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Here are the answers to CodyCross Words that Rhyme Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

Roofed porch that runs along the side of a house.

__ and Broomsticks featured a cartoon footie game.

Famous English nursery rhyme: Mary, Mary, Quite __.

A person who plays an instrument.

Great snack – a variety of fillings between bread.

Colored furry toy ursine w/ an image on the tummy.

Answers, replies to a question.

Vlog from Jack and Finn Harries.

Narrow glass vessel used to heat chemicals in labs.

Society Islands place in French Polynesia.

Boxers hit this in training to practice their jabs.

Puzzle 2

Not thinner.

The __ with the mostest.

Broke like a twig.

Person who is in charge in the classroom.

Someone who rides a bike.

Walks with a limp.

Weapon that incapacitates its victims.

Australian wild dogs.

Writing tools, commonly having erasers.

Horizon view of a city's buildings.

Puzzle 3

Something lasting all of your days.

Worrying, getting anxious.

__ Bunny; the cousin of Peter Rabbit.

Good __; expression of relief when saying goodbye.

Mother of the hive.

Pains in your hearing organs.

Thin sheet/boundary layer in an organism.

Month in which New Year's Eve falls.

The city center, not "up" but __.

Undertaking schoolwork.

What painters mix paints on.

Decoration worn across the head to hold back hair.

Puzzle 4

Climbs, gets higher.

Eyeing intensely.

__ turf, meal combo of steak and seafood/fish.

Something that is done ahead, e.g. an __ booking.

Metal discs on a drum kit.

Pets that live in hutches and like carrots.

Sun __, bed for sitting by a pool.

Maybe a ginger or strawberry blonde.

Infinite, interminable.

Science subject where you study forces and energy.

Puzzle 5

Illegally wash money.

Hickory __ Dock, the mouse ran up the clock.

House insects you share your nights with.

A person who scales mountains.

Cola __; gummy sweets that look like mini sodas.

People who move to music for a living.

If roses are red, these flowers are blue.

Leaves the path.

Imaginary line around the center of the Earth.

Worried, nervous, tense.

Video-sharing website with millions of users.

Fighting dog breed and famous musician.

__ oil, Australasian antiseptic source.

Puzzle 6

Laughed lightly, for example at a joke.

Proof of __; evidence that you paid for a product.

A place for creepy crawlies to stay the night.

Male siblings.

Dora the __, young voyager with talking backpack.

Cooking pot with a handle used on a stove top.

Sleep in __ peace.

Scatter loosely like applying cake decoration.

Fantastic, wonderful.

Advance reservations and tickets for concerts, say.

Removing old blooms or a fan of Greatful Dead.

It's the material used to make sidewalks.

"To be or not to be, that is the __".

Send this when traveling, no envelope needed.

Puzzle 7

Receptacle for discarding cigarette butts.

Horses for __, meaning to do what you are good at.

Orange veggie that turned into Cinderella's coach.

Very young dogs.

Something that is decaying or going moldy.

__ card; rewards for regular customers.

Military person, someone serving in the army.

Yelled, bellowed, screamed.

A thin sausage snack you "snap it to".

Held onto something, clutched.

Wishing, desiring something.

Biggest city in the USA.

Puzzle 8

Decorated; added finishing touches to a meal.

__ Women, Rolling Stones hit about Memphis bars.

Building blocks of paragraphs; strings of text.

Strut __; show off your dance moves.

Feeling down for a long period of time.

On-the-bone cuts of pork, maybe with applesauce?.

To deliberately listen in to a conversation.

Cold war competition to dominate the universe.

Professional hired to drive a private car.

Madness, idiocy.

Puzzle 9

Illuminate a light (two words).

Chitty Chitty __, musical.

A cross between snowing and raining.

Removing the outer layer of fur from an animal.

Measuring rod for oil in a car's engine.

Ending your working career for good.

Surveilling, keeping an eye on.

Visual discoloration, the result of a boxing match.

Tarantino film series starring Uma Thurman.

Opening your eyes after a sleep.

Chewing gum brand that makes Juicy Fruit.

This work is back __, really heavy manual labor.

Puzzle 10

__ Button, where Brad Pitt ages in reverse.

Month during which Thanksgiving falls.

Letters used as numbers by the Romans, eg X or V.

Call of the cartoon Road Runner.

Not having a worry in the world.

Handle for opening the entry panel into a room.

In a __; to sum up, in brief.

Chinese, lion-looking dog with bluish tongue.

Contest where competitors hop inside bags.

Bush for dancing around on a cold, frosty morning.

Closed with buttons.

Pedestrian walkway.

Chocolate with a yolk inside, eaten at Easter.

Sound made by a fan or a helicopter's blades.

Activity with a person towed in the air by a boat.

Puzzle 11

London street and cigarette brand; PM.

Scowls in pain.

A door opening noisily, it needs some oil.

Tale of Lizzie Bennet and Mr. Darcy: __ Prejudice.

Uplifting, the __ movie of the year.

Fancy lace on dresses; said for something highbrow.

Explain what something looks like.

Rooms used by judges (or torturers!).

Michael Jackson's spooky album.

Nickname for the state of Texas.

Puffed circular crunchy disk made of Asian staple.

Puzzle 12

Switched, exchanged.

Another Brick in __, Pink Floyd anthem.

A combo of different things stirred together.

In swimming, front, back or butterfly for e.g..

__ Porgie, he kissed the girls and made them cry.

Moment when an aircraft leaves land.

This hangs from a jewelery chain.

Twist your body from side to side.

Foghorn __, cartoon rooster says "I say" a lot.

Plans, strategies; maybe for getting rich quick.

Go back over your steps.

Puzzle 13

Depended, counted on.

Boogie-__, piano style.

Putting blacktop on a road.

Anxious, perturbed, troubled.

Distress signal in radio communications.

The sabbath for Christians.

__ Lane, you go down this route when reminiscing.

Films are shown on the __ screen (not gold).

Red __, Wayne Hemingway's "do or die" design brand.

Evil manifestation of Dr Jekyll.

Puzzle 14

A summer game played on a diamond.

Bobbing on the surface of the water.

ABBA song and 2x when to pick up the phone.

A noisy symptom of having a cold.

XIV in Roman numerals equals what?.

Noisy son of Betty and Barney Rubble.


The name Americans give to greaseproof paper.

Taking off or out.

Selected as the object of an attack.

"I scream, you scream, we all scream for __".

Puzzle 15

Astronomical time unit measuring 9.46 trillion km.

Money given to you, e.g. pocket money.

Tending plants outside a home.

Microsoft dingbat font of symbols.

Making a shrieking noise when you are afraid.

Circular eating cutlery for hot broth.

Iconic Ralph Lauren garment w/ collar.

Upside-down gymnastics pose, supported by arms.

__ search, an investigation for prints.

Youth-restoring surgeries that "lift" features.

Puzzle 16

The cleverest, most intelligent.

Going to get something; a dog with a stick?.

Opposite of sinking.

Losing grip, sliding; usually before a fall.

A heated surface for cooking- not eating!- food on.

Goody __, 1982 hit about a pair of sneakers?.

Use this to organize your lock-openers.

Small, bright-red summer fruits with pits.

Better __, TV spin-off with Bob Odenkirk.

Make a mountain out of a __.

Baggy-trousered demob suit of the 1940s.

Unexpected heavy rainfall.

Puzzle 17

Blowing up, puffing air into.

Rude insult addressed to a rather "furry" girl.

__ walker, circus performer along a high-wire.

Famous Hollywood cowboy "the duke".

Raw __; basic elements used by artists.

Disgusting, nauseating, highly unpleasant.

Underground freedom fighter, not a gorilla!.

Steep rocky drop, no eyes or nose though.

Take a __, an exhortation to relax.

Eater of the flesh of other animals.

Quitting a job, aka __.

Flaws or "gaps" in storylines.

Moving the ball from center mass in basketball.

Puzzle 18

An accident waiting __; inevitable disaster.

Carved or shaped from clay.

Disease caused by low thiamine; rhymes w very very.

The last minute of the day; 12 o'clock.

This young man likes merit badges.

NY prison famous for executions; dance and __.

Saying no, denying.

Phone battery replenishers.

Lunch option, two slices of bread with filling.

Used again; reduced, reused, __.

Puzzle 19

Government by the people or rule by the majority.

Playing a guitar, maybe while humming.

Holding something tightly.

Plastic or paper, it protects food and other goods.

Play about two lodgers sharing a bed.

Never-ending routine; an exercise machine walkway.

Handheld device used to time races.

Mischievous imaginary being; spiderman's foe.

Fast, sleek dog known for racing.

Children's cartoon Alvin and the __.

Another "percussive" name for a cooked chicken leg.

Puzzle 20

Person who constructs or repairs the tops of homes.

Put your hand to your forehead like a soldier.

Religion traditionally associated with Haiti.

Track runner's obstacle.

Wax pencil.

Large gatherings of people.

Dangerous bird in Carroll's Jabberwocky; not jab.

Cure or treatment.

Piña __, pineapple and coconut drink.

__ Look on the Bright Side of Life: by Eric Idle.

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