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Here are the answers to CodyCross Words With Q Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.

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Puzzle 1

Cardboard container for new footwear.

F1 driver Villeneuve or filmmaker Tati for example.

Grows older, like a cheese.

DRM or __ rights management, gaming copyright.

Big-game fishing done in Iceland and Japan.

Nonpowered vehicle towed by another.

Expanse of remote Australian bushland.

One-fourth part of something.

Greek letter similar to the letter E.

To ask for or request information.

Nationality of Baroque artist Peter Paul Rubens.

Puzzle 2

Hints at.

Malaria treatment, or tonic water ingredient.

Old World monkey of Asia and Africa.

Hurricane that struck New Orleans in 2005.

Percussion set banged with sticks.

Oscar Wilde saw the importance of being this.

Pass __; attribute blame to others.

Coarse cotton-linen fabric.

Herbert Henry, First World War UK prime minister.

A company or employee who transports packages.

Device to open or close an electric circuit.

Puzzle 3

Comfortable seat in a living room.

The medical name for collarbone.

Cooking method shortened to BBQ.

Austrian city where Mozart was born.

Unilever-owned brand of petroleum jelly.

Discard something from a plane or ship.

Power to make one's own choices and decisions.

An animal that preys on others; alien film series.

Site of major Canadian gold rush in 1896-99.

Incorrectly record what someone has said.

End-of-the-line railway stop.

Puzzle 4

Tools used in a profession.

Type of equation that always equals 0.

A single espresso shot topped up with steamed milk.

Largest island in the world.

A in ADHD, or __ Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.

Describes trees that lose their leaves in winter.

Girl in the title of Van Morrison's 1967 hit.

Are You Afraid __, classic spooky kid's series.

Foam square float for swimming training.

Bankrupt, unable to pay debts.

Clown-like mime wearing a diamond-pattern costume.

Person who seeks settlement in a law court.

Number of playing cards in a deck, with two jokers.

Russian nuclear weapon detonated in 1961.

Mark Twain-era river transportation.

Puzzle 5

Kigali is capital of this African nation.

Tinkly, like bells or loose change.

Very short snooze, like a feline might enjoy.

The large water tank of a central heating system.

A film or book that follows on from an earlier one.

Founder of a US cosmetics company, Estée.

The animal pursued by a hunter or predator.

Shortcut to switch between windows on a PC.

Starbucks' largest drink size; thirty in Italian.

Particles that interact with a strong force.

Puzzle 6

The C in MSC, a seafood ecolabel.

Cervantes' famous literary Don.

Eastern European lager beer, originally Czech.

An official legal pardon for a crime or misdeed.

Lisa Lopes' TLC nickname.

Rudely short-spoken and peremptory.

French car brand with Clio and Mégane models.

2011 film about maids in Jackson, Mississippi.

Tiny shards of iron, often used alongside magnets.

Nationality of artist Frida Kahlo.

Form of language specific to a particular region.

Name for area made up of two connected continents.

Puzzle 7

Conclusion that doesn't logically follow: "non __".

Gets back together with.

Hitchcock thriller where sparrows and gulls attack.

Buzzing insect that spreads malaria.

Carbon found in pencils.

Another name for children's clothing department.

Popular Cuban cocktail of rum and citrus.

Another round of auditions for selected hopefuls.

Person who subscribes to another's tweets.

A retail store for prescribed medication.

Puzzle 8

Make your money back in an enterprise.

Communist leader, China 1976.

Hideous to look at.

Loud speaker used at a concert by bands.

2004 Christian Bale movie: The __.

Many bears do this during the winter months.

Rich-tasting blue cheese of southern France.

What gaming abbreviation FTW stands for.

Sketched man in da Vinci's 15th-century drawing.

Large landmass like North America or Asia.

Puzzle 9

Publishing someone's private information online.

Jones, legendary Grammy-winning music producer.

An award; or sticky film dentists find on teeth.

Stand your __, refuse to back down.

The Capulet half of famous star crossed lovers.

What one's computer mouse moves.

A young nobleman attendant on a knight.

Inspiring teacher or role model.

Moroccan stew served with couscous or bread.

Actor Keanu, Ted in the Bill and Ted movie series.

Los Angeles NBA team formerly from Minneapolis.

Puzzle 10

This Brief was a 1993 Denzel Washington thriller.

Location without water for ship maintenance.

Ornate European art movement of the 17th century.

Daffodil-like narcissus flower native to Spain.

Structural beams in the roof of a building.

President who twice served as governor of Arkansas.

A group of five musicians or performers.

Moving freely, like a river.

One who can offer professional financial guidance.

Bravo TV show with cooking competitions.

Puzzle 11

Metal band named after extinct elephant relative.

Germinated grains used to make Ezekiel bread.

Describes the belief that the glass is always half full.

Well-spoken, expressive.

Where people store Chardonnays, Zinfandels.

A raised bridge-like structure for conveying water.

Plant variety produced by breeding.

Lopez, Aniston, Garner, Hudson, Holliday.

North American newspaper founded in 1982.

Puzzle 12

Small, insignificant but chirpy and annoying type.

A long upholstered bench-like seat.

Fruit juice brand with hot-weather name.

Stole from one's workplace.

Partners of tendons.

Gwen Stefani's 2005 hit __ Girl; not Rich Girl.

Horror movie technique that frightens viewers.

Historical French region where Bordeaux is located.

1950s one-dish dinner staple.

Global celebrity.

Small piece of metal that keeps a bike upright.

Puzzle 13

Played basketball, slangily.

Stage name of DJ who had a hit song "Wake Me Up".

Small glittery decorative disc sewn onto clothing.

Le Guin who wrote The Left Hand of Darkness.

Trade union for British and American actors.

French-speaking province of Canada.

Spacecraft that touches down on the Moon's surface.

Disease that affects crops, e.g. potatoes.

Crowns that go with Toddlers to make US TV show.

The best laid schemes __ and men.

An example is "what has an eye but cannot see".

2017 horror starring Daniel Kaluuya.

First name of Everest mountaineer Hillary.

Puzzle 14

Walk without picking up the feet.

Powerful ruler of Ancient Rome.

The Lost __, drunken days with Ray Milland.

René, French designer of art nouveau glassware.

Triangle said to belong to the devil.

Small wheels on swivel chairs.

Overall amount of money a business makes.

Relating to vision, lenses and light.

Obtain, receive.

Petite dog breed with long white hair.

The last name of "The Rock".

Puzzle 15

Breathing apparatus invented by Jacques Cousteau.

A baby bird that quacks.

Spiciness, sharpness of taste.

A cosmic system including planets and galaxies.

Country where Haile Selassie was Emperor 1930-1974.

Purpose of the 19th Amendment in the US.

Office design with cubicles, not closed rooms.

An Artist of the __ World by Kazuo Ishiguro.

Leave property to someone in a will.

Fit, fast and strong, with a body for track sports.

Disciple Judas who betrayed Jesus Christ.

Puzzle 16

Athletic competition consisting of ten events.

David Lynch's TV series about missing Laura Palmer.

Link between the Red Sea and the Mediterranean.

Greek goddess of love, Roman equivalent of Venus.

A model used to display clothes in shops.

Lead actor in 1978 movie The Buddy Holly Story.

Kept eggs warm to allow them to hatch.

Like the Heights in an Emily Brontë novel.

As Shakespeare says, "love is blind and lovers __".

Pilot who flew nonstop to Paris in 1927.

Trading goods without using money.

Loose wet land that can suck things into it.

Puzzle 17

Weasel family members smaller than ferrets.

Triangular river mouths, named after Greek letter.

Ally, the titular character of a 1990s legal drama.

From that place.

Unmatched, unparalleled; only one of its kind.

Wall-supporting horizontal beam across a door.

Two plus two __ five in the logic of Orwell's 1984.

French egg tart, often containing meat or cheese.

Painful movement of acid back up into the windpipe.

Location associated with gods of Norse mythology.

Puzzle 18

Classic gift to show love, arranged flowers.

Alcoholic spirit served in a sunrise cocktail.

Tim Minchin musical based on a Roald Dahl story.

Long trenches in the ground for planting seeds.

Christian movement founded by George Fox.

Methods or systems of government.

Spoken defamation.

Energy produced by motion.

Poking somebody on the bottom.

Very hairy, unshaven.

Puzzle 19

Use too much; toil to exhaustion.

French ball game similar to boules or bowls.

An outward bulging of a damaged blood vessel.

Money distributed to jumpstart the economy.

Plants shaded by chlorophyll.

Archaic word for foodstuffs.

Willie Nelson sings about these crying in the rain.

Train that travels on a single track up high.

Second tenet of the French Revolution, in English.

Peter Ustinov played Nero in this 1951 epic.

Coiled wire inside a light bulb.

Resident of land surrounded by water.

A lost underwater city; the second home of Aquaman.

Puzzle 20

Genre of provocative or ludicrous dramatic works.

Famous Spanish painter of the Rokeby Venus.

Loud hailer used to address crowds.

Group responsible for safety standards.

NASA space shuttle in service from 1984-2011.

RPG where kids spend the night at camp.

First name of the Hunchback of Notre Dame.

Plotted to commit a crime.

The full length of the human body.

Wooden catapult frame used in siege warfare.

Final leg in a swimming medley race.

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