prime number, two before 61.

Foamy tops of waves.

Elvis' daughter, born in 1968.

Austrian currency prior to adopting the euro.

Raining, but not heavily.

Smooth chocolate buttons with a hard, shiny shell.

Daily or weekly meditative and stretching space.

Puzzle 16

Set of pages online for visitors to find info.

Beyoncé and Solange.

Place to stay, accommodation.

Another term for plasterboard; it's not wet.

Painful, red, UV radiation damage on the skin.

Name of the diner in Happy Days.

Spanish word for a bullfighter.

If you're going to a job interview, dress to __.

Speaking a novel out loud to someone.

Event that marks the start of spring or autumn.

Strawberry trays.

Put all of one's toes over the nose of a surfboard.

Puzzle 17

3-D square added to sauces with boiling water.

To do multiple things at once.

Border where the land meets the ocean.

Black bars on the top and bottom of your screen.

Medusae with stinging tentacles.

Let fresh air into a room by opening a window.

French expression of well wishes before a trip.

Nighthawks, Guernica, and American Gothic.

Large, baritone brass instrument.

Billy the Kid Western with Estevez and Sutherland.

Puzzle 18

Dangerous current of water below the ocean surface.

Travel arrangements that can be modified.

Between 23 degrees N and 23 degrees S latitude.

Comedian great of Mrs. Doubtfire, Aladdin.

Hard seeds from palm trees.

This sci-fi series boldly went on air in 1966.

The Swedish spelling of Gothenburg.

Pasta that loves a cheese sauce.

Old Mother Hubbard went to this for a bone.

Pains in your hearing organs.

Adhesive labels with pictures on them.

Milkweed plant with slanted seed vessels.

Circular window found on a ship.

This is how we get movies, files off the internet.

Kids in America and You Came singer.

Once bitten __.

Puzzle 19

Can be puff, filo or choux.

Upper-body clothing called after a letter.

Long and slender mammal; a sneaky person.

It sieves waste from a tank.

Sounds, bays or lagoons on a shoreline.

Digging tool.

Young boy in The Jungle Book.

Begin trading after a period of closure.

One-person canoes.

__ squat, nothing, nada.

Wedding anniversary at 50 years.

A good room to store wine underground.

She married Chandler on Friends.

Large physical body in space; we live on one.

Last name of the singer of the Rolling Stones.

Puzzle 20

Metal prongs to pull hairs and splinters.

World's most popular chili pepper.

Creatures with five arms and a central disc.

Small flecks of frozen water.

Activated carbon.

One might use one to comb the beach for metal.

Celebrities Donnie and Mark.

Canadian-American wrestler nicknamed the Hitman.

Kit for medical help at home.

Blue shade, like the sky on a clear day.

Puts a new boat in water.

Greek hero and main protagonist of Homer's epic.

__ Beauty; Disney classic featuring Briar Rose.

Lonely hillside boy in The Sound of Music song.

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