CodyCross Women in History Pack answers

Women in History PackWomen in History

Here are the answers to CodyCross Women in History Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.

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Puzzle 1

__ equality; equal rights for males and females.

Young pigeons.

The H in IMHO, "in my __ opinion".

Female poet of Ancient Greece.


__ cap, soldier's cloth headgear with peak.

"Make hay while the sun __".

Jiggle side to side quickly.

Towards the top of the slope.

Shakespearean weaver, who gains a donkey's head.

Song by the rock band the Clash: "Rock the __".

Japanese land-holding magnate, an emperor's vassal.

Narcotic trademarked by Bayer in late 1890s.

The Times of __ Milk, doc of gay rights leader.

__ corpus, legal Latin term.

Car built by BMW.

Roofed structure in the garden, not quite a tent.

Skidmore __ & Merrill built the Burj Khalifa.

Apex/meeting point of two lines forming an angle.

Puzzle 2

This person may be a counselor, mentor, consultant.

Sobbing tearfully.

__ over, a wound that has begun to heal.

Of or relating to Cobra family of poisonous snakes.

Opera goers private viewing area.

Musician of Greek myth who visited the Underworld.

Smearing paint on.

Rich German fruit and nut loaf.

Current Royal House of the UK: House of __.

Rich crook on The Dukes of Hazzard.

__ coffee, just add hot water to this powder.

Lenny __, one of Homer's friends in The Simpsons.

Changes to political systems and policies.

Empty __ make most noise.

Festive trunk; also chocolate Swiss roll.

The one who preens the most.

Wallace __, band leader on the Titanic.

Emily __; suffragette protester at the 1913 Derby.

Japanese manufacturer of bicycle parts and gears.

__ to Kill, Bond film.

Marathon participants.

Elizabeth __, wrote The Historian.

Shaved hairstyle of medieval monks.

Puzzle 3

Connecticut State Forest named for a local tribe.

The __, Millet artwork of stooped women in a field.

Galaxy also called Messier 101.

Former spelling of the Chinese province of Sichuan.

Kim __; first female PM of Canada.

ABZ is the code for this airport.

Chose or picked.

Attackers who use bladed weapons.

Covered a roof with straw.

Greek island group containing Naxos.

Wrestles, battles.

Study of soil, natural environment.

1996 American-British thriller starring S. Stallone.

Afghani author of The Kite Runner.

Lion dance performers wear colorful __.

Having the same rights, status and opportunities.

Device for firing a rocket.

Software control panel for display, volume, etc.

Danish building kits.

Scottish-American industrialist and philanthropist.

Puzzle 4

__ Earhart; female aviation pioneer.

__ pin, metal piece that became symbol of punk.

Sour __, ill-feeling, allusion to an Aesop tale.

Elton John song about Cold War girl.

__ Sinai, LA hospital, research center.

The __ Sex; feminist work by Simone de Beauvoir.

Waterfall bordering Brazil and Argentina.

Lifts and drops shoulders.

Mediterranean black or green fruits kept in brine.

The __ Line, 1970s shipping drama.

Puzzle 5

Where rodents disappear in the skirting boards.

Joints, bonds, attachments.

88 in all.

Resembling a female monarch.

A native of Moscow.

Lewis and Clark's Shoshone guide and interpreter.

In a way that hurts.

Enjoying a book again.

Mexican TV stereotype on the Simpsons.

US WWII plan to supply the Allies with material.

Pool attire.

__ Fawcett, women's suffrage campaign leader.

Electrical safety hubs.

In the US, drink mixer and server.

Austrian crystals company with swan logo.

Small round cut of filet steak.

Antonym of the end.

Hidden explosive designed to go off when moved.

The successful award nominee.

Don't look this equine in the mouth.

Varnishing from the far east gives a black finish.

Puzzle 6

Language spoken in Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iran.

Mutiny on the __, where Bligh got his comeuppance.

Iron-bearing chalcedony with a boy's name.

Central Russian river.

__ strikes; protests staged by jailed suffragettes.

Parcel of Lapsang Souchong.

What cricketers yell to claim a wicket.

Steven __, real name of magician Dynamo.

Women's __; legal entitlements for females.

State of not caring.

Ancient mound of earth covering burials.

Money returned to you for faulty goods.

Daddy Cool pop band of the 70s.

Puzzle 7

Filmic slang for a songwriter.

Protective guards on the front/rear of vehicles.

Circus __, Roman chariot racetrack.

Jane __, primate researcher and animal activist.

Jenny __; first female PM of New Zealand.

Cause of worry and fear.


Culture that carved Easter Island's moai figures.

Make clear.


__ & western, US folk music, as sung by cowboys.

Mercury alloy used in dental fillings.

Kenneth __, Shakespearean actor and director.

Icing was put on a cake.

Puzzle 8

Inventor of the stethoscope: Rene __.

Light-hearted films involving a love story.

Satire, pasquinade.

Indoor or outdoor arena upon which skaters skate.

Billie __; First Lady of the Blues.

Hair with crinkles in is __.

Sets of software offered as packages.


To reply.

__ Bhutto, first female prime minister of Pakistan.

Loud to eat, like crispy cereal.

French town, site of important evacuation in 1940.

Toweling rectangle to step out of the shower onto.

Touched hand to cap like a soldier.

Older women carers.

Shylock's daughter in The Merchant of Venice.

__ Mills Circus, former spectacle held at Olympia.

Puzzle 9

Long-handled tool with pointed tynes for straw.

Sea urchins.

The most tired.

Water-washed tree bits.

__ Tereshkova; first woman in space.

Commanding someone to come to you.

Capable of being lived in.

__ Cry; 1984 Prince hit about weeping birds.

Charles Ryder is the narrator of Brideshead __.

Posh pud made from waves of ice cream.

Orthodox or Gregorian church linked to Thaddeus.

Capital of New Zealand's West Coast region.

Movie district of LA.

Purpose-built race track, quarter of a mile long.

__: The Carole King Musical.

Dungeon with ceiling only access.

Small annoying person who can't keep quiet.

Of or relating to a flying squirrel.

Italian Renaissance painter: __ Cellini.

Puzzle 10

Singes, burns.

Vicki __, or Yvette; René's lover.

Mean or median figures.

A trademark that guarantees the safety of goods.

Word used for the whites of a cricket kit.

Arranging a museum exhibit.

Cosmodrome in southern Kazakhstan.

12 __, 1950s movie with Henry Fonda as juror #8.

Breathing in.

Vegetables in vichyssoise: onions, leeks, and __.

Harlequin __ have bright orange stripes.

Items of clothing.

UN Women campaign for gender equality.

Pithy sayings or epigrams; maxim, truisms.

Chinese, Julian or Gregorian.

More accident-prone than.

__ of the Faith, title bestowed on Henry VIII.

Petula Clark's signature song.

Walking sticks for injured people.

Puzzle 11

Never gonna give up on Rick __.

Thick Mexican soup made with hominy and pork.

Pharaoh burried in a step pyramid.

Royal Flying __ Service serves the Outback.

Emlyn __, team captain on A Question of Sport.

Place where weapons are kept.

Open a large map.

__ Lynd, Bond girl Eva Green's on-screen name.

Good __, comes before Easter Sunday.

Choosing between candidates in an election.

Dolly __, Barnaby Rudge character and costume.

Georgian painter of horses, George __.

Beatrix __, Peter Rabbit's creator.

Group of people, especially Roman army soldiers.

Puzzle 12

Hillary __; US secretary of state (2009-2013).

Took money from your account.

Hermione __, schoolfriend of Harry Potter.

African country whose capital is Dakar.

It's in the cards.

Term of affection relating to candy.

Name of the last Italian king before the republic.

__ Black, colorful request of THe ROlling STones.

Female noble title equivalent to Sultan.

__ sea star has a puffy body.

Measurement of electric potential.

George __, Rumble in the Jungle boxer.

Bladderwrack and dabberlocks are varieties of this.

Board-game-cum-movie with Robin Williams.

Margarita like drink includes pineapple juice.

Replaced weapons.

Leg __, knitted retro garments.

Irish sports broadcaster, now known as Eir Sport.

Give to a loved one on a 15th wedding anniversary.

Puzzle 13

Wagner's opera about the quest for the Holy Grail.

Sneaked goods over a border.

Simone de __; French feminist writer and activist.

__ Nightingale; founder of modern nursing.

Retrieving a ball in a game.

Indian __ weapon, Saintie.

Skilled underwater worker.

Italian white bread known as "slipper bread".

Cinema __, film about films by Tornatore.

Moorish palace complex at Granada, Spain.

Suddenly, without preparation.

Station at the end of the line.

This is a virtue.

Puzzle 14

__ objects, potentially can impact on the planet.

The Man with the __, Moore second Bond outing.

In the theater, also known as sound effects.

Ellen __, who sailed round the world on her own.

Portmanteau word for leggings resembling trousers.

__ feminism; earliest period of feminist activity.

Skin blemish such as a port wine stain.

They sailed with Jason searching the Golden Fleece.

The __, newspaper centered on financial matters.

Noisy, high-pitched dog toys.

Stuck indoors because of severe winter weather.

Far-sighted political agitators of the 1640s.

Large Dodecanese island, also called Scarpanto.

José __, Puerto Rican guitarist sang Light My Fire.

French artist used blue paint and nude females.

Use a machine to produce words, letter by letter.

The Scarlet __, aka Sir Percy Blakeney.

Thin spaghetti-like pasta means "little hairs".

Symbols used in comics to censor words.

Puzzle 15

Flies without power, on thermals in the air.

Cecil __, photographer and costume designer.

He serves green eggs and ham.


A trendy, gluten-free, high protein whole grain.

Smallest British bird of prey.

Shuts up shop.

Irish county, with Tullamore as the county town.

Don't feed this pet after midnight in Gremlins.

Ignatius of __, Spanish priest founded the Jesuits.

Moon of Mars and in Greek myth a son of Ares.

As You Like It, not a tragedy but a __.

Scrabble tiles worth no points.

Recess in a wall.

Annual music festival in Zanzibar: "Sounds of __".

Not allowed, or in other words, "off __".

Being accidentally wounded with a running shoe.

__ Gandhi, first female prime minister of India.

Prejudice or discrimination against other genders.

Puzzle 16

__ Branca, thick bitter Italian liqueur.

__ Danes, played Juliet.

A mythical Scottish horse that inhabits rivers.

Hirsute biblical muscle man.

Not factual.

Attack on an enemy position, or a combat mission.

Ocean that the Barents Sea is part of.

Clara __; pioneering nurse in the Civil War.

Ms Jean __, schoolmarm creation of Muriel Spark.

Inability to speak; difficulty in speaking.

__ Royale, David Niven spy film.

__ Glennie, profoundly deaf Scottish percussionist.

Curlier (hair).

Year of __; first Chinese zodiac sign.

"Silence is __".

Mark __, Latvian/US artist of untitled canvases.

Puzzle 17

Peasant rises in Russian army in 1928 silent film.

Added to cause chemical reaction aka reactant.

Sorry Seems to Be the __ Word, sang Elton John.

Language for the deaf using finger movements.

Lacing long threads back and forth.

Wall-to-wall woolen or synthetic flooring.

Édith __; France's first female PM.

Old name for Indonesia's capital city Jakarta.


Lights that flash in an emergency situation.

Ceremonial bread popular in Serbian tradition.

__ Suu Kyi; Burmese Nobel Peace Prize winner.

Cost incurred.

Lord of the Rings smoke and fire evil creatures.

Puzzle 18

Suddenly and unexpectedly.

Manchester civil disorder named after Waterloo.

Motto of the Olympic games: Faster, Higher, __.

Filling job positions with workers.

Gospels of Matthew, Mark and Luke.

Knee-jerk, involuntary actions.

Small pastry parcels in Polish and Russian cooking.

Like the son of a king.

New boys at US college.

Elizabeth Garrett __, the UK's first female doctor.

Argentina's powerful First Lady, 1946-1952.

__ Square, central Athens place of protest and joy.

Puzzle 19

La __, iconic 60s Fellini film set in Rome.

Decorative pieces of Italian earthenware.

English king died of porphyria.

Cards you hold in Texas Hold'Em, for example.

Five-day event between major cricketing nations.

Occurring every day.

Transformative civil rights activist in the 1950s.

Another name for a hand grenade.

Political __; suffrage, the right to vote.

Italian secret society, it preceded Young Italy.

Small French fancy.

Medical term for nosebleed.

Mary Quant made this item of clothing popular.

Poet who wrote "Kubla Khan": Samuel Taylor __.

San __, medieval hill town near Florence.

Wrapping a sprain in cloth to heal.

Puzzle 20

Separated milk mixed with chakeu, Tibetan dish.

The glowing remains of a fire.

Emma __, Brit actress and women's rights advocate.

Unique and unrepeatable.

Pink Floyd song that keeps repeating itself.

Female foxes.

To fix or attach, especially to a document.

Charles de __, international airport in Paris.

With the Weasels, took over Toad Hall from Mr Toad.

A score in golf of 1-under par.

__ knocker, pottery term for a sagger's assistant.

Type of liquid printer.

Lucky green plant with three or four leaves.

To talk about nonsense, or a sweet treat.

To listen in, or an insect.

To overcharge someone deliberately.

Harriet __; early civil rights activist.

Fernando __, Colombian painter of rotund figures.

Long dug hole.

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