CodyCross Wonders of the World Pack answers

Wonders of the World PackWonders of the World

Here are the answers to CodyCross Wonders of the World Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.

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Puzzle 1

Substance that surrounds yolks.

Relating to the lungs.

City where Kylie Minogue was born.

Predominantly Irish-speaking areas in Ireland.

Violent Peckinpah film with Hoffman in Cornwall.

Make a copy of.

Male cubs or eagles dressed in uniforms.

Someone studying parallel texts, e.g. the Gospels.

Body __, occupation of Burke & Hare.

Mouthguard used in boxing.

Former name of IJsselmeer, Dutch reclamation area.

Stripey cat-bears found in Asia and endangered.

Scrub skin to remove dead cells.

Harry __, opened a store on London's Oxford St.

Author of The Fault in Our Stars.

Nile temples fronted by statues of Ramses II.

Causing nervous exhaustion.

Layer another metal with zinc.

Puzzle 2

Construction platform for work on high buildings.

Loin cut of meat from a pig.

In the land of nod.

Eva __, French painter of Nanny and Child.

Amazes, wows.

Racehorse, winner of the Champion Hurdle 1998-2000.

The Continuing Story of __ Bill, a Beatles song.

Toxic material that is resistant to heat.

Twelve __, limestone pinnacles off Victoria, Oz.

Located at sea.

Elena __, Neapolitan Quartet author.

Swap, switch, e.g. for a different size.

Speed or quickness.

Atmospheric Namibian salt pan.

Movie format; anagram of American.

Challenges, quests.

Puzzle 3

__ Baths, site of ancient Roman thermal soakings.

Crowdfunding site, like a free, 1960s dancer.

Lack of knowledge or awareness.

Garlicky Greek potato dip.

In the lead; most prominently placed.

__ Hole, sinkhole with wildlife off Belize.

Pete __; lead guitarist of The Who.

Handy learning aid for new vocabulary.

Producers of British newsreels in the 20th century.

Leads to a fond trip down memory lane.

Town in Tiny Toon Adventures.

Sales campaign, often with special offers.

Cover for diffusing bright light from a light bulb.

Worker in a pit or colliery.

Vessels that rescue those in trouble on the sea.

Puzzle 4

Pierce them to put in studs or rings.

Milk and Honey, The Sun and Her Flowers writer.

Vanessa __, actress was Agatha Christie on film.

African antelope related to the nyala and kudu.

Window coverings.

Racing with boats.

General who won the Battle of Austerlitz.

Four-wheeled horse-drawn carriage.

Christina __, poet of the collection Goblin Market.

Californian national park with famous waterfalls.

Me and __, Billy Paul's illicit-sounding hit.

Indian red sandstone citadel to Mughal emperors.

Showers and precipitation.

A drawn-out boring account.

Davy __, US frontiersman, wore a coonskin hat.

Added to the beginning of words, e.g. un-, sub-.

Solution that halts the development of a photo.

Dried grapes also called golden raisins.

Crime-fighting superhero cartoon canine.

Refined, well educated.

Island that goes with Sao Tome to make a nation.

Emergency medical help by volunteers.

Puzzle 5

Horse accommodation.

Souvenir or treasure not to be discarded.

Almond liqueur.

The Amber __, third book in His Dark Materials.

__ Lakes, Croatian series of turquoise waters.

__ rising, ocean increases due to climate change.

Device for easily putting on footwear.

Daniel Day Lewis film, My __, about Christy Brown.

Delivered a sermon.

Month with only 28 or 29 days.

Empty talk, particularly of politicians.

Large group of people sharing thoughts and ideas.

More moody.

__ rock-hewn churches of Ethiopia.

Arthurian character who sought the Holy Grail.

Puzzle 6

Brussels landmark of nine steel spheres.

Billed, invoiced.

Retrieves and brings back.

Reading desk with a slanted top for a speaker.

State with the southernmost continental US city.

__ Sound, New Zealand fjord created by glaciers.

__ shake, fitness drink.

1982 song for Toto, with a girl's name for a title.

Miscarriage of __; innocent person found guilty.

Nationality of poet Tomas Tranströmer.

People play golf on these greens.

Seven __, film remade as The Magnificent Seven.

Puzzle 7

Top, smoothed-out layer of a concrete floor.

Food taken by Credito Emiliano as loan collateral.

Artsy t-shirts made with paint and string.

Clever plan or project.

Song by Rod Stewart: __ of My Heart.

__ King of The Leftovers, American Crime, and Ray.

Not balanced or level.

Lake __, the world's deepest freshwater lake.

__ Palace, former Tibetan home of the Dalai Lama.

Verb associated with looking at the stars.

Country of death of Leonardo da Vinci.

Puzzle 8

Copies a feat.

Shipping and __; process of sending goods.

Serving ice cream with a deep spoon.

Noisy chewing action of a horse.

Modern vehicle technology using chemical energy.

Favoritism towards family members.

Mechanisms for firing guns.

__ Falls, part of the Zambezi named after a queen.

To do with weeping.

The red fortress and palace in Granada, Spain.

Ancient suburb round a French town.

Puzzle 9

Develop and change gradually over time.

__ of the Kings, Nile site of pharaohs' tombs.

__ of Unity, immense Indian figure of Sardar Patel.

Mont St-__, French island citadel and monastery.

Ditzy, absentminded, forgetful.

Whisky __, Ealing comedy about salvaging the booze.

United Nations body for science and culture.

Hallowed, important to religious people.

King who commissioned La Granja Palace: __ V.

Basketball pass to start a fast break.

Carolina, not Georgia, was on his mind: James __.

Puzzle 10

Anti-communist former US senator Joseph __.

He played Winston Smith in the film 1984.

Became less wide.

A valuable handed down through generations.

Elvis __, vocalist, musician born Declan MacManus.

Small irritable creature lives with the Moomins.

__ Lights, atmospheric marvel aka aurora borealis.

In the __, saying denoting someone is in disgrace.

German name for Lake Constance.

Gambling, betting.

Dead end, no through road.

Using cash.

Victoria __, Nell in The Haunting of Hill House.

Giant's __, Irish basalt pavement of Finn MacCool.

Winner of 3 Cheltenham Gold Cups 2002-4.

Primitive, small, fish-like animal.

Instructing with authority.

Puzzle 11

Garment worn by Wee Willie Winkie.

Flower traditionally worn in a lapel at a wedding.

Artificial waterway from Port Said to the Red Sea.

Device for firing metal fasteners.

Ancient crystal-making port in southern Ireland.

Crease on the forehead from concentrating.

Impeding, obstructing.

Relieved oneself of a burden.

Sean Michael __, real name of WWE's Michael Cole.

Volcanic Aegean island with blue-roofed buildings.

Out-at-sea spot where vaudeville shows took place.

Plastic payment method linked to a bank account.

Cycle downhill without turning the pedals.

US state named after a French ruler.

Former name of the chemical element roentgenium.

Pour __ on something; deflate a fun atmosphere.

Puzzle 12

1990s British murder mystery TV show.

Followed prey stealthily.

Type of sauce commonly used in Indian cuisine.

Meteor shower from 3200 Phaethon asteroid.

Dirty, not washed.

Someone who gained power by force.

Lebanese town that was once called Heliopolis.

Rugged mountain chain from New Mexico to Canada.

Smelloscope found ball of __ in Futurama.

Describes a dress with lots of frills on it.

Ability to understand other people's feelings.


"Ugly" in The Good, the Bad and the Ugly, Eli __.

Deep Purple successor group for Ritchie Blackmore.

__ Chapel, Genesis-themed Michelangelo ceiling.

Puzzle 13

How a Mexican would say the U.S.: los __ unidos.

__ City, name given to the magnificence of Rome.

Volcanic region of NZ with Maori carvings.

Like a cherub.

Jogs your memory.

Flue, brick stack on a roof for ventilating smoke.

Composer of the opera Goya: Gian Carlo __.

Nomad Moomin with a green smock and hat.

Fictional desert kingdom where Aladdin takes place.

Orangutan sanctuary in Malaysia: __ Nature Resort.

Puzzle 14

African writer Wole Soyinka's nationality.

Coarse-woolled sheep of the Lake District, UK.

Make payment and complete an online order.

Spot once called Spitsbergen, haunt of polar bears.

Surname of Sam and Ron in Transformers.

Walking hobbyists.

Political murderer.

Foo Fighters love song, used in a Friends episode.

Giuseppe __, invented the Bellini at Harry's Bar.

Instruction, tutoring.

Tea family bush; Alexandre Dumas's Ms Gautier.

English history era named after Hanoverian kings.

El __, Royal Site of the Spanish monarchy.

Chemical substances that cannot be broken down.

Commonly known sayings offering wisdom and advice.

Alerted, made aware of.

Puzzle 15

One who takes part in UFC.

Wild pest.

Salty Middle Eastern lake, lowest place on Earth.

Melted cheese dishes from Switzerland.

Maker of leather equipment for horses.

Saw, looked.

Site of Polynesian monumental heads aka moai.

Girl From __, Astrud Gilberto and Stan Getz song.

Live from __, it's Saturday night.

There are 60 of these in a minute.

Jocelyn Bell __, astronomer, discovered pulsars.

Puzzle 16

Julio __, Spanish crooner of Begin the Beguine.

Solar new year in Hinduism.

Ljubljana is its capital.

Author of The Sound and the Fury: William __.

__ group; unit split off from a political party.

Loredana __, formulated medicines for the plague.

Languages on the Rosetta Stone: Greek and __.

Finding food in the wild.

Beats, physically attacks.


__ Bang Bang; 2005 black comedy crime film.

Icelandic waterfall, aka the Golden Falls.

Packaging for a gift.

Miscellaneous items.

Nickname for the flag of the United States.

Active Italian volcano that destroyed Herculaneum.

Puzzle 17

Wading bird, genus Recurvirostra.

Queen Hippolyta, an Amazon with a magical __.

Wes Craven's series of horror/slasher films.

The __ Night, Van Gogh's dramatic artwork of 1889.

Bike mechanic from Happy Days.

Mr __; rich uncle of Mary in The Secret Garden.

Activity done on a horse or a bike.

South-west French dept, capital Mont-de-Marsan.

__ Tower, Parisian tapering ironwork landmark.

Saint Lawrence __, North American waters.

Lentils and chickpeas with a beat.

__ Rock, overhanging pediment above Lysefjorden.

Concentrated light beams.

Puzzle 18

Winter brassica with frizzy leaves.

They built pyramids in Africa.

Rock of __, British Empire outpost with monkeys.

Stopped oneself from doing something.

Film where Bobby Darin met his first wife: Come __.

Irish neolithic mound by the River Boyne.

Performer with metal plates on his/her shoes.

Small fruit-eating mammals with long tongues.

Happening frequently.

Barbra Streisand's love theme from A Star is Born.

Bread made with a starter.

Puzzle 19

__ Coast, southern England place for dino fossils.

Saw for a second.

__-Wanganui, region on New Zealand's North Island.

Toro y Moi's hip-hop name.

Skilfully – from French.

Director of the film Cabin in the Sky: Vincente __.

Horse contest over a course with no jumps.

__ pedis, artery that supplies blood to the foot.

Beatings or floggings with a leather whip.

Poets who eloped in 1846: Robert __ and Elizabeth.

Symbol on Rainforest Alliance Certified's logo.

Dog commonly used on small animal hunting trips.

__ certificate; proof that a website is secure.

Washed oneself under falling water.

__ Caverns, US national park with a Hall of Giants.

Make up for __; catch up after not doing something.

Puzzle 20

Swiss resort, twice host of the Winter Olympics.

The sound made by a ceiling fan.

The Great Mosque of Córdoba in Spain.

The largest island in the Republic of Fiji.

Roadside plant with purple flowers.

Said "You ain't heard nothing yet".

Made a pained face.

A unit of the air force, smaller than a group.

Repeated owl cry; don't give __, be unconcerned.

Volcanic Island in French Polynesia.

Calling people to action, e.g. a __ cry.

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