CodyCross Words Ending with - ING Pack answers

Words Ending with - ING PackWords Ending with - ING

Here are the answers to CodyCross Words Ending with - ING Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

Describes weather that is windy and rainy.

Green Muppet and love of Miss Piggy.

Dairy product grated and sprinkled on top of pizza.

Whiskered marine animal with long tusks.

Using teeth to cut food.

Amusement __, coin-operated gaming machines area.

Flushing appliance found in a bathroom.

Catholic prayer beads.

A large wooded area thickly covered with trees.

Joints between the arm and hand.

Prince Harry's love: __ Markle.

Failing, being defeated.

Describes someone with face fur.

The top of a mountain, often covered in snow.

Snow sport, going downhill on two bars.

Adele song title: Water Under the __.

Puzzle 2

Becoming bigger or more mature.

Substance used to build honeycombs.

Island __; home of Thomas in The Railway Series.

__ shopping, or food shopping.

Assisting or aiding.

An attack on someone.

Athletics throwing event with a heavy ball.

Giving someone extra money for a service.

Without weapons.

Lit a fire or set something burning; sparked.

Puzzle 3

Mythical beast, half man and half bull.

Guilty persons, prisoners.

Walking slowly and silently.


Removed in an appendectomy.

The date of the end of WWI in Roman numerals.

A place where people stay in tents.

America's traditional fruit dessert.

__ water; staying afloat but not moving.

This bushy-tailed rodent comes in grey and red.

The amount of water from the skies.

Technical and Latin term for a boxer.

Twelve o'clock at the end of the day.

Add some shine to your mouth with this.

Puzzle 4

Area in space with inescapable gravitational pull.

People from France, Germany, Spain, Italy....

Pictures made with oils or watercolours.

Striped, hook-like sweet Christmas decoration.

Taking someone's words as the truth.

Paying attention to what someone is saying.

Running extremely fast.

Means relating to two eyes.

Ginormous creeper that Jack climbs to face a giant.

Waters crops.

Cate __, played Cinderella's stepmother.

Risky, hazardous.

Puzzle 5

Throw and catch balls or clubs simultaneously.

Mother __ of Calcutta, won Nobel Prize for Peace.

Warm covers for your hands, often knitted.

Not graceful, accident-prone.

Person who works in a money-lending company.

Travelling on a horse.

A person or animal with no pigment in skin/hair.

To shout or shriek in a high-pitched note.

A list of items to be discussed at a meeting.

Slimy, silvery marks left on the ground by slugs.

Opening one's eyes after a sleep.

Being found responsible for an illegal act.

Someone who takes part in marathon races.

Big, doughy bread rolls with a hole in the center.

Puzzle 6

Use this liquid to wash your hair.

Describes a pH of 7.

A space in a door's lock.

Reuse, reduce, __.

Watch or look at someone, check their behaviour.

Krusty Krab owner and SpongeBob's boss.

__ scrolls, important Hebrew and Aramaic texts.

Dot is the shortened form of this name.

Putting a ball in the back of a net.

European country, capital Tirana.

Public place where books are held/can be loaned.

Canadian police officer on horseback.

Patiently hanging on for someone or something.

Animal species with no more living members.

Round, juicy citrus fruits.

Puzzle 7

Not of mankind; maybe an alien.

Quadrilateral with equal sides and oblique angles.

House lived in by ghosts.

A baby goose.

Shiver, quiver and wobble.

Women's two-piece swimming costumes.

Touches someone with holy water.

Smoothie maker.

Passes date of validity.

Putting words down on paper.

R/C toy cars are operated by radio or remote __.

Embracing, cuddling.

Puzzle 8

Electrical device used to remove water from hair.

Making a noise of great fear.

Synonym of tick used in writing.

Very special and of great value. The I in VIP.

Female lions.

Winter Olympic sport with a two or four-man cart.

Conjurers or illusionists who do tricks.

Crash __; video game with a tornado-like marsupial.

Film about a young boy on his own for Christmas.

Where a criminal trial takes place.

Getting smaller and smaller.

Three __; rhyme about rodents who can't see.

Long, thin pasta served with meatballs.

Puzzle 9


Hot drink in a mug, maybe with milk and sugar.

People whose job is to wash and tidy.

Being upright; not sitting.

The games company that makes Super Mario Bros.

Halting, pausing.

Wool garment that can button up.

Lonely, away from other people.

Small guitar-like instruments from Hawaii.

Jeff Kinney's books are about his diary.

A bike with one wheel, popular in the circus.

Lighting a fire or spark.

Puzzle 10

Hoover-type cleaner.

Thumbelina's cradle was made from a __ shell.

The Power Rangers' floating head adviser.

London, Babel, Eiffel and Pisa are all examples.

A small furry pet, related to the polecat.

Provides food at a function.

Something that is temporarily stopped.

Glove that keeps 4 fingers together.

Concealing something.

Peak of a mountain.

Another name for teams of sports players.

With lots of spots.

Opposing, in front of.

The brother or husband of a princess.

Fire-breathing mythical monster.

Puzzle 11

Going upwards.

Someone from the country known for the Taj Mahal.

To run from a place, get out.

Entering the deep end of a pool head first.

To hold someone's attention, be interesting.

__ Van Pelt, evil explorer in Jumanji sequel.

Paper packet for sugar, etc..

__ of hay; piled up on a farm.

A looking glass for viewing your reflection.

To hurt or damage a person.

English writer of detective novels, __ Christie.

Puzzle 12

Hard to understand, confusing.

Sweatshirts with head protection.

The Shredder hates them: Teenage Mutant Ninja __.

Hitting the first ball in a game of tennis.

Bedroom table you sit at to apply make-up.

Durable and long term, rhymes with "fasting".

Leaves to go on holiday.

A __ rocket is used to augment initial thrust.

Medical professional specialising in teeth.

A portable U-shaped lock with a key.

Moving a car along a road.

The name given to the meat of a deer.

Johnny __, inept agent played by Rowan Atkinson.

Puzzle 13

Bella and Izzy are short forms of this girls' name.

Nostril on the top of the head of a whale.

__ dropper, for dispensing medication to babies.

Ending a career of work.

Twisting around quickly.

__ and Amazons; Arthur Ransome sailing adventure.

Amounts of energy provided by food.

Individual table covering used under plate.

Exercise or play you do with a rope with handles.

Find or explore a new place.

Banging on a door.

Someone from the country known for the Pyramids.

Puzzle 14

Coming back home.

Old-fashioned gate for entry to a football stadium.

Making a noise of great excitement.

Teen spy character in Anthony Horowitz books.

Cacao candy.

Taking out the stitches on a sewn item.

The southernmost point of the globe.

People who do not agree with wars.

Irrelevant, worthless, futile.

Bouncing animals with pouches.

Puzzle 15

Nicky, Ricky, Dicky and Dawn's surname.

Something that is hush-hush.

They make bread.

The push or pull of something, in physics.

__ borealis, dancing lights display in the sky.

Jess __; sang on Clean Bandit's hit Rather Be.

Beast of __, quadruped that carries loads.

Playing a part in a play.

Christian holiday celebrating resurrection.

Being kind and thoughtful.

__ control; device for changing TV channels.

The capital city of Austria.

Military information: Name, rank and __ number.

Delicate, the opposite of stocky or heavy-set.

To mix with other people at a party.

Puzzle 16

If all the liquid is squeezed from fruit, it is __.

The __ dragon is the world's largest lizard.

Perform or carry out a crime.

If you have a bad __, you get angry easily.

Eastern land.

To re-run something, popular in sports coverage.

Classical dance using pointe shoes.

Consuming food.

Daring tricks.

The __ Book tells the story of feral child Mowgli.

Puzzle 17

Being victorious.

Lemony __, All the Wrong Questions character.

Central European pastry dessert with apple.

Extremely tall coniferous trees.

Sketching a picture.

Knitted woollen garments that keep your neck warm.

Not tightly.

Fire __, emergency vehicles with hoses.

Reindeer have these on their heads.

A full-length movie is called a __ film.

Your access to a site, with username and password.

Metal strips for joining paper together.

Travel company that operates flights.

Signs up for the military.

Lights a fire, starts something burning.

Puzzle 18

Coloured make-up applied on the mouth.

Taking in information from books, learning.

Resting in bed overnight with your eyes shut.

Musical composition, generally for soloists.

Lobbing, chucking through the air.

Mary __, Carrie Barrett plays her on Henry Danger.

The most sulky and grumpy.

Distribution of coloured light, like with rainbows.

Miss Granger from Harry Potter.

A sports match that is not strictly competitive.

Steer a boat on a course; read a map.

Puzzle 19

What you look at if you are admiring architecture.

Fashion brand with a flying seagull logo.

A long tube-like instrument for watching the stars.

A board of __; senior managers of a company.

Walking closely behind somebody.

Far-north country between Canada and Iceland.

Respiring in and out.

A type of science dealing in potions.

Ellen __, the voice of Dory in Finding Dory.

Active at night.

Adventure Time Jake's girlfriend Lady __.

Body of water between Alaska and Russia.

Signature of a famous person.

Puzzle 20

Stick them to an envelope as payment for posting.

Not interesting.

An explanation for something; the "why".

A reddish-brown coloured metal.

Bugs Bunny's snack of choice.

Machines that follow orders.

"Make hay while the sun __".

To open something with a key.

2018 film Coco's lead character who dreams of fame.

Language spoken in the Eiffel Tower´s country.

Building blocks created the best Little Pigs house.

Attempting, having a go.

The champion, the victor.

Jamaican music popularized by Bob Marley.

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