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Here are the answers to CodyCross Working From Home Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.

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Puzzle 1

Small symbols like smileys to add feeling to email.

A superhero's extraordinary abilities.

Take a deep one of these before diving in.

Asiatic wild ass found in desert regions.

Scorched, slightly burned.

Take apart an origami creation.

List of items to discuss during a meeting.

A stage that stretches out into the auditorium.

Brownish metal alloy containing copper.

Dried plums, known for fighting constipation.

Mother __, she imprisons Rapunzel in Tangled.

Alan Garner book featuring the unicorn Findhorn.

Miss Congeniality and The Proposal star Bullock.

Tito __, US percussionist and bandleader.

Puzzle 2

__ Street, number 10 has a very shiny black door.

Special __; visual tricks used in films.

The study of flying saucers.

Feral street cat who befriended Bolt.

Frozen surface where skaters perform.

Brussels country.

Steve __, actor, leading force in Boardwalk Empire.

Communicates information to someone.

Power cable for giving energy to your electronics.

Place to bid on a piece of fine art.

Grand __, a store's first day.

Puzzle 3

Spanish author who wrote Don Quixote.

Former name of St Petersburg.

Parts of department stores selling edibles.

Vintner or owner of productive vineyard.

Work setup that's well designed to avoid pain.

Video game where users create a world from blocks.

Chatting with someone via WhatsApp or SMS.

Unusually tall plant with edible seeds.

Jamaican Olympic sprinter Fraser-Pryce.

Financially unprepared for losses to property.

Puzzle 4

Tiny Moroccan balls of pasta-like staple.

Programs used on a computer.

Pinkiness, blush.

Profession of a Venetian Shakespeare character.

Shelves where novels are stored.

High-rise New York building on 42nd Street corner.

Pearl Harbor and Black Hawk Down actor Josh __.

Branch of the military with fighter jets.

Can be natural from the sun or from lamps.

A widespread disease outbreak.

Prince's song When __ is in Romeo + Juliet remake.

Puzzle 5

Discontinuation, ending.

Productive and doing things in the best way.

North American Christmas tree with strong aroma.

Tool for putting a point on a pencil.

A confessing criminal gives an __ of guilt.

Space feature that sucks everything inside.

Green, protein rich algae that multiplies rapidly.

Singer of Hot N Cold and Teenage Dream.

The opposite of an arrival at an airport.

PowerPoint project.

Puzzle 6

Cooked in hot, bubbling water.

Open-toed shoe.

BMP image, file made from many tiny dots.

Notifications, warnings to do something.

Thin, wispy clouds.

Faster than a trot.

Space mission with people on it, staffed.

Precedes "to sender" and "of the Jedi".

Fred who played Kevin in The Wonder Years.

Nibbles, between-meal munchies.

Lake __, town in Adirondacks and 1999 horror film.

The woman Dolly Parton feared would steal her man.

Medical professionals who assist doctors, patients.

Charles __, infamous murderer of Sharon Tate.

Puzzle 7

1929 William Faulkner novel.

Music noisemakers for a PC.

Five-sided shape.

British-Ugandan singer Michael, and his album.

American politician associated with electricity.

Greek kebab.

Largest of its kind, flat sea animal with a sting.

Queens, the Bronx, and Manhattan.

Pad of paper for jotting down thoughts.

Common word in mystery titles by Kendra Elliot.

A depressed scar caused by acne or chickenpox.

1995 teen comedy starring Alicia Silverstone.

Puzzle 8

Hollywood costume designer with a record 8 Oscars.

Central Swiss canton, Stans is the capital.

International language invented in 1887.

Physicist, chemist, or biologist.

One line on a Yankees uniform.

Precocious archenemy of Artemis Fowl II.

__ Mac "wants to be with you everywhere".

Best or most exciting part of a trip or a day.

Paper folders to put letters in.

Taping one's voice as a reminder or to-do list.

Puzzle 9

__ Mauss, French sociologist/gift theorist.

Move up or down a web page.

Most irritated of the seven dwarfs.

Chewy caramel confection.

Nina who crooned about Feeling Good.

US President Jackson or Johnson.

Hit with a stick; having lost a game.

St James's __; Queen Victoria's wedding venue.

War, conflict, fight.

Leather folder to carry money and cards.

Bobbitt's infamous wife.

Pretends to have a good poker hand.

Primary organ of taste.

City outside of a bigger city.

Seeing who can get there first.

Bow to pressure.

Inform someone of the latest developments.

A building for Islamic worship.

Mechanical model of the solar system.

Female bee who isn't the queen bee.

Puzzle 10

Person that guides others in finance or academics.

Papers that come in the mail.

Rest __; don't worry, have confidence.

Snow-covered launch slope.

Italian ice cream topped with almonds: __ tortoni.

In diabetes, the blood __ levels are too high.

Highest pitched female singing voice.

The History of __, H G Wells story about a draper.

Equilibrium, like that between work and home life.

Insect that chirps.

Contact grills for toasting sandwiches.

Molly in Molly's Game, __ Chastain.

Puzzle 11

City in Ohio, home of the Rock & Roll hall of fame.

Pepperoni and salami for example.

Stop a pass from reaching the intended player.

Type of hunt where teams find listed objects.

Blue-animated-creature cartoon.

Curated collection of trees cared for in nature.

Defined area in the home for doing business tasks.

Self-employed work, not employment.

Open, two-seat cars.

Canadian who played Shrek.

Puzzle 12

Visitors to a site of religious importance.

We see these facial lines when we look in a mirror.

Enter this after your username.

Captain Hook's nemesis.

Animal that hunts and kills others for food.

Peter __ is Tyrion Lannister in Game of Thrones.

Ancient trading hub in modern-day Tunisia.

What was in James Taylor's mind on this hit song.

Butterflying or breaststroking.

PC or laptop.

Ben __, who starred in Sexy Beast.

Sweater relative with an open front.

Italian deep fried rice balls.

Puzzle 13

Italian novelist: __ Eco.

Sport where you can score a turkey.

It means the opposite word.

Criminal who follows, watches without permission.

Sweet dipping sauce or relish, e.g. mango __.

Garments put on when getting dressed for the day.

Cheyenne and Laramie are in this US state.

Ready to go, established.

Star of Castle and Firefly, Nathan __.

Slide-in-and-out storage units under a desk.

Classes for learning to rumba or tango.

Las __, The Ladies-in-waiting artwork by Velázquez.

Toboggans, sleighs.

__ bath, Arabic steam room and bathing experience.

Puzzle 14

With stones removed, e.g. __ olives or dates.

National Lampoon's __ House, comedy film of 1978.

Fitness app that tracks runs and cycle rides.

Kitchen appliance for boiling water for hot drinks.

Designated times when a worker relaxes.

City in Belgium, famous for beer and chocolates.

Arctic seabird, like a gull.

James __, The Blacklist's Raymond Reddington.

Margaret, The Handmaid's Tale author.

Iron or steel support beam.

Outer layer of the brain's cerebrum.

Twelve of these make a foot, thirty-six a yard.

Houdini was this kind of artist.

Puzzle 15

1984 comedy spy film starring Val Kilmer.

Year-end gift-giving holiday common in the West.

Theory put forward by Charles Darwin.

Mario Puzo's novel about the Corleone family.

Kit, supplies needed for doing certain tasks.

A __ character appears in several episodes.

Large-scale weapons used in combat.

Tourists' bound information compendium.

Colorful parrots that are affectionate in couples.

Ben & Jerry's ice cream with fudge sea creatures.

Power cells for wireless mouse, keyboard.

Nickname for Batman's sidekick Robin, the __.

Puzzle 16

The __, pop music's original Fab Four.

Moving the body rhythmically to music.

Bland, wishy-washy, tasteless, boring.

Zooey Deschanel comedy series, first aired in 2011.

The capital of Oz was called The __ City.

Luminescent bug that pulses light to communicate.

__ egg; collectors' item from Russia.

Trip to work, not necessary for home workers.

Popular edible freshwater African/Asian fish.

Seminar on the internet.

Cuts and bruises getting better.

Hindu Deity with blue skin and playing a flute.

Puzzle 17

Loyalty and faithfulness, usually to a person.

Benedict Arnold, Vidkun Quisling, and Judas.

Something unique or the first version.

Planner with every day of the year on it.

Show with search for girlfriend after apocalypse.

Survivalist memoir by Tara Westover.

A fungus commonly used as pizza topping.

Flying insect that lives in a hive with its queen.

__ hour, time of night for supernatural events.

__ Islands; British name for the Islas Malvinas.

Business get-togethers, in person or online.

Music and dance style from the Dominican Republic.

Best Picture winning film of 2020 by Bong Joon Ho.

Puzzle 18

They go with gins, or can be pep-me-ups.

Former Chinese show of respect (rhyming).

Female who demanded head of John the Baptist.

The movies.

Make a copy of essential files.

Writing friends Mindy __ and B.J. Novak.

Neckwear worn by a clown.

Plot __, technique to progress a storyline.

Squirrely marsupial, eats ants; anagram of ant bum.

Quality of being fair and impartial.

Armed robber or outlaw.

Portable computer with a built-in keyboard.

Type of downhill skiing done at resorts.

Puzzle 19

__ illusion, picture that tricks your eyes.

Large body of ice that slowly moves.

Get rid of, throw out.

Cookings of breads and cakes.

Alexander __; Scotsman who developed penicillin.

Biopic starring Leo DiCaprio as Howard Hughes.

Adjective describing Myrtle in Harry Potter.

Lin-Manuel __.

Hiram __, found the Incan ruins of Machu Picchu.

This pepper is hottest when it turns red.

Gem used in an engagement ring in the West.

Elongate muscles to counteract sitting at a desk.

Number of people who attended an event.

Not in the real world; online.

Puzzle 20

Short, edited film highlighting acting experience.

Cultured, not low level.

Tommy Lee Jones chased Harrison Ford in 1993 film.

Ninja Warrior TV show runs this type of course.

Machine that rips confidential papers to pieces.

Shard of wood that gets lodged under the skin.

Etiquette, code of conduct for a government.

Someone who takes possession of something.

1988 Clive Cussler novel featuring Dirk Pitt.

Golden rays on the flag of Kazakhstan.

An object thought to have magical powers.

Barrier, whether physical or virtual.

State flower of Hawaii, with large tropical blooms.

Russian palace complex near St Petersburg.

A medium banana has about 105 of these.

Form of payment in a certain country.

Rear limbs of an animal.

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