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While We Sleep PackWhile We Sleep

Here are the answers to CodyCross While We Sleep Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.

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Puzzle 1

Odonate insect larger than damselflies.

Sensory __, response that weakens while asleep.

Flowery embellishment of a melody by a performer.

Secure area for cars at a Formula 1 circuit.

Early 20th C art movement on speed and machines.

Get land ready for crops.

Naval battle of 1898 between Spain and the US.

Proper name for the science of sleep.

Radioactive metallic elements in periodic table.

International Day of __ on 20 Mar is a day of joy.

Puzzle 2

Mock __ soup, as featured in Alice in Wonderland.

Small gland that makes a sleep-regulating hormone.

Inflatable robot nurse in Big Hero 6.

Black and white crow relative known for thievery.

German port at north end of Europe's Old Salt Road.

Raqs __, traditional style of Egyptian bellydance.

Blue used by Chinese for decorating ceramics.

Side-to-side distances in a pool.

This sleep is said to maintain good looks.

Diacritic symbol over a vowel to show elongation.

Epoch of Tertiary period, mammal ancestors arrived.

Morning song played outside, opposite of serenade.

US soap Falcon Crest was based on this venture.

Deadly serpentine beast in Greek mythology.

A swirling mark or flourish below a signature.

Food taken by Credito Emiliano as loan collateral.

Puzzle 3

Medical name for nocturnal teeth grinding.

He painted a Café Terrace at Night in 1888.

Italian dessert made up of layers of ice cream.

Attaching the moving parts of an animated model.

Campaign theme song of JFK's grandad: "Sweet __".

Texas-born golfer Lee.

Jumping plant lice.

Country where women may wear a tunic called ao dai.

Direction of celestial object clockwise from north.

Traditional stage assistant in Indian magic.

Inverted V-shape on a flag or insignia.

Moorish style in Spain, especially in Teruel.

It's the H in your sleeping body's ADH levels.

Robert Burns word, describes the "silky" mouse.

The only castle in New Zealand.

Fruit bearer whose bark was used for Maya books.

Puzzle 4

__ Owings & Merrill, architects built Burj Khalifa.

Natural stimulant that can disrupt sleep patterns.

Ballet jump that lands on both feet.

South American monkey also known as a zari.

Synthetic rubber material used in wetsuits.

Famous leader of England's Peasants' Revolt.

Bony protrusion to which skeletal muscles attach.

1986 Bubble Bobble, an action __ game.

Portuguese liqueur tasting of sour cherries.

Horizontally slatted window covering.

Engine part that supplies air or fuel to cylinders.

A Tree Grows there in a 1943 Betty Smith novel.

Glare-reducing software used to treat insomnia.

US artist who painted dogs playing poker.

Someone who knows a lot about many things.

Individual bobsled event with small sled.

Swedish DJ Tim, better known by stage name Avicii.

Home of Faslane and Trident missiles.

Land of Youth; the otherworld in Celtic mythology.

Puzzle 5

Iranian salad made from cucumber and tomato.

The process of learning by copying other people.

Wayne role in True Grit, __ Cogburn.

Light is made of these.

Medical sleepiness test used to diagnose insomnia.

Another word for the transmission in a car.

He advises we "live a little" in As You Like It.

Number of squares in one row of a Scrabble board.

Tom Ellis plays the Devil in this TV series.

Many 1970s appliances were made in this gold hue.

North Africa state, next to Libya and Morocco.

Prague-born Olympic distance runner Emil.

Lake Poet who wrote about the death of a spaniel.

Soothing composition; Brahms wrote a famous one.

A portable Shinto shrine.

"__ is free but facts are sacred", The Guardian.

Puzzle 6

Moon-shaped pastry of Austrian origin.

Loyal to a nation.

The science of sleep.

Kurosawa historical drama aka Shadow Warrior.

Dungeon with ceiling only access.

G.I. Joe's communications expert as of 1986.

1923 religious play by George Bernard Shaw.

Seattle steampunk band fronted by Robert Brown.

Anti-inflammatory proteins released while asleep.

Pelham Grenville __, creator of Psmith and Jeeves.

Puzzle 7

Fictional race of human-like brutes.

West African skin-covered drum, goblet-shaped.

Small bed for rocking a child to sleep.

Swirling phenomenon in Mirny diamond mine.

Root vegetable used to make Irish farl bread.

Old-fashioned term meaning 'In the morning'.

The eastern shores of the Mediterranean.

Sheepskin processed to resemble the fur of a seal.

__ of Langerhans, essential parts of a pancreas.

2013 Danny Boyle film about an art theft.

Chinese mushroom used to treat sleep disorders.

Treaty that gave Saudi Arabia independence in 1927.

Sir Frederick Ashton ballet about a water nymph.

Cropped cardigans.

A winter Carnaval is held in this Canadian city.

Last name of prominent Egyptologist Zahi.

Puzzle 8

__ Republic, the Netherlands' name in 1795-1806.

Begin, start a conversation.

__ fan is a cone shaped sediment deposit.

Simple split sausage sandwich served in Argentina.

Dostoyevsky novel in which Prince Myshkin features.

She played Helga Brandt in You Only Live Twice.

Hume and Locke both wrote about it.

Greek god associated with sleep and dreams.

Royal barge used at the Queen's jubilee.

Enameled Japanese style of ceramics.

__ sleep, practice of sleeping two times per day.

Puzzle 9

Feline with white coat, orange and black spots.

Poet killed when a bird dropped a tortoise on him.

Thick feather-filled quilt or coverlet.

Sao __, large Brazilian river, "Velho Chico".

Alternative name for Beethoven Piano Sonata No. 21.

Fitful and intermittent.

Yellow French liqueur made from plums.

Condition of experiencing excessive nightmares.

Brand of liquid that disinfects hairdressing tools.

US WWII plan to supply the Allies with materials.

Puzzle 10

Orange bonus cards in a game of Monopoly.

Soft __, part of the mouth associated with snoring.

Small landlocked country in the Eastern Himalayas.

Name of Shakespeare's youngest brother, died 1607.

A loft space; a room just below or inside a roof.

Red Sea port offering ferry services to Mecca.

Denton, surgeon implanted first artificial heart.

Edible seaweed in Japanese cuisine.

Norse god, son of Odin, killed by mistletoe.

Annie, author of 1993's The Shipping News.

Shaun the Sheep: The Farmer's __, 2015 sequel.

Actors' unions in the UK and the US.

Animal's state of decreased activity while dormant.

Epsom Derby: the "Blue __ of the Turf".

Temperature scale used in physical sciences.

2019 song by Lil Nas X named after a sandwich.

Puzzle 11

Brain region associated with alertness and sleep.

He hit his first pro home run in Toronto in 1914.

__ of Rhodes, one of the Seven Ancient Wonders.

Small sailing vessels found on the Nile.

Brightly hued frogs native to Madagascar.

Period before slumber when brain activity slows.

The Toll __, first major Technicolor movie, 1922.

James Garner played this hard luck detective.

Indigenous inhabitants of Tenerife.

Coax or entice with flattery.

Ordinary protagonist archetype in literature.

French term for set-price meal of several courses.

Puzzle 12

Large South American Constrictor snakes.

War during which Operation Chromite took place.

A short sleep; to catch some Zs.

Jeff __, LinkedIn CEO.

Silesia saint to whom Berlin cathedral is devoted.

Small, long-handled shallow pan for sauteeing.

Water sport where you can see an armstand or pike.

Beanie Babies dinosaur sent into space in 2020.

Lake of Stars festival locale: the Republic of __.

UK priest drama starring Sean Bean.

Particles containing two protons and two neutrons.

Rocky plateau in a desert with very little sand.

Another term for nauseated.

Fabric cover for a four-poster bed.

Oscar-nominated horror film by Jordan Peele.

Puzzle 13

Stock with quality reputation according to the NYSE.

Pioneer trail now followed by California's I-5.

A brief sleep taken during the working day.

JJ Abrams' teenage drama series.

Ancient ruins, southern Italy wine region.

Bird, runs fast, two black bands around its neck.

Margery, author of 1922's The Velveteen Rabbit.

Made amends for.

Sleep __, overnight education known as hypnopedia.

Sacred, first month of Islamic calendar.

Waterproof outdoor shoes.

First wife of James II, King of England.

Martial art developed in Britain.

Home of the Jade Buddha Temple.

They can't jump, in a Woody Harrelson film.

Puzzle 14

Added to cause chemical reaction aka reactant.

Became king of Tonga in 2012.

Wrote the libretto for Così fan tutte.

Indonesian sword with protruding notch.

South African fried bread filled with ground beef.

Sleep __, burst of neural activity while asleep.

Folk singer Woody.

Long-tailed bird on Guatemala's flag.

Green associated with Robin Hood; UK city.

Rabbit-sized member of the kangaroo family.

15th Century manuscript in unknown language.

__ story, read to lull a child to sleep.

The teenage half-witch living in Greendale.

John, English playwright of Look Back in Anger.

Holder of your incoming messages.

Puzzle 15

2015 stop motion movie by Charlie Kaufman.

Biblical area east of Eden; the state of sleep.

Term for an egg-laying mammal like the platypus.

Portly, rotund.

Malala __ schoolgirl who won the Nobel Peace Prize.

Finnish place, official home town of Santa Claus.

King of Babylon and creator of a code of law.

Causing resentment or envy; unjust, biased.

Device for facilitating after-dinner drinking in the 1400s.

Former Ethiopia.

French word for a makeshift mattress of straw.

Images produced by x-rays.

Puzzle 16

US author of Atlas Shrugged.

Fugue section where subject and answer overlap.

Head and shoulders photo taken on an arrest.

Infection at the side of a fingernail.

Outlying district on the edge of town, environs.

Phenylpropene used in perfumes, flavorings.

Large crater lake in central Italy.

Brief naps or snoozes; an anagram of sass tie.

John __, first governor of the Bank of England.

Green Bay team that won the first Super Bowl.

Iron-tipped southern African tribal wood spear.

Young DC comics speedster mentored by Max Mercury.

North American fish comes in yellow and blue.

Venetian cocktail of peach nectar with Prosecco.

Cheat in video games to make you invincible.

Rope for raising and lowering things, on ships.

Thin silk fabric often used in women's nightgowns.

Biennial festival celebrating West African masks.

The __ Deer, injured animal by Frida Kahlo.

Puzzle 17

Reformer of Jainism, mistaken as its founder.

Style of baby's bed often with a protective hood.

Novak the Serbian tennis star.

18th century naval sword.

The Royal Academy of Arts' first president (1768).

Small doughnut from Nigeria.

Plants with reddish flowers, harvested as grain.

Preliminary sketch by a sculptor.

Program written directly on hardware.

A lack of energy, as caused by disrupted sleep.

Unexplained series of designs at Nazca.

Unique metal identifier of a vehicle.

Netflix TV series about the monarchy.

Sociologist Emile, author of Moral Education.

Examples include Stuff You Should Know, Serial.

1765 law that placed a tax on British colonies.

Italian composer who wrote Fountains of Rome.

When something sells quickly, they sell like __.

Generous comportment that benefits others.

Puzzle 18

Location of the South by Southwest music festival.

__ jerk, sudden body twitch when falling asleep.

Upside-down tree species common in Africa.

In matchplay golf, means almost impossible to lose.

Contemptuously cowardly.

King of Bavaria known as the "Swan King": __ II.

Citation of a previously mentioned text.

Island that traded amber with Bronze Age Greece.

Permanent ink inserted into your skin.

Annual Hindu festival of lights.

South American knitted headgear with earflaps.

World's largest and deepest fresh water lake.

Brand name of poular sleeping medication Zolpidem.

Saying of surprise, contraction of by God's wounds.

Winged horse with dragon scales in Chinese folklore.

Puzzle 19

An artwork made mostly from shades of brown.

Unaccompanied, monophonic liturgical chanting.

Gogol's account of the ownership of deceased serfs.

US grape once thought related to Italy’s Primitivo.

It's worn by people to block out light in bed.

Mistress of Harlequin in commedia dell'arte.

Greatest vertical drop on Earth.

Triangular looped symbol representing the Trinity.

Lacking pigmentation, but not fully albino.

Sleep-prompting chemical; an anagram of none aside.

Study of the characteristics of different peoples.

Puzzle 20

Level of authority in a hierarchy; rank.

Baby __, device for checking on a sleeping child.

Modern architecture with bright, curvy forms.

David, wrote Black and British: A Forgotten History.

Bronze Age capital of the Hittite Empire.

Cape where the Indian and Atlantic Oceans meet.

Medical term for earwax.

Cleveland's baseball team.

Cable with a harness that people ride on for fun.

Hunger-inducing hormone affected by impaired sleep.

Grilled Thai pork skewer.

National bird of Wales.

He endured 90 mins in an underwater coffin in 1926.

Film festival named after a Swiss town.

Musical term, continue to next section immediately.

US city with the oldest still standing mosque.

Reverend who gave his name to verbal transposition.

Traditional Japanese puppet show.

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