CodyCross Wonderful Sights Pack answers

Wonderful Sights PackWonderful Sights

Here are the answers to CodyCross Wonderful Sights Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

Recovering from injury, a wound getting better.

A dish prepared with salt cod in Spanish cuisine.

What pencils become after overuse.

Clarendon, Mayfair and Gingham on Instagram.

__ Office; full name of broadcaster HBO.

Great scholarly institution in Alexandria, Egypt.

Indicate, denote.

Taxes on imports or exports.

Digits on hands.

Mother of Oedipus.

Declaimed, read out, performed.

Unofficial print publication created by devotees.

Pulitzer Prize-winning novel by Toni Morrison.

Flowering Chilean desert with flamingos.

Dick Tracy villain played by Dustin Hoffman.

Puzzle 2

Pont __; Roman aqueduct in southern France.

To be blamed for a crime; encased art for hanging.

A shiny coat of varnish on nails, cars, and wood.

Hebrew greeting meaning "peace".

Pass on information that helps solve a crime.

Fire-breathing scaly monster, probably not real.

Eat too much food.

Worn on hands to protect against harmful spills.

__ Island; where the giant Moai figures stand.

__ machine, for stitching clothes together.

The Beautiful People singer Marilyn __.

Small piece of metal shot from a gun.

Edible seaweed in Japanese cuisine.

With pointy attachments, like a rhino.

__ camera show; pranks on unsuspecting people.

Poet Percy Shelley's middle name.

Puzzle 3

__ Sun; nocturnal illumination in Arctic Circle.

Rodgers and Hammerstein show with "If I Loved You".

__ out; speaking out uncontrollably.

William the Conqueror defeated King Harold there.

He played an islander that befriended a volleyball.

Partridge or pheasant or grouse.

Immensity, greatness of size.

Rear baskets on a bicycle.

Body of water in which the Great Barrier Reef lies.

Bone in the upper chest, known as the collarbone.

Flat, long tailed, cartilaginous fish.

Miami's NFL team.

Having imaginative ideas.

Blood __, it can be high if too much salt is eaten.

Puzzle 4

__ bath, soapy liquid to pour in the tub.

The main tune of a song.

__ Who, alien who travels in a TARDIS.

Cured, marbled pork sausage.

Country where Breton T-shirts originated.

Drainage __, land draining into rivers or lakes.

__ Blue, butterfly species extinct since 1940s.

Martial art of "wax on, wax off" fame.

Italian coast dotted with picturesque villages.

Power and strength required to move.

Roman Emperor with a famed column.

Describes a naturally illuminated night sky.

Skirting __; panels along the bases of walls.

Unlocking device for a motor vehicle.

Currency of the Czech Republic since 1993.

Sibling to Mopsy and Cottontail.

Puzzle 5

Floury taco container.

Country where the kilt originated.

Namibian claypan with distinctive bleak landscape.

Grotesque Gothic carving often hung from a gutter.

Wounds; a cut and a broken leg, for example.

Takes apart.

Giant's __; Northern Ireland's volcanic path.

Ominous, evil.

Description of Voldemort's face.

Spooky electric instrument played with no hands.

Generous comportment that benefits others.

Puzzle 6

Disney dog Perdita is this breed.

Turnip-like root from which sucrose is extracted.

Finds a new thing.

Women's shoes, often worn dancing.

Fighting game subtitled Gods Among Us.

This type of pen is the world's most common.

Byzantine Emperor from 527 to 565 AD: __ I.

System of government which means "rule by people".

Cinder cone volcano in Michoacán, Mexico.

Ancient Greek temple dedicated to goddess Athena.

Fall Out Boy song with a gladiator music video.

Puzzle 7

Powerful demon in Arabic mythology.

__ Mary, tomato cocktail.

Carved stone plaque.

What an inbox is full of; digital messages.

Lighter-than-air balloon gas.

Whose Line Is It __?; improvisational comedy show.

__ Actors Guild Awards.

Hagia __; domed Byzantine structure in Istanbul.

Henry Ford's first popular car.

Round oyster stones that mean 30th anniversary.

F. Scott Fitzgerald novel: __ Is the Night.

Machine that sucks up all that fur.

Island east of China, formerly known as Formosa.

Japanese spring custom of admiring cherry blossom.

Jamaican music with a distinctive beat.

Puzzle 8

Hanging Gardens of __; legendary raised shrubbery.

Bits __, a variety of small objects or possessions.

Branded US hat with wide brim and high crown.

Alka __; sodium bicarbonate pain relief.

To have failed out of a class or school.

Putting or driving a ball.

Darwin's book was on the origin of these.

Heating cheese.

Baggage __; where to collect cases after a flight.

__ Falls; spectacular cascades in North America.

Financing, backing, subsidizing.

Léa __, played Madeleine Swann in Spectre.

Energy/power from living matter.

Time of a day one might be able to "feel the love".

Puzzle 9

Sweet, sticky alternative to waxing off hairs.

The answer to a problem.

Company known for athletic wear; Olympic winner.

Falls on the border between Zambia and Zimbabwe.

Movie about a pie-making pregnant lady.

If you're like Walter White, you're __ bad.

Ali Baba's loyal slave.

80s photo format of a flattened circular platter.

Seed pod, and paste used in Asian cookery.

Botswana delta with lagoons and game reserves.

Called out when a patient goes into cardiac arrest.

Debated with logical arguments.

Puzzle 10

Woman who bears a child for another woman.

Referring to or similar to early mankind.

To be strange with varied interests.

Surgical procedure to fix a health problem.

Dick __, flying ace/racing driver with pal Muttley.

Rock used for the outside of the Great Pyramid.

Frank __, played by Ewan McGregor in 1996's Emma.

Louise __; creator of Maman and Spider sculptures.

South American region with glaciers and lakes.

Gaining something through threats of defamation.

Full lunar presence that appears larger than usual.

Rock band that featured Morrissey and Johnny Marr.

Puzzle 11

Popular video-posting site for vloggers.

__ stitch, most basic forward-moving sewing stitch.

White fish in White Knight's song about its eyes.

Martin __ played Dr Watson in the Sherlock reboot.

__ delight, rose flower sweet jelly.

Baby that has just come out of the womb.

__ ibis; bright red elegant wading bird.

Temple dedicated to Greek goddess of hunting.

Fragrant flower that isn't caged.

Sculpting a pumpkin.

Last person to speak in Shakespeare's Macbeth.

__ anonyme, SA in France, a company suffix.

Musical based on a novel by E. L. Doctorow.

__ the field, having a mix of romantic liaisons.

Puzzle 12

Ways that an illness presents itself.

Mr __; wealthy bachelor who adopts Oliver Twist.


Like a whiny and grumpy child.

Surname of famous oceanographer Jacques.

__ The Palm; Dubai hotel based on mythical city.

Played by Attenborough in 10 Rillington Place.

Gutenberg gave us a machine that does this.

Plumes used to decorate Venetian masks.

Italian dessert with coffee and ladyfingers.

Longest serving French Prime Minister: Georges __.

Extent to which a substance is poisonous.

Old __; Yellowstone National Park cone geyser.

Fine silk from worms eating leaves of this fruit.

Singer who was born Marvin Lee Aday.

Puzzle 13

Comedy gangster film with Travolta as Chili Palmer.

Use of imagery or allegory to evoke meaning in art.

It brightens a room.

Latin for someone's place of education.

His Dark __; Philip Pullman fantasy trilogy.

Rice type such as basmati or jasmine.

Vast, treeless, arid plain in southern Australia.

Man __, cry heard when someone falls from a ship.

Aurora __; night sky lights in southern hemisphere.

Greek tragedian of Oedipus Rex.

Animated sex symbol of the 1930s.

These look like tennis rackets on feet.

Tree species with distinctive pale indigo flowers.

__ Lab; Russian anti-virus software provider.

Puzzle 14

__ machine, for brewing a cup.

Found under a microscope and at a playground.

__ Moreno; extensive Patagonian glacier.

Carved obelisk dedicated to Cleopatra.

"Daddy wouldn't buy me a __", a doggy tale.

Secured a vessel with an anchor.

Juggle liquid in the throat.

Going for long walks, usually on trails.

Woven container.

Flash __, 80s film with Max von Sydow as Ming.

Request someone's presence at an event.

Harry Potter and the __ Child.

Spicy, piquant veggie such as a bird's eye.

Currency of the United States and also Canada.

Roman poet credited with the phrase "Carpe Diem".

Spiritual conversation with a deity or god.

Puzzle 15

A package, usually delivered through the mail.

Large constricting snake and programming language.

Japanese hilltop "white egret" castle.

The movement of tiny legs, usually rodents.

Father __; Catholic priest in The Exorcist.

Don't Shoot Me I'm Only the Piano __, album.

Describes skin with wounds that have dried over.

Artistic hanging structure that moves in the air.

Irène __-Curie; Marie's daughter and Nobel winner.

I'm so hungry, I could eat __; ambitious idiom.

Lech __; Poland's Nobel Prize-winning ex-president.

Blue __; picturesque geothermal spa in Iceland.

Illegal marriage to more than one spouse.

Ms. Giudice who starred in Real Housewives of N.J..

Puzzle 16


According to Heraclitus, "__ is destiny".

Experienced aircraft operator that trials new tech.

Woodwind instrument played by Bill Clinton.

A sharp tool commonly used to hang public notices.

Piece of hair in the Sanskrit Jaṭā style.

Green liquid accompaniment to roast lamb.

Actor who starred on screen as dancer Billy Elliot.

Danish architect of the Sydney Opera House.

China's extensive ancient brick fortifications.

Puzzle 17

Shoulder blade.

A professional that arranges flowers for events.

Vatican chapel with impressive ceiling decoration.

Not connected to the internet.

Knitted blankets or throws.

Accompanies, travels with.

Olaf's meltable form.

Frilly strips of material used as hem decoration.

Site of giant ancient seated statue of Zeus.

Henan temple associated with Chinese martial arts.

Small, disposable paper packets of sugar or coffee.

Use a device to covertly monitor a phone call.

Augusta state.

Puzzle 18

Sarah __; Madame C J Walker hair products inventor.

Long jump technique of running "in the air".

To be humiliated or extremely embarrassed.

Long, short legged canine, also called wiener dog.

Historical name for Malawi, from 1907-64.

Azure shade of tropical sea waters.

Without any success.

__, Queen of the Desert, drag artistes road trip.

Book followed by Insurgent and Allegiant.

Casino game also known as 21.

Vietnamese inlet with limestone karsts.

Puzzle 19

The belly part of the body.

Lunar spectrum.

Unique Forms of Continuity __; 1913 Boccioni cast.

Ray __, late nineties Madonna single.

Uncover the facts, seek information.

Fitness device for knowing distance and speed.

__ and Fall, Waugh's tale of Paul Pennyfeather.

Seven __ of the world; list of remarkable sights.

Holder of your incoming messages.

Top animals on a safari enthusiast's checklist.

Island nation whose capital is Nassau.

Milky cheese with curds.

Puzzle 20

Battleship __, Eisenstein film of famous mutiny.

Alex Garland novel set on a Thai paradise island.

Describes hardened, dry skin.


Relating to finance or currency.

Sashimi and chopped vegetables arranged over rice.

South African port city and capital.

Agra's marble mausoleum.

Chemical used to kill bacteria in swimming pools.

Springing movement of gazelles and antelopes.

My One and __, Johnny Hartman and John Coltrane.

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