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Winter Wonderland PackWinter Wonderland

Here are the answers to CodyCross Winter Wonderland Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

In addition to normal working hours.

Dark frozen patch on a road that's hard to see.

Logs to create an indoor blaze.

The cartoon's family with Bart, Lisa and Homer.

Deadly sin of eating too much.


A rescue craft used to save people at sea.

People held by kidnappers.

Holiday away from home.

Wet precipitation.

Curry spice from pods of a tropical plant.

Metric measure of weight with symbol kg.

Speeding towards an obstacle.

Edible small rodent eaten by the Romans.

Reaching a place.

Lets you know who is on the other end of the phone.

__ Island, novel by Robert Louis Stevenson.

Puzzle 2

Round street stones.

Finger joint.

Flat disc that is thrown as a sport or for fun.

Song: __ in a Winter Wonderland.

A lupine, the Big __ pretended to be grandma.

A precious and dainty keepsake.

She didn't pull any __ when delivering the news.

Toboggan for canines to pull.

Cushion for kneeling on in church.

To add polish or shine to something.

Extinct wild cattle that roamed grassy plains.

Claret alcohol from grapes.

Lunar phase at its smallest, a crescent.

Creator of alphabetical reference lists for books.

A YouTube user's homepage is also their __.

Puzzle 3

Footwear for walking over white stuff.

Cutting something into tiny pieces.

Gifts, given for celebrations.

Portable lights lit by candles used when camping.

Constructing a snowman.

Justin Timberlake's co-lead vocalist in *NSYNC.

Big-mouthed, face-painted Batman villain.

Woodland creature with purple prickles on his back.

Not required, needed or asked for.

Shot awarded by a referee after a bad tackle.

Clear, definite, unique, stands out.

Gas with the chemical symbol N.

Puzzle 4

Homes for pet parrots or canaries.

Impression in snow from a boot or shoe.

Large socks hung on a fireplace at Christmas.

Stalky vegetable also known as sparrow grass.

Joy, contentment.


Magical sword of King Arthur, pulled from a rock.


Giddiness, feeling faint.

Rabbit-like tea party guest of Alice in Wonderland.

Line from a #1 Beatles hit: "Oh, I believed in __".

Puzzle 5

Yellow cartoon characters in Despicable Me films.

Large lump of ocean ice that moves slowly.

Parts of Eastern England settled by the Vikings.

A small number you can count with your fingers.

Nationality of someone native to Istanbul.

Skull and __ bones feature on a pirate flag.

Rouge make-up.

Baby, It's Cold __, wintery song.

The chamber above a needle to pump out medicine.

Please someone greatly.

Puzzle 6

Jacob __, Scrooge's dead business partner.

Seven and four.

Crunchy orchard fruits that are green or red.

Classifying your paperwork.

The United Nations organization for culture.

Winter is an example of this.

Speedy one of Santa's reindeer.

Gift __ are vouchers given as presents.

How groups of lions are called.

Clever; a strong light.

Gymnastic exercises: step far forward, bent knee.

A dome-shaped shelter.

Puzzle 7

__ Pocket Edition, chat while building blocks.

Something happening in short, sharp spells.

Paper rectangle to help children learn words.

__ of Soul, James Brown's nickname.

The scenery that you see in the countryside.

Glittery mirrored sphere for dance parties.

Religious celebration on December 25.

Alfred, British director, the Master of Suspense.

Upper-floor outdoor spaces.

Character who is winter and nips at noses.

Puzzle 8

Argues with someone, perhaps physically.

Houses made from ice blocks.

Type of doves in The Twelve Days of Christmas.

Royal residence, a grand castle.

Giggles or chuckles.

Use, put someone on the payroll.

Six-legged mite.

Liam, actor in Taken and Star Wars.

Rigid bracelet.

The child born this day is fair of face.

Elflike creature called the same as a soft drink.

Piece of heavy machinery used to scoop soil.

Puzzle 9

Memory loss sometimes caused by emotional trauma.

Paired with something.

Type of model found at Madame Tussauds.

Multiplied a number by itself.

Made a pig noise.

People who provide the vocals in a band.

Brand of rum with bat logo.

Tell somebody a secret, trust in them.

Underwear for keeping the warm in winter.

Name of the fourth Diary of a Wimpy Kid book.

The Polar __, Tom Hanks movie.

Puzzle 10

Some people wear contact __ instead of glasses.

"Winter is __", Game of Thrones motto.

Agrees to give permission.

Canal boats.

A deep, narrow gorge.

Salted snack, eaten by monkeys maybe.

The fickle __ of fate controls our destiny.

D in DTH.

Warm, weatherproof winter coat.

Hundreds of centimeters.

Wool ball made from wrapped, cut strands.

Rip van __, went to sleep for 20 years.

Join the Army.

Puzzle 11

Name of a character from the Addams Family.

Doing something in a sly, secret manner.

Large sliding of snow in the mountains.

Messi played most of his career for this club.

Old style personal printer.

Sleep all winter, like a hedgehog or bear.

Not linked to, not in your family.

Sending out bills.

Sweet treat with chocolate, nuts and marshmallows.

Strong headaches.

Unexpected events.

Puzzle 12

Chickpea balls served in pita with tahini.

Lions, tigers and cheetahs, for example.

Victory, success.

Hopefully a tent won't start __ in wet weather.

Ron, Ginny or Fred in the Harry Potter series.

Shawn Mendes sings If I Can't __.

It is a dish best served cold.

Nation within Rome where the Pope lives.

Venue of the US Masters.

In a good physical state.

What temperature is measured in.

Subway __; endless runner game along train tracks.

Checkpoint __, crossing between E and W Berlin.

Gloves with no separate fingers.

Collective leaves on trees.

Puzzle 13

Shout loudly.

Avoids, fails to be captured.

Destructive animals, like rats, mice, cockroaches.

Vibrates the tongue, like with the letter R.

To spark a fire.

When you reach your destination, you __.

Portable device that warms a room.

Stinging plant that is "cured" with a dock leaf.

Makes piggy noises with the nose in sleep.

Water boiler used by Polly to make some tea.

Group of stalls selling goods and crafts.

Gluttonous, gannet-like.

Pressed fold in clothing especially a skirt.

Santa reindeer, the fast one.

Puzzle 14

Yellow, winter drink with alcohol and cream.

Bided time.

People who explore underwater.

Dr. Seuss character who stole Christmas.

He is in the lion's den in the Biblical story.

Fly larva.

An informal, joyful little bop or dance.

Small in frame.


Tidy, straighten.

__ paper, flimsy bright wrapping for presents.

Puzzle 15

Another name for a motorway exit.

Service of remembrance.

Belonging to a galaxy, the Milky Way.

The opposite of sisters.

Vision, the ability to see.

Rectangular wheat cereal tablets with round edges.

Time without light, such as on winter mornings.

Not sitting, being upright.

Once bitten, __.

FIFA's major tournament, soccer's top prize.

Snow-topped, tall hill.

Chaucer, who wrote The Canterbury Tales.

Engaged in, part of.

Rotating engine disc that smoothes out speed.

__ Ford, acted with Pitt in The Devil's Own.

Puzzle 16

Row of houses joined together.

Decorative seed pod from a fir tree.

Noisemakers that are blown.

Hunter dog breed.

Bright arcs across the sky after a shower.

Lifted up.

Almond paste that tops fruit cakes.

Gifts, find them under a Christmas tree.

German highway.

Sticks used under the arm to help with walking.

The Fault in __, book by John Green.

Puzzle 17

Change something slightly, align better.

Community of religious men.

A __ of kittens; same name as a reading device.

After you zigged.

__ breakfast, not just first thing in the morning.

Bring into existence.

Tiny insect in a mattress.

A special skill or ability.

__ wine, served in winter, warm with spices.

Another word for esophagus or throat.

Icy weather; snowman from a song.

Puzzle 18

Temporarily excluded from school.

Cooling menthol-tasting cocktail.

Ball of ice that falls from the sky.

Use this to measure how strong the breeze is.

Motivating, influencing.

A forced walk, by an amphibian maybe.

A flat flexible case for carrying papers or books.

Cabbage __, 1980s dolls created by Xavier Roberts.

Carol: God Rest Ye Merry __.

People in charge, responsible for decision making.

Without clothes on.

Puzzle 19

Wood shavings used as bedding for small animals.

Cruel, mean, insulting.

Covering for warmth; layer of snow on the ground.

Author of Captains Courageous: Rudyard __.

Flowers that symbolize the First World War.


Wax sticks lit to create atmosphere.

Keeps clubs in the air.

Axillas, near the shoulder, they can be sweaty.

Describes an ever-wandering person in the desert.

The first four books of the New Testament.

Mrs. Bening, actress of American Beauty.

Anxieties/concerns, which often surface before bed.

Puzzle 20

Nations, such as France, Ghana, New Zealand.

Bird found in a pear tree in the Christmas song.

Famous Mexican cocktail with tequila, lime.

In embroidery, a petal stitch.

Appalled, shocked.

Brown tree fruit roasted on an open fire.

Household items like tables, chairs or beds.

Someone who professionally studies the past.

Available rooms.

Payed money into your bank account.

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