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Here are the answers to CodyCross Wine Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

Native French grape also used in Argentina.

2016 Chinese comedy film: I am not Madame __.

Do You Want to Know a __?.

Hank __, voice actor on The Simpsons.

Forename of "Grantchester" poet Brooke.

Put in a cell.

__ Graf; German former tennis no. 1.

__ Bergere, French theater famed for its cabaret.

Swirling mass of snow.

__ tax, pay your working dues in Monopoly game.

Describes a wine with a musty, mushroomy smell.

Cheerful, merry, glad.


Farmyard animal that brays.

Rocky plateau in a desert with very little sand.

Puzzle 2

When the Sun is covered by the Moon.

Made small talk.

In Roman mythology, the god of wine.

Mazy movement with a ball in football, basketball.

Pink Panther director won an Honorary Oscar.

As respected as a doyen.

Jennifer __, who starred in Friends.

Plead with someone.

Spanish wine punch with fruit.

Covers for your visual organs.

Puzzle 3

Famous and historic dog sled race in Alaska.

Dom __, monk was pioneer in winemaking techniques.

Top of a wine bottle to be twisted off.

__ Jane, 50s musical starring Doris Day.

Something loathed; an abhorrence.

"What doesn't kill us makes us __".

Getting hitched.

Tries to achieve.

How Star Trek's Spock reads the thoughts of others.

To do with or relating to the thumb.

Gothic fiction creator of Lestat.

Puzzle 4

Black-skinned Spanish grape also called Monastrell.

Crash __, video game creature based on a marsupial.

UK island possession in the middle of the Atlantic.

Will Smith searches for a cure for the plague.


Ability to play a musical piece previously unseen.

Wine bottle equivalent to 16 normal bottles.

"It's not over 'til the fat __".

Rabelais' giant and father of Pantagruel.

Large stiff feathers of a bird's tail.

Sport of gorge exploring with abseiling.

Nationality of Edvard Grieg and Henrik Ibsen.

Puzzle 5

Package in the post.

__ Teresa, Albanian nun famous for charity work.

American state ending with three vowels.

"Ctrl" + "+".

Become unsteady and come crashing down.

Paul __-Ruel, art dealer and impressionist fan.

Footballer who plays wide to the left or right.

PT __, the circus entrepreneur with Bailey.

Spanish term for a winery.

Genre of late 19th c. French operetta, opera __.

Red Piedmont wine made from Nebbiolo grapes.

Broke, penniless.

Small in frame.

Famous family name including Aldous and Leonard.

Puzzle 6

Small crustaceans that turn pink when cooked.

Food __, to turn food into mush for babies.

Marriage ceremony.

A type of large baleen whale.

Pacific Ocean sea east of Fiji.

Environmental factors that underlay wine-growing.

Drained someone else's financial resources.

Colorful French tin-glazed earthenware.

Tuscan wine made of Sangiovese and sold in fiaschi.

Customary habits or ceremonial procedures.

Don __, Spanish opus by Miguel de Cervantes.

Puzzle 7

Actor who starred in "Zorba the Greek": __ Quinn.

Globe artichoke relative with an edible leaf stalk.

Tidied up, neatened, smartened.

Twisted breadstick popular in Southern Italy.

Powering up a car engine.

French wine region known for steely Chardonnays.

Sweet Madeira wine mentioned in RIchard III.

Rocky ravines and streams in N America.

Make a reservation in advance.


Puzzle 8

__ drive, system supplying power to back of a car.

Protective cover of a piano keyboard.

Attend a party uninvited.

Best Supporting Actor Oscar for Ryan's Daughter.

He played Winslet's villainous fiancé in Titanic.

French-English battle of 1415 with Welsh archers.

Leaning towards.

Failure to pass on a property bequest of a will.

Country most closely associated with kangaroos.

Queen of the Amazons.

A combine __ is used to collect wheat.

Slang term meaning great, very nice.

Italian red frizzante wine.

Scottish harbor town with ferries to the Orkneys.

Consenting to a treaty.

Russian author who wrote "Dr. Zhivago": Boris __.

Family-managed Champagne house founded in 1829.

Puzzle 9

Enlarge, a word coined by The Simpsons.

Choice after deliberation.

Producer/Director of "Jules and Jim": François __.

Beer right up to the brim.

Place where fiction and non-fiction is sold.

Ocean that separates North America from Europe.

Nationality of Jerry Rawlings and Kofi Annan.

Plantation, often on a hillside, for grape-growing.

Not too hot or too cold, e.g. spring temperatures.

Beethoven, for example.

Scottish sprint cyclist, winner of 6 Olympic golds.

Publication with religious songs in it.

Skinny pink cat in Top Cat wears white turtle neck.

Receptacle for wine tasters to get rid of fluids.

Hole-filled bowl for sieving water from vegetables.

Italian name for the Mona Lisa: La __.

Michael Jackson tour planned for 2009-2010.

Powerful computer industy elite: portmanteau term.

Puzzle 10

Peter __, carpenter, leader of the "Mechanicals".

Kids birthday party game: Pin the Tail on the __.

__ brush, to clean baby milk receptacles.

Germanic ethnic group native to Sweden.

__collie, black and white sheepdog.

Coat __, nickname for the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

__ line, secondary rail route to smaller towns.

A Pomerol wine, rare and expensive.

Red Chinese agent played by Michelle Yeoh with Bond.

Small yellow, white or purple early spring flower.

Soft and careful.

Unusual shape of a Meitan, China specialty museum.

__ the mainbrace, or take a naval drink!.

Cartoon zookeeper at Wonderland Zoo.

French wine region that grows Riesling, Pinot Gris.

Dead Sea Scrolls were discovered in the __ caves.

Pithy sayings or adages.

Greenhouse __; radiation warming the Earth.

Spin __, in politics, a public relations expert.

Paul __, US giant, a lumberjack.

Puzzle 11

First Triumvirate member with Crassus and Caesar.

Term used by the English for red Bordeaux wine.

Traditional Spanish tulip-shaped sherry glass.

"Addicted to Love" singer: Robert __.

Become larger or wider.

The mountain where the Ark came to rest.

Spoke brashly and loudly.

__ County, USA doc about Brookside Strike.

The __ of the Soldier, Rebecca West's WWI story.

Wound, anagram of insole.

Takes away someone's weapons.

First Canadian woman in space: Roberta __.

Nobel Peace Prize winner Lech Walesa's nationality.

Puzzle 12

Strait that separates mainland Italy from Sicily.

French for castle, describes a wine estate.

Severe unkindness or deliberate viciousness.

It is supposed to win.

__ snapper, a cheeky child or youth.

Construction vehicles.

Canadian territory whose capital city is Iqaluit.

These particles are light.

Speaking in __, biblical phenomenon of glossolalia.

Cottontails on country verges in springtime.

Picking blackberries after October brings __.

__ driver, for a bank robbery.

Precipitation falling from the sky.

German for "dry" relating to wine.

Puzzle 13

Field __; "If you build it, they will come".

Wine region of SW France with Monbazillac wines.

They'd got a winning team (in '55) said Billy Joel.

Salaried, having a job.

Fuming, furiously angry.

Stretch the __, or a stationery item for letters.

__ in a Strange Land, Heinlein's tale of a Martian.

Semi-autonomous island region of Tanzania.

Water misting device for cleaning floors.

2004 movie about a Californian wine road trip.

A wet ride.

Delicate white flower, early sign of spring.

Puzzle 14

Helper, second in command.

Features no. 10 on the Beaufort Scale.

Fire up a vehicle using leads to another battery.

__ Chest: cards in Monopoly.

Animals with trunks.

Writing apparatus invented by Hungarian László Bíró.

Gelatin from fish bladders used to clarify wine.

Why don't you use it? hit for Duran Duran in 1983.

Red wine grape planted widely in Chile.

Does not concur.

Puzzle 15

Riesenrad, a giant Ferris wheel, is in this park.

International one-man sailing dinghy class.

Gave a gratuity.

According to the Ramones, she was a punk rocker.

__ Piper, singer turned Dr Who actress.

Space between liquid and container top in wines.

Masses of fish eggs deposited in water.

Felt sorry for someone.

Posthumous name of Emperor Yoshihito of Japan.

Wide spade.

Famous wine region of New South Wales, __ Valley.

Puzzle 16

Burton and __, actors with complicated love lives.

Character on Sesame Street: the __ monster.

Celtic caste that worships the forces of nature.

Last bottle of a batch of wine sold at a reduction.

__ schools, movement giving education to the poor.

Boat propelled by footwork on a lake or beach.

__ horn, Austrian classical instrument.

Attachment for holding something, e.g. on a bag.

Mouth liquid that helps start digestion.

__ Market, poem by Christina Rossetti.

Teasing, mocking.

Pedestal or platform under a statue.

Long-snouted ant-feeding Aussie marsupial.

Feral person.

Fruit from which wine is made.

Puzzle 17

Founder of WikiLeaks: Julian __.

This effervescence makes wine taste sparkling.

City in Washington State known as the "Lilac City".

Changed the wording.

Held onto something.

Venue of Cap Eden Roc hotel.

__ Nacional, grape grown in Portugal for Port.

Describes vacuous conversation.

Metric land measurement.

The sound of someone __ the piano.

Dirty __, Jennifer Grey plays loved-up Baby.

Costumed characters bringing luck to sports teams.

Puzzle 18

__ Donets, important Ukrainian fresh water source.

The tops of rooms.

Like-minded groups who buy discounted vintages.

Sport in which Michael Phelps competed.

Cushioned, softened the blow.

Ramps for moving boats into water.

__ Papers, Dickens's work in serial form.

Cardiac arrest, no electrical activity on a graph.

__ cinerea, mold causing wine grapes to shrivel.

__ Owings & Merrill, architects built Burj Khalifa.

Italian, usually sparkling, wine like Champagne.

Hung in the air, like perfume.

Puzzle 19

Can be made.

Unpopular taxation of the ancien régime era.

Holiday associated with pantomimes in the UK.

In an artistic manner.

__ of Wrath; John Steinbeck's prize-winning novel.

Large bird with a brassy call.

Recreational vehicle.

Absorbent clay used as finings for white wine.

French term for buyer who self-labels wine/grapes.

State flower of Nebraska.

Gray-green mineral used in carving.

Sterile coverings placed on wounds.

Puzzle 20

Woman from Lesbos who was a famous classical poet.

Radioactive element Cm named after the Curies.

Seattle rock from the 1990s.

Scheduled absence from your job.

I __ Wings, bomber goes down in desert.

Spirit added to Champagnes and sparkling wines.

First Franco-Mexican War, feud over baked produce.

__ mind; keep fresh in one's memory.

Vitality, vigor.

Italian equivalent of "Cheers!".

Widely grown red wine grape for easy drinking.

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