CodyCross Words with Pros and Cons Pack answers

Words with Pros and Cons PackWords with Pros and Cons

Here are the answers to CodyCross Words with Pros and Cons Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.

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Puzzle 1

Land, belongings.

Dandie Dinmont, Jack Russell, and Kerry Blue.

Gave each person their share.

Paintings on public walls.

Royally grand.

Physicist who developed the theory of relativity.

Ponder, mull over.

Ex-colony of Britain, next-door to India.

Old-fashioned word for women's underwear.

Petula Clark's most famous hit.

A home for fish.

Exaggerated, unbelievable story.

Puzzle 2

This makes the heart grow fonder.

Prize won in a lottery.

An affectionate pet name for a loved one.

They are built with stumps and bails.

Poked with a finger.

Paper folding, Japanese style.

Printed slip showing proof of purchase.

Action of twisting or being twisted.

City home to Times Square.

A fluffy, long-haired cat with round face.

Husband or wife of a ruling monarch.

Arrow-toting Avenger.

Puzzle 3

Closed, like lips when promising not to talk.

The Ringling brothers ran a famous one.

Disney movie inspired by The Snow Queen.

Tennis referee.

Money earned by a business above break-even point.

Scottish plaid associated with a clan.

Donkey-headed Shakespearean character.

Flashy, garish.

Broad spade.

Group of vehicles driving one behind the other.

These turn brown and fall from trees in autumn.

Consuming food.

Popular style of computer keyboard.

Puzzle 4

Type of procedural drama set in a hospital.

Tennis champ of the 1970s and 80s, Jimmy __.

Crops grown without pesticides or chemicals.

American condiment made from hot peppers.

Advice to leave it alone; a Beatles song.

Taking a short sleep in the afternoon.

Found defects in.

Number created by multiplying two numbers together.

Metal tools that click into an electric whisk.

Not the start or the finish, but what's in between.

Frankenstein's creation.

Puzzle 5

Celebratory hand-held fireworks.

Product sample for marketing or testing purposes.

Sly, deceitful.

Erosion of rocks in the sea.

60s show and 2005 movie about a suburban sorceress.

Mixed-up style for breakfast eggs.

Timetabled plan of stops on a trip.

Pulsating feeling, like during a tattoo session.

Reveal inappropriate personal details.

Island where Peter Pan lives, no one grows up.

Puzzle 6

Hitchcock film famous for death in motel shower.

Fanning, or a North or South state.

Purple T-Rex with a friend named Baby Bop.

Don't talk, just __.

Decorated with blooms and flower patterns.

Make more extensive.

Former capital city of Krypton.

Purchasing, e.g. food and drink for the week ahead.

Agree, share the same opinion.

Device responsible for Wi-Fi.

Walking in nature.

Take the cargo off a ship.

Spikes on a fork.

Puzzle 7

Jesus had a dozen of them.

The largest and most populated city in Alaska.

Surface on which Monopoly or Ludo are played.

Russian Peter and the Wolf composer, Sergei __.

Sword wielded by King Arthur.

Tool used to open bottles of wine.

Caged creature like a lion, viewed by visitors.

Huevos __, popular egg dish in Mexican cuisine.

Letter that is not a vowel.

Unfair act or occurrence.

Puzzle 8

Shout from the audience of a political rally.

King of the Greek titans and god of time.

Male swindler, cheat.

Collections of art on display for an entry fee.

Horse rider who does jumps and races.

Animal or plane that flies without an engine.

Creeps silently to track prey.

E.B. White's famous Little mouse.

Tree substances used as varnishes.

This body part has about 10,000 taste buds.

One who turns yeast, hops, grain into beer.

Jodie from Silence of the Lambs.

Concentrated light beams.

Puzzle 9

Secretly plot or scheme against someone.

Kevin Smith's shopping plaza comedy.

Longest-living land animal.

The US flag aka Star __ Banner.

Candy that usually comes in black or red.

Sayings that offer pearls of wisdom.

Chirping, warbling, trilling.

Pirate booty found where X marks the spot.

Videogame kids who are sometimes squids.

Glowing embers to walk over as a party trick.

Life form.

Puzzle 10

Tiny mints that are meant to be shared.

It can make one drunk.

Booting a ball with the foot.

Not the official US language, but many think it is.

Punctuation mark similar to a parenthesis.

Live music performance in front of an audience.

Former chief designer at Apple Inc.

Rent, 1776, or Dear Evan Hansen.

Hard stone used on kitchen countertops.

Nutritious substance for building muscles.

To constrict your throat to consume food or drink.

Beeping of car horns to celebrate a wedding.

Puzzle 11

Indecent __; 1993 drama starring Demi Moore.

Chatting amorously.

Smaller population among a majority.

Persuade someone to agree with your point of view.

Country where coffee was born.

Strains, stresses.

Largest apes, the males are silverbacks.

Clips of actors making funny mistakes.

Slaughterhouse-Five author Kurt.

All of the people in the world.

Numbers with nine zeroes.

Puzzle 12

Regenerating time traveler.

Furniture to play eight-ball on.

Jimmy Stewart stars in It's a __ Life.

Pouring water into an emptied glass.

Brand identifier collected by real ale fans.

Russian word for astronaut.

Sarcastic jibe, facetious remark.

Ball of ice that falls from the sky.

Check through writing in order to correct mistakes.

Police officer with powers of arrest.

Puzzle 13

Remind an actor of their lines.

They can be plain or self-rising.

Yellow character from Despicable Me movies.

Sins, bad acts.

Show with Terrence Howard as a record label CEO.

James Cameron's most expensive movie.

Sound level of an electronic device.

Central American hat.

Large type of marine eel.

Numeral or digit.

Person or pastry from Denmark.

Puzzle 14

Month when Halloween is celebrated.

Competition, sports tournament.

Soaked in liquid to extract essence.

Massive wave caused by an earthquake.

Baffled, at a loss to understand or comprehend.

Examining, looking for clues.

Cloth that covers a shower.

Gain or procure an item.

Eyeing intensely.

Father of Prince Louis Arthur Charles.

Highest Himalayan peak.

The part of the day every child dreads.

Puzzle 15

Divine revelation of future events.

Saga from a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away.

Using cryptography to decipher a secret message.

A spider or scorpion.

Freddy Mercury's Rhapsody.

Arrangement of horse's food in a field.

Make eco-friendly choices to decrease energy use.

Sauce of just tomatoes and seasonings.

Handgun with a round chamber for bullets.

Recoiled from pain.

Puzzle 16

Tubes of pigment applied around the mouth.

Rock band known for Kokomo and Surfin' USA.

Various types of stuffed dough in Chinese cuisine.

Exerted oneself to improve fitness.

Plastic figure that models clothing in a store.

Rotating blade that powers aircraft movement.

Changed or transformed into a new state.

Rhyming phrase for postal messages.

Nobody puts Baby in this.

Rock on the southern coast of Spain.

Puzzle 17

Dora the Explorer's trusted thing-holder.

Stand up to, face in opposition.

Words spoken by a fictional character.

A prediction of tomorrow's weather.

Country with a town called Dumfries.

Long-nosed mammal known to eat certain insects.

Son who returned in a Biblical parable.

One who sees the glass as half full.

Descriptor for Russian Tsar Ivan IV.

Hot drink claimed to have multiple health benefits.

American denim jeans brand since 1947.

Puzzle 18

Boarded wooden area in a garden.

Leaving to get married in secret elsewhere.

Canning, putting in metal receptacles.

Shiny object-loving Harry Potter creature.

It's __ cats and dogs, or men if you like disco.

Shapes like O.

Drops the ball clumsily.

Colombian whose Hips Don't Lie.

Timepieces worn on wrist straps.

Creatures including mammals and reptiles.

Oracle, mystic.

Accept or disregard wrongdoings.

Puzzle 19

Cannot be practically compared to oranges.

Correct, exactly as it should be.

Massive vulture of the Andes mountains.

Hayao Miyazaki's world-famous animation studio.

Chopping food into cubes.

What a tide is doing when it's not flowing.

Fixed, manipulated, e.g. an election result.

Type of night Van Gogh painted in 1889.

Having an attractive quality, looking very good.

Ukrainian city dubbed the Pearl of the Black Sea.

Puzzle 20

Heroes' most trusted allies.

The study of space.

Alvin, Theodore and Simon.

Chewy, buttery oat biscuits.

Gem-matching video game.

Lanky dog valued for its racing ability.

Outlook for the development of a disease.

Small marsupials, similar to kangaroos.

Netflix true crime podcast based on stalker Meehan.

Box or tub for storage.

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