CodyCross Winter Warmers Pack answers

Winter Warmers PackWinter Warmers

Here are the answers to CodyCross Winter Warmers Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

The sound made by a turkey.

Second in charge.

Spirit often drunk to warm up in cold weather.

Public room in which to sit and relax.

Begged to a deity.

Nothing __, things cannot get worse.

Snuggle down, make a comfortable spot.

Instrument known as a fiddle in folk music.

Name often shortened to Joe or Joey.

Fastenings on necklaces or bracelets.

Special bladed shoes worn by ice dancers.

Big streams of water with strong or weak currents.

Simba's dad in The Lion King.

Puzzle 2

Someone who acts or sings in front of an audience.

Musical ensemble with trumpets and horns.

Long winter socks hung at a fireplace at Christmas.

Swimming competition where any strokes are allowed.

The shape of most cell phones or chocolate bars.

Photo-sharing app, home to influencers and Stories.

Liquid paths for transport, like canals or streams.

A thick, warm blanket or winter bed covering.

Non-locals, people not in the in-crowd.

Thomas Cruise Mapother IV better known as.

Puzzle 3

They come in bouquets; anagram of reflows.

Rumbling sound often followed by lightning.

Places electronics are plugged in to get power.

Walking underneath these is considered bad luck.

Olaf in Frozen, who was obsessed with hot weather.

Study of life sciences, anatomy.

Room where babies sleep.

Athletes who use clubs to hit ball into tiny hole.

Sweetly scented bean added to ice cream.

Female who appears on screen playing a part.

A dish best served cold.

Huge orange vegetable, made into soup at Halloween.

Instrument that looks like a mini guitar.

Infection of the hearing organ.

Banged on a door.

Large expanses of hot, barren landscape.

Puzzle 4

Maps help people go in the right one.

Meat patty served in a bread bun.

A household hearth to sit around and warm yourself.

Black crumbly sticks used by artists.

Marine creature named for its blade-like nose.

Pendants worn on one's throat.

Voice-amplifying loudspeaker.

Deluge of snow, anagram of "have canal".

Warm feather-filled quilt or cover for a bed.

Its lyrics include doo, doo, doo, doo, doo, doo.

Puzzle 5

Undead walking creatures.

Type of room where you sit before a train arrives.

Grasshoppers that destroy crops.

Boundaries between countries.

Study of the earth and rocks.

Wall Street is this city's famous financial area.

Cartoon character with a pet monkey called Abu.

Renaissance painter, inventor, and scientist Leo.

Arm-covering parts of a shirt, worn long in winter.

Tingling on the skin, relieved by scratching.

Robbers, criminals who steal.

City home to Disney World in Florida.

House __, searching for a property to rent or buy.

Cut into pieces, like vegetables.

Actors Caine, Fassbender and J Fox.

City inside Rome, home to the Catholic church.

Warm fabric throw often placed over a bed.

Puzzle 6

Springy jumping toy for bouncing up and down.

French sparkling wine served at celebrations.

People from Madrid or Barcelona.

Helmet-like wool covering for the head and face.

If you knock it, your arm might go numb.

Embalmed and wrapped in cloth, Egyptian style.

Men's thermal underclothes to cover the whole body.

Fast dog breed who lent its name to a bus company.

To present someone to another person.

Combine __, farm machine for cutting crops.

Puzzle 7

Coming in after first place.

Owner of a store selling general food supplies.

Chief ingredient of pizza sauce.

Describes tuneless singing.

The final design of a magazine or webpage.

A dash to go in between two words that are linked.

Ice homes some Inuit use as shelters from the cold.

Restart a computer system to fix a fault.

__ mouth; recommendation from personal experience.

Demands for compensation.

Sheep's wool lining of winter coats and jackets.

Nickname for legendary Scottish lake monster.

Puzzle 8

Eye-covering game played with a baby.

Insulating underclothes.

Automobile manufacturer.

Regains full health after sickness.

Blue or lilac bloom with a relaxing scent.

Portions of food dished out in a canteen.

Said to a sneezer.

Logs and timber collected to burn in a hearth.

Carbon __, toxic gas with the formula CO.

Singer in a band.

Puzzle 9

Running around from place to place.

If it's too cold outside, you'd best stay __.

Giving presents.

High-up platform built in the trees.

A thin, fried circle of batter.

Segment of a novel.

Shiver my __!, a pirate's famous exclamation.

Word puzzle where letters are jumbled up.

Fleshy part of a hearing organ, sometimes pierced.

Legendary ape man of the American wilderness.

Opening pendants with space for photos.

What animals that move to hot places in winter do.

Sleepless in this US city, according to the film.

Age a girl would celebrate her quinceañera.

Puzzle 10

To protect against the cold by wrapping in layers.

Cosmetic surgery to fix saggy jowls.

On __, impartial, showing no allegiance.

Moving belt in a sushi restaurant.

A warming drink of liquor, sugar, and spices.

Netflix makeover show featuring LGBTQ+ advisers.

Instructing with authority.

Vastly popular video game, World of this.

Numbers with a value of less than zero are this.

Type of "lion" that lives near giant hills.

Main character part in a play or film.

Baddies in superhero movies.

J. M. Barrie's boy who never grew up.

Parasol that provides shelter from natural rays.

Puzzle 11

Underground railway network.

Singer John, had a global hit with All of Me.

Remove possessions from moving boxes.

In grammar, the opposite of singular.

Milky Way is its own within the universe.

Animal that's known as a bunny.

Fruit used to make cider for mulling.

Photo-taking device.

SpongeBob makes these Patties in The Krusty Krab.

Metal fastener on a belt.

The Scandinavian country whose capital is Oslo.

Removing water, like damp clothes by a fire.

Got to make __; it's time for me to leave.

Springtime festival associated with a bunny.

First name of famous egg that fell off a wall.

Puzzle 12

Having zero purpose, ineffectual, beyond repair.

Fill with air.

Wool scarf, sounds like it'll obscure your talking.

Ability to move quickly and easily.

The middle of an ovum, it's deep yellow.

1990s US president Bill.

Salad vegetable that puts the L in a BLT sandwich.

Big wave caused by an earthquake.

Title held by the great leaders of Ancient Egypt.

You might keep yours crossed to wish good luck.

Useful or clever tech devices.

Seller of fresh animal meat.

Period of extremely dry weather with no rainfall.

In your __ dreams, more than you could wish for.

Slimy, purple antagonist of Monsters Inc..

A place that provides protection.

Another word for a number.

John Swigert's quote, "__ we have a problem.".

Puzzle 13

Don´t count these animals before they hatch.

Hold this over your head to stay dry in the rain.

A baker's dozen.

Legally separated.

Ocean into which the Amazon flows.

Where a partridge is sitting in the Christmas song.

When you are sad about someone dying.

Cows have four of these organs; humans have one.

Wear these to keep your feet warm while you sleep.

Movies: __ the Titans or A Walk to __.

Divers' costumes.

Winning margin in a political election.

Diaries for jotting down your daily thoughts.

Female that is head of the hive.

Puzzle 14

Taking an airplane.

Sticks and these rocks may break one's bones.

A small, dark dried grape.

White, puffy objects in the sky.

Pill to swallow; device like an iPad.

No pain, __, work hard to see results.

Lean against this horizontal bar over a fireplace.

George, wrote Nineteen Eighty-Four and Animal Farm.

Name given to a male goose.

Humpty, who broke into pieces after a fall.

Laps of a pool from side to side.

Coat, blazer.

Shop where bread, rolls and pastries are sold.

Canal that links Atlantic and Pacific oceans.

Use this spouted vessel to brew up a hot drink.

Like Pablo Picasso or Leonardo da Vinci.

Puzzle 15

Hidden from view.

Shaggy cat with lengthy fluff.

Jordan Peele is behind the revival of The __ Zone.

Best stay indoors in this heavy winter snowstorm.

Sport played by Lions, Bears, and Bengals.

Describes movies shown during a plane journey.

Cooking in a hot oven - or by a hot fire!.

University academics.

His ships were the Nina, Pinta and Santa Maria.

Sitting down in a dropping manner.

Puzzle 16

Breakfast food, looks like an undecorated cupcake.

Winter mountain sport you need to dress warmly for.

A person who rents property from a landlord.

Winnie the Pooh's small, pink best friend.

Black bug with hard outer wings.

Body __, sleeveless insulating jacket.

One book in a series; the loudness of sound.

Pointed tool used in sewing.

Interior __, how a home is decorated.

Rock showing a long dead animal.

Spanish male friends.

Someone who helps others recover from illness.

All-in-one vacation location.

Sharp tools commonly juggled or thrown.

It has a lens, a shutter and a flash.

Lethal Weapon and Mad Max actor Mel.

Puzzle 17

Floor of a house below ground level.

Trespasser who enters someone else's property.

Outline or example document.

Back limbs of an animal.

Cooked on a low heat, like soup or broth.

Reduce the ticket price.

Conflict when a country fights against itself.

Using special string to clean between teeth.

Women's tight-fitting coverings for the lower body.

Service that brings things to your door.

Puzzle 18

When prices go up and money´s value goes down.

Romantic saint whose day is February 14.

Leisure attraction with thrilling rides.

Edible nuts often roasted and eaten warm.

Electric kitchen device for quickly heating food.

Liked one thing more than another.

Rhyming animal that often follows "see you later".

Wetness that keeps falling on my head.

Title held by the wife of a US president.

O positive, AB negative, for example.

3D artwork, often made from clay or metal.

Some animals do this to escape the winter cold.

Cosmetic product used between lashes and brows.

Puzzle 19

Shakes with worry.

Warming protectors worn either side of the head.

Skeletal part of the back of the foot.

Award-winning Whoopi, star of Sister Act.

Young plant that is just starting to grow.

Business, trade in goods.

Power tool attachment that makes circular holes.

__ for Christmas is You, by Mariah Carey.

Metal household heater, often fixed to a wall.

Longest running race at the Olympic Games.

Plenty more fish __; don't lose heart.

Puzzle 20

Emergency vessel used for water rescues.

Warm aromatic pepper often added to Winter drinks.

Over-consumption sin.

To thaw food out, defrost.

Women's professional bat-swinging sport.

Sunshine, solar illumination.

Sweater-like wool jacket that opens at the front.

Friendship-ending property-buying board game.

Film about giant gorilla killed in New York.

Identity document required for overseas travel.

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