CodyCross Wheeled Things Pack answers

Wheeled Things PackWheeled Things

Here are the answers to CodyCross Wheeled Things Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.

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Puzzle 1

Operation codename for the Dunkirk evacuation.

Trees have thousands of these.

The P in MVP.

Small group of friends; don't let others in easily.

Moses' successor, book of the Bible.

A dozen.


Walking impatiently back and forth.

To breathe out.

Aromatic spices used in desserts during Autumn.

Stringed instrument with a bow.

Completed a puzzle or problem.

Told a lie.

Assessed the worth of something.

Dorothy's home state in the Wizard of Oz.

Puzzle 2

The two types of elephants: Asian and __.

The most spooky.

Billionaire inventor, Tony Stark's alter ego.

Cart or platform towed by another vehicle.

Italian cheese used in desserts, means recooked.

Properties owned by a person, esp after death.

Business comprised of a group of attorneys.

Feeling sad.

Container that keeps liquids hot or cold.

Two-word nickname for Bruce Springsteen.

Region of Israel, sea where Jesus walked on water.

To throw something aside, dispose of it.

Puzzle 3

Prison crisis mode in effect when inmate escapes.

Declared, proclaimed.

Sticking, attaching to something.

Legally separated, no longer married.

Burning, extremely hot.

The study of heredity.

Gets back on track, gets better.

Something that makes logical sense; clear, concise.

Wildly swinging your arms about.

Carried slowly by a current of water.

Appliance on wheels for grilling food outdoors.

Californian national park home to El Capitan.

Puzzle 4

Where Santa's workshop is located.

Wheel __, U.S. TV game show; also a tarot card.

Not morning and not evening, but right in between.

Easily annoyed, impatient.

Nickname of Richard I: Richard the __.

Periods of hotter than average temperatures.

First day of Lent: Ash __.

__ diamonds are pinky-brown and named after drink.

Wooden bars hit with hammer, children's instrument.

Riding at a slower pace than galloping.

Keeps the photo subject sharp; not manual.

Space where company leader hold meetings.

Formulated a plan.

Structure built by Daedalus for King Minos.

Neapolitan flavor.

Common and contagious viral infection.

Book containing alphabetical list of entries.

School friend or companion.

Puzzle 5

Canvas roof extended from shop, tent or caravan.

Runners whose job it is to set the speed of a race.

Southernmost country on the Balkan peninsula.

'85 Ron Howard film, rejuvenation by way of aliens.

To conduct yourself in the proper way.

Gregorian __, unaccompanied liturgical songs.

Color of an eggplant.

Silver pointy triangles; on some dog collars.

African religion practiced in Haiti, New Orleans.

Feline or other animal used for hunting rodents.

Stopped eating for a time.

Puzzle 6

Person who has fled from prison.

FBI Asssistant Director on the X-Files, Walter ___.

Prospero's deformed slave.

__ France, national stadium in Paris.

The second hottest planet.

Asking God for help.

Sicilian pastry dessert filled with ricotta cheese.

__ on the Roof, a movie and a Broadway musical.

Turning over a __; to make a fresh start.

Large artery on the side of the neck that pulses.

First Catholic U.S. President.

Voyagers' bags.

Fred and Wilma Flintstone's daughter.

Goods traded or sold abroad.

Depiction of death in a weird or horrible way.

To feed, nurture.

Larger piece on a necklace that hangs down.

Pet rodent that runs aimlessly on a wheel.

Puzzle 7

A dead end.

De facto ruler of Panama from 1983-1989.

Act of using a knife on something.

A black cat, thought by some to be __.

Exceptional, phenomenal; relating to the stars.

The capital of Puerto Rico.

System of ropes supporting a ship's mast.

Storage locations for incoming emails.

Dolce & __, Italian fashion brand.

Another name for vitamin B1.

A slight suspicion about something.

A simpler term for masticating.

Alaskan dogs that pull sleds.

Puzzle 8

Water vertebrate with a dueling nose.

A revolving gymnastic movement.

Foolishness, ignorance.

Baffled and confused.

Che Guevara's country.

Largest city in the Netherlands (by population).

Vessel for drinking fine vintages from.

State of being withdrawn or distant.

Woodwind flute; name of green bean from France.

Emerald green garnet gemstone from Africa.

Puzzle 9

Tiny Tim's dad in "A Christmas Carol": Bob __.

Fear and __ in Las Vegas, Depp film.

Mimicry is its highest form, apparently.

Well-spoken and persuasive.

Where those who have passed lie in peace.

Person who organizes fights and sells them.

From Posh Spice to posh dress designer: __ Beckham.

Explanatory text at the bottom of a page.

These birds migrate to Capistrano for winter.

To echo.

Woman who breastfeeds another's baby.

Sound system amplifiers.

Italian coffee-flavored sponge cake dessert.

Puzzle 10

Fashion house for which Karl Lagerfeld designs.

Pour wine from the bottle to a glass.

An overused, predictable phrase or thing.

Urban areas.

Naval battle between Octavian and Mark Antony.

City where Heathrow Airport is located.

Utensils used for soup.

Looks at vacantly for a long time.

A dog's house, kept in the garden or yard.


Spanish word for sword.

Puzzle 11

Makes small adjustments or improvements.

Sanskrit word for wheel; center of spiritual power.

__ halter, pirate slang for a hangman's noose.

Celestial place.

Wind instruments, held to the side of the face.

Quadrilateral with 4 right angles & 2 longer sides.

Bogart's widow, Oscar &Tony winner, Lauren ___.

Cereals including wheat, barley or rice.

Sultanate on Borneo coast with yellow & black flag.

U.S. democratic political party symbol.

Boggy or marshy; wet.

Bible book of sacred hymns ascribed to King David.

Puzzle 12

Farming machine for plowing, for example.

Wheeled vehicle seating two people back to back.

Capital of Andalusian province of the same name.

Oliver Stone's 1986 Vietnam War film.

In the air, tricks done by a gymnast, skiier.

Grumpy, down in the dumps.

To shorten, to crop.

Carving up food into thin slivers.

Medieval tribes from Hungary.

Alters a tad.

Past tense of bespeak.

Country associated with the Singing Revolution.

Puzzle 13

Swapped places with something.

Roasted game bird eaten with chestnut stuffing.

River that flows from NY to PA, NJ & its namesake.

Downgrading someone's work status or position.

Heavy wheel that smoothes a machine's operation.

Pre-written; like the lines in a reality TV show.

Window covers made from wood or metal.

High-up platforms built to link trees.

Augusto __, Chilean dictator from 1973-1990.

Writhed and fidgeted.

French dish of snails cooked in butter and wine.

Puzzle 14

Person with an excessive fear of heights.

Self-assured and bold, assertive.

Green opaque gem named after a S. American river.

Piece of meat on a rotating spindle.

Rulers with absolute power.

Deadly venomous sea creature, camouflaged as rock.

The real name of The Incredibles' Elastigirl.

Losing country in the Falklands War.

Cheat, trick or hoodwink.

Raised furniture item for resting your feet on.

Small retailers selling fashion items.

Wild, uncontrollable burning of scrubland.

A judicial killing by the state.

Puzzle 15

__ Criminal, Michael Jackson's 1987 hit song.

Gryffindor student at Hogwarts, Harry __.

Vegetables that can bring tears to your eyes.

Book of the Bible about Jewish queen of Persia.

Adhesive, tacky.

To remove the nails from the paws of a cat.

Figurative uses of words or expressions.

Metric units of liquid volume.

Venetian lagoon island famous for lace-making.

Feeling entertained by something funny.

Shout at a comedian disruptively.

The Annie in Annie Get Your Gun.

Quit your position.

Puzzle 16

Site of ancient standing stones in Brittany.

Sheet that grips a mattress.

Planet discovered by Sir William Herschel in 1781.

Apple's remote storage service.

Walking aid for person with a broken leg.

Opera containing the March of the Toreadors.

This hound has a long silky coat and curled tail.

Raised areas for theatrical performances.

Stuffed with, containing.

First name of French impressionist Monet.

Marvel at something.

Income and expenditure estimate.

Adds little crinkly folds to hair.

The Eagle Has __; about a plot to kidnap Churchill.

Not smaller.

Cleansing river for millions of Hindus.

Most valuable buildings in Monopoly game.

Glucose, fructose, and maltose, for example.

Bugs Bunny's preferred vegetable.

Puzzle 17

Iconic Brazilian beach, south of Copacabana.

European nobleman ranking above count, below duke.

Long running sitcom was Cheers spinoff.

Irish stick-and-ball game for women, like hurling.

Julie Andrews' 2nd husband: film director Blake __.

An advance; partial payment.

Expensive crimson spice derived from dried flowers.

First name of both Scary Spice and Sporty Spice.

Curly-haired dogs, often given pom-pom hairdos.

Big fluffy floor cushion stuffed with tiny beads.

Time period; where a story takes place.

A visible exhibit, item for sale.

Puzzle 18

Type of bank account where money is stored abroad.

Angela __, famous for Murder, She Wrote.

Three-wheeled bike, often ridden by kids.

Exemption from punishment.

Dried and shriveled, like a dead plant.

Sovereign state on S. American coast, Dutch spoken.

First female Prime Minister of the UK: Margaret __.

Common name for the mineral halite.

Person who does something for the good of others.

According to song, what to pack up in your kitbag.

Type of birthday party planned secretly.


Puzzle 19

Tooth treatment to make them brighter and sparkly.

Film director of Top Gun, brother of Ridley.

Abrupt and hazardous snowfall in the mountains.

Turned aside, deviated.

Country that won the 2016 Davis Cup.

Those who don't show up where they're expected.

Large rotating wheel on the banks of the Thames.

Hastily reverse one's opinion or actions.

Eat the hearts of this thistle-shaped vegetable.

Member of religious sect believes in Second Coming.


Puzzle 20

2nd largest continent in both area and population.

__ wheel, device to make a caravan manuverable.

City where Martina Navratilova was born.

Awed, astonished.

Wheel has grooved rim used within a lifting system.

Garment covering for an arm.

Gibson 1979 film remade in 2015 with Theron.

High tea rich, buttery biscuits with clotted cream.

American Werewolf in __, 1981 horror/fantasy film.

Formal list of things to do in a meeting.

Battle of __, Red Army defense of this city 1941-2.

Composer of the opera Don Giovanni.

City where the Prado National Museum is located.

Places where hens sleep.

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