CodyCross Women Inventors Pack answers

Women Inventors PackWomen Inventors

Here are the answers to CodyCross Women Inventors Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.

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Puzzle 1

Adult loungewears, like baby romper suits.

Seek his __; fairy tale characters often sought it.

Descends a building by rope.

Florence __; invented the modern refrigerator.

Holy Indian cattle that make up a Hindu spirit.

Alternative name for the ancient Kingdom of Israel.

__ of Solace; Daniel Craig's second outing as Bond.

Utter exhaustion.

Whole number.

Cross between a chihuahua and a Yorkshire terrier.

Passage or footpath.

First winner of Canadian Idol: Ryan __.

__ Masters; created a device to produce cornmeal.

Closer than the rest.

Arroz con pollo: __ with rice.

Puzzle 2

South American 1978 and 1986 World Cup winners.

Tasty, edible, pleasant, acceptable.

Developed an early electric water heating machine.

Body of water between Australia and New Zealand.

The F in CFP, the Common __ Policy of the EU.

Showing no emotion or feeling.

Upholstered bench in a restaurant.

Sikhism founder.

Styling influenced by Victoriana and the Wild West.

Population resettled in a less crowded area.

Back on the __, The Pretenders hit of 1982.

Best-selling 2012 Jess Walter novel: __ Ruins.

Underwater vessel for Sarah Mathers' telescope.

Puzzle 3

Tall wading birds with gray and great blue types.

__ 8800, the first commercially available PC.

"__, I married him", conclusion to Jane Eyre.

Type of cheese used in Indian dishes.

Heat and cool metal.

__ Business-Oriented Language, known as COBOL.

From __ to grave, describes a lifespan.

First name of Meghan and Harry's baby son.

Slang for members of the working class.

Complete disaster, debacle.

__ High, school central to the story of Grease.

Mary __ Jacob; bra creator aka Caresse Crosby.

Puzzle 4

Competitive horse riding artform.

Smoked and seasoned beef of New York deli fame.

Someone who has returned (like from the dead).

Inventor of the Snugli and Weego baby carriers.

Look for the woman; __ la femme.

Star Wars movie prequel starring Felicity Jones.

Pairs of poetic lines.

Study or interest in board games.

Ring denotes love, has stones set around its outer.

International phone code for Sweden.

American __; Clara Barton's relief association.

Egyptian city on Suez Canal, south of Port Said.

Jumbled-up mess, hotchpotch.

In dentistry, anchored crowns to teeth.

Large primate with bright behind.

Metal fireplace items for balancing logs on.

WWI battle in rolling hills and forests of France.

Puzzle 5

__ Brown, time-traveling DeLorean inventor.

Securely tie an animal to stop it escaping.

Telekinetic girl in Stranger Things.

Chinese dish of bite-sized, steamed brunch food.

Harriet __; pioneer of dams and flood control.

Timbrology and philately mean collecting __.

Measure of 6ft, in which water depths are measured.

Rock-filled wire cage used in castle fortification.

Having an intense dislike towards something.

Military or police jackets.

Stitchless __; Myra Farrell's tailoring innovation.

Distorted buzzing guitar sound.

Puzzle 6

The study of peoples and their relationships.

Separation or quarantine.

Strong-tasting Belgian white cheese.

Oscar-winning film about pianist, his bodyguard.

Austrian host city of the 1964 Winter Olympics.

A metahuman like the Flash is a __.

Word __; typing device created by Evelyn Berezin.

Spurred plant that's also called aquilegia.

Catch and arrest a suspected criminal.

Speaking one's thoughts out loud, on stage.

ISS power cells created by Olga Gonzalez-Sanabria.

A __ of Winter; 1966 Simon & Garfunkel hit.

Furniture for resting weary legs.

Indian palindromic language.

Long dog with short legs and a German name.

Italian fashion designer Versace, sister of Gianni.

Enzyme in pineapple.

Nepal city blessed by Living Goddess Kumari.

Puzzle 7

Gin-based cocktail: __ Sling.

Shared home telephone communications of the 1960s.

Vertical pillar on a staircase.

__ Resistojet; Yvonne Brill's rocket engine.

__ Gang, group famous for Rappers Delight.

Medieval French town in the Dordogne region.

Developed a waterproof lantern with Andrea Sreshta.

People and businesses with a common enterprise.

Insular, small-town mentality.

__ Park, Austen's tale of Fanny Price.

Promise in a church as part of marriage ceremony.

Aubrey __, illustrated Wilde's Salome.

Personal stupor resulting in a trance-like state.

__ tree, nature struck by a thunderbolt.

Puzzle 8

__ Gardens of Babylon; mysterious ancient wonder.

Creased, wrinkled, puckered.

Elizabeth Cady __, led women's suffrage in the US.

Wailing of street cats.

Band behind 2017 hit Thunder: __ Dragons.

Piercing, making an incision into, e.g. a boil.

National patron of Wales.

Element grouping of Gemini, Libra and Aquarius.

Least densely populated country in Europe.

Character in The Adventures of Tintin: Captain __.

Marie van __ Brown; developed an early CCTV system.

Common name for Russia's State Duma.

Narrator-character of Moby-Dick.

Glossy seashells used as a currency.

__ Gabe; designed the "Self-Cleaning House".

Throw boat ropes to shore.

Describes work completed on site, not outsourced.

Rhea __, plays Better Call Saul's Kim Wexler.

Give something approval formally.

Puzzle 9

French for cheese.

Fast-paced sport, throwing a pilota ball at a wall.

Singer of Welcome to the Jungle, November Rain.

Garden roofed construction.

Flowering plant from pea family, like cress.

Rolled document with rods carried by a herald.

Street __; Florence Parpart's road-cleaning device.

Flat plain or tableland.

Country where Dobos Torte originated.

Board member who supervises business activity.

Gwendolyn __, the shadow maker of Canadian poetry.

Arrogant and self-important.

Hair straightening tool patented by Annie Malone.

Ruminant mammal group with cloven hooves.

Puzzle 10

God of the Bronze Age kingdom of Samaria.

Bette Nesmith __; inventor of Liquid Paper.

Internet of __, system of web-enabled home devices.

Small sprays, e.g. holly twigs.

Professional horse rider.

Ancient Persian artform of inlaying.

Alice H. __; designed gas-fired central heating.

Assessed or judged to be suitable.

__ band, another name for a Germanic brass band.

Lord of the Rings' Necromancer.

Capital of Punjab province, Pakistan.

__ Schauffele, Tour Championship-winning golfer.

__ Maid, US producer of fruit juices.

__ Films, production company of The Simpsons.

Stole in a riot.

Small town in Idaho, Fiddling capital of the world.

Puzzle 11

Vampire flick with Haim, Feldman, and Sutherland.

Foundation garment; anagram of selector.

Italian cuisine associated with the dish caponata.

Juts out.

Pig in charge of propaganda at Animal Farm.

Second-largest cetacean on earth.

Computer code converter devised by Grace Hopper.

Device used to ease feet into tight footwear.

Landlocked country next to Bolivia.

King's __, former reward for enlistment.

Type of light set into the ceiling.

Cyclist, a climbing specialist.

Site of Christ's Crucifixion; Hebrew for skull.

Stored important documents.

Josephine __; developed an automatic dishwasher.

Paper or print-out substitutes for money.

How old the pease porridge is in the rhyme.

Puzzle 12

Menial kitchen servant.

Springing, like an excited puppy.

Small branch that grows out to the side of a plant.

Liquid waste in a sewage system.

__ Elion; helped to develop the AIDS drug AZT.

The Masque of the __, Poe's Gothic tale.

Arab headdress worn in the Middle East.

Largest airline of the Middle East, based in Dubai.

Patricia __; inventor of Geobond building material.

Transformers led by Optimus Prime.

Ethnic group native to Belgium's Flanders region.

Traded for goods or services.

Set egg desserts.

Puzzle 13

Piquant version of Hollandaise with tarragon added.

Yellow flowers belonging to the Narcissus genus.

Vehicle warming system devised by Margaret Wilcox.

__'s Oedipus Rex.

Footwear worn by the Nazis in Germany.

We'll be together with a roof __ our heads.

Esther __; developed replica plating technique.

Title of Shia Muslim clerics, notably in Iran.

Relating to estimate of income and expenditure.

Latin term, a role resulting from someone's job.

Name given to someone from the Syrian capital.

Puzzle 14

__ hare, brown lapine that turns white in winter.

Glass flagon for making wine in.

Something that joins two items, say pieces of hose.

Cowboy remake with Jeff Bridges, Hailee Steinfeld.

Italian city that's famous for its Boboli Gardens.

One who actively meddles in other lives.

__ Franklin; undertook important research into DNA.

Area between the Caspian and Black seas.

Rust In Peace and Dystopia band.

Shirley Jackson's phone-screening invention.

Poem where the first letters of lines spell a word.

Puzzle 15

__ board; Sarah Boone's clothes-smoothing surface.

Dances in 3/4 time, from the Austrian Ländler.

Edible mollusc with a large fan-shaped shell.

Native American people and an ice-skating move.

Aristocat, Duchess's youngest kitten, plays piano.

Ink soaker.

Showbiz slang for putting on the glitz.

Wife of President John Adams.

Fourth book of the Old Testament.

Ethiopian version of a samosa.

Beautiful __, a Stephen Foster ballad.

Caretakers, patrollers; anagram of wanders.

Rear __; naval rank of inventor Grace Hopper.

Commercial fishing vessel.

Outdoor decoration of flags, swags, etc.

Puzzle 16

Guitarist Eric Clapton's nickname.

Huge sewer blockages caused by oil and wet wipes.

Lillian __; invented a foot-pedal trash can.

The end of a game of soccer after 90 minutes.

Losing side in all three Punic Wars.

Hazen and Brown's antifungal medication.

A flouncy 80s skirt and a distinctive fungus.

Forested home planet of the Wookies in Star Wars.

Subatomic particle with a negative electric charge.

Name for mathematician at NASA in the 1950s.

Californian religious places.

Cooked pâtés, served from ceramic loaf dishes.

Puzzle 17

Tilda __, White Witch, Ancient One, Mason.

Process of changing direction in sailing.

Creating designs on a metal plate.

Mythical white city oasis in Egypt or Libya.

River-crossing structures designed by Sarah Guppy.

Demolished prison in Berlin.

Talented youngster.

Decorative, folded correspondence, often flowery.

Something that is of current interest.

Sultans __; Dire Straits breakthrough hit.

Expanded, as in the cervix pre-birth.

Glass fitter of windows and doors.

Addition to breads, also called flax.

Philippines president aka Digong.

Term for all Pacific islands including Australia.

__ Lake, turquoise glacial waters in Banff, Canada.

Ruth __; designer of the Barbie doll.

Puzzle 18

How heavy a product is without packaging.

Poet father of computing genius Ada Lovelace.

Irish pony and a region of NW Galway.

Snags, downsides, disadvantages.

Paper sheets that can be added to a binder.

Sweet __; 2019 number one hit for Ava Max.

Plastic surgeon who invented spray-on skin.

Live video streaming app bought by Twitter.

Barometer to record pressure over a time period.

Gangster movie with Michael Caine in Newcastle.

Ceremonial display, parades, spectacles.

Puzzle 19

Mythical eagle with body of a lion.

Russian currency.

Noise and type of certain owls.

Scandinavian spirit, flavored with herbs.

Native, local.

Describes elaborate sandals with many bands.

Illustration explanation.

Hand-held medical device invented by Letitia Geer.

The jealous king in Shakespeare's A Winter's Tale.

Area of woodland that is periodically cut back.

Patsy __; co-inventor of Scotchguard tape.

Cause __, famous controversial case.

Ammonium __, inorganic salt, soil fertilizer.

Spinning top game, with a string with handles.

Deformities of feet, next to the big toe.

London's second-busiest airport.

Puzzle 20

Circular currents in water.

Bette, the Divine Miss M actress and singer.

Country where the 2011 film Footnote was made.

Ancient hospital for those with contagious diseases.

Marjorie, who patented a permanent wave machine.

Italian island used as a prison by Mussolini.

Groundbreaking aircraft designed by Lilian Bland.

Not there.

Berber sword of the Kabyles of Algeria.

Contraction for retroactive continuity.

Japanese name for Japan.

Electric guitar pedal that mimics the human voice.

__ Wand Ceremony; ritual at a magician's funeral.

Strawberries __; $9.85 million New Orleans dessert.

Division symbol in math.

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