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Here are the answers to CodyCross Workout Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

Martell, Pedro Pascal character's in Game of Thrones.

Someone of greater age; Sr suffixed to name.

Queen Elizabeth's second oldest son: Prince __.

Coastal duck breed with black plumage.

Larger moon of Mars named after god of panic.

Having clear muscle definition.

Full-body push-up, from standing to plank.

__ plait, European backwards braided hairstyle.

One of the stars of the film "True Lies": Eliza __.

Only non-Scandinavian country partly in Lapland.

Puzzle 2

Portable disc player of the 80s by Sony.

Exercises done on the floor, at the gym.

"Put your best foot __".

Life simulation and house building game.

Harland __, the colonel who set up KFC.

Elle Woods is __ Blonde.

Group of TV stations.

Harold of Harold & Kumar.

Made of amino acids, all living things contain it.

Flying, anagram of signora.

Normally, habitually.

__ Benso, Italian statesman known as Cavour.

__ basket; storage container for dirty clothes.

Three sections of hair interlaced or braided.

Another word for sprinting.

River where the HMS Amethyst was trapped.

Puzzle 3

Pneumatic means of stopping a heavy vehicle.

Sickly sweet tropical fruit and caramel pie.

After the __, 1970 Neil Young album.

Baltimore is in this US state.

Water-based sport: backstroke, freestyle....

Savagely, without mercy.

__ washers are used to clean objects and graffiti.

The Wrong __, Wallace & Gromit vs Feathers McGraw.

__ angles, lie between extension of polygon sides.

The P, in PT; they'll give you a workout.

Short back __, standard male haircut.

Kylie Minogue's mechanic character in Neighbors.

France's Sun King who built Versailles.

Puzzle 4

Adnan __, Saudi arms billionaire with wife Soraya.

Inaccurate, not precise.

Last leader of the Soviet Union: Mikhail __.

Cannot be shifted or budged.

Asian cookery ingredient with spicy foliage.

Dense opaque pottery.

Jump on this small, springy sports equipment.

Created the early animation of a running horse.

Duke __, jazz bandleader of "Take the 'A' Train".

Part of landing gear; prominent on Concorde maybe.

The act of eating well or being nourished.

Roundabouts for luggage.

Puzzle 5

Fishy sign.

Jumping off a high board into a pool.

Stares angrily.

__ of; reminds one of, sounds like.

Famous children's novel about a horse: Black __.

Vegetable named after the Latin word for root.

Dolly __ wrote I Will Always Love You.

German national park between Berlin and Rostock.

Drums played one handedly, a pipe in the other.

With "Pacific" forms Hong Kong's flag carrier.

Literally, soil-colored army dress, buff or beige.

Second in the series with Ripley and the xenomorphs.

Handy stationery notes invented by Arthur Fry.

Period of four weeks prior to Christmas.

Yoga pose, lying down with raised pelvis.

Puzzle 6

Not at the bottom, not at the top.

Gaelic Halloween/beginning of winter festival.

Spanish red wine drink adorned with sliced fruit.

Tracy, singer of Fast Car.

Rowing __, pretend to row a boat on this at gym.

Inventor of the cotton gin: Eli __.

Mangle; machine for squeezing out water.

Street sport, aka free-running.

Bureaucratic rules to stick by.

Puzzle 7

Parking a spaceship.

Trimmed the edges of a photograph.

To make something more broad.

Safety feature in a race car.

A __ complex has cinemas, bowling, swimming....

Pole-__, acrobatic workout around a pole.

South African diamond mining museum.

French satire by Voltaire featuring Dr Pangloss.

Unfastening, untying.

Get clean in these after a gym session.

Romy and Michele's High School __.

Puzzle 8

To do with the Moon.

Muscle down the back of one leg.

Gust of wind felt at the coast.

Events including shot put, discus, triple jump....

German term for congenial, cozy and friendly.

Nickname of King Henry I of England.

Building with conical roof for drying hops.

Natasha Bedingfield's debut album.

Young lad who makes deliveries for a shop.

A long-winded tale, named after hairy canines.

Puzzle 9

Machine exercise, push weights up with feet.

Ancient Roman spring rite honoring goddess Flora.

Small, hand-held gym weight to lift.

Shelled hull dweller.

Picked something from a range of options.

"Eat __ ", insulting retort by Bart Simpson.

Area between Mars and Jupiter: __ Belt.

__ makers, for making frozen juice on sticks.

Sings We'll Meet Again at close of Dr Strangelove.

French cow cheese originally from Vosgian abbeys.

Military strategy game with a board.

Location of the Tropical Spice Garden: Penang, __.

Puzzle 10

At the drop __, immediately, without hesitation.

Round pies covered in tomato sauce and cheese.

British university town, not Cambridge.

Down in the __, lullaby sung by Marilyn Monroe.

See the quality of, appreciate someone's work.

Utah-based religious worshiper.

Rhino __; harmless, horned Little Five bug.

Jodie __, Clarice in Silence of the Lambs.

Flowing movements martial art, deep breathing.

__ Watchman; 2015 novel by Harper Lee.

Feeding an animal for slaughter.

Fonzie's cousin in Happy Days.

Leg exercises with big, long steps forwards.

Military slang for a sniper, a two-note call bird.

__ Hope, Keep Firm, orthopedic painting by Kahlo.

Puzzle 11

Eye __, often powder, pigment for eyelids.

Like Santa's bells.

The plastic or metal tips at the end of laces.

Polish composer called "Poet of the Piano".

Stabbed, used a blade on.

__ throw, athletes throwing a tool.

Plant with tall flower spikes with seeds in pods.

Libra, the sign of the __.

__ Raccoon helped to save the galaxy in a film.

Shrivel, wilt, dry up.

City displaying the Tsar Bell.

Is this chocolate in our universe?.

What happy cats did.

Book consumer.

Opening windows to let fresh breeze in.

Chinese controlled breathing exercises.

Puzzle 12

Stalk on a mushroom.

Hot, wet place to relax after the gym.

Pierre __; real name of comic strip creator Peyo.

Rum-soaked holiday treat.

Periods of time when commuters drive.

Sumerian king who ruled the city of Uruk.

Exercise: stand on a step and lift/lower heels.

Money box for business expenses.

Clinical psychologists may use it: __ Inkblot Test.

A Yorkshire rose is the hallmark for this city.

Massive exploding star.

Farrah Fawcett's 80's hairstyle.

Puzzle 13

__ Inn, Du Maurier tale set in Cornwall.

Fruit and vegetable goods.

__ manner, how a doctor treats their patients.

Cargo on a ship.

Hermes, to the Romans.

Being fit, eating well and exercising = being __.

Cézanne painting, The __, (Les Grandes Baigneuses).

Try not to get cream on you in this board game.

Tunisian hot chili paste.

"It's __ cats and dogs" means it is a cloudburst.

__ Kemal Atatürk, the founder of modern Turkey.

Freedom and independence.

Constructed language used in a film and TV series.

Roller __, fairground ride also called big dipper.

The T in PT, at the gym.

Military plans, organizing troops in battle.

Religious 24 hours.

Puzzle 14

Sweet ground almond paste.

Grows pale or flinches.

Incites change.

Deep crack in a glacier.

Short protective studs added to boot soles.

Government led by royalty.

__-facing dog, yoga pose.

Manufacturer of sandwich toasters.

The second W in the conservation organization WWF.

High intensity gym class with interval training.

Bavarian town famous for its festival of operas.


Avian symbol of the Revolution and French Republic.

Novel by Joseph Conrad: "Heart of __".

King Charles I in the film "Cromwell": Alec __.

Puzzle 15

Hip and __, plan fronted by Rosemary Conley.


Channeled __; barren Washington landscape.

Exercise: stretching out a leg to its full length.

Health conditions, often relating to mental health.

__ or portrait, two ways to print documents.

Spousal weekly outing.

Cider __, bucolic joys of an English village.

Entrancing and delightful, seductive.

Yellow wind storm originating in Mongolia or China.

Puzzle 16

Combined with hydrogen, it smells like rotten eggs.

Thin slice of meat from the neck.

Green __, commando headgear and John Wayne movie.

1918's curse of the Bambino__ the Red Sox.

Sharm el-__, Egypt holiday destination.

Waver; unstable movement.

Running: competing to cross the finish line.

Athletic, classical dance.

High-ranking Ottoman government officer.

Comedian __ Oswalt.

Author caught preaching with no license: John __.

Puzzle 17

Vampire-hunter Van Helsing's forename in Dracula.

Raising weights in the gym.

Making incisions in the skin of fruit and veggies.

Scorching, intense, e.g. __ heat.

__ hours, when a shop is ready to serve you.

Exercising on a bike.

Designer of the Mondrian dress: Yves Saint __.

Disturb, unnerve someone.

Treated dental cavity.

They pulverize boiled potatoes.

Puzzle 18

Denmark's version of the comic strip "Peanuts".

Pigs' feet.

System of rub-down transfer of typefaces.

Synonym for festival; 17 March is St Patrick's __.

Grass-covered area beyond a baseball diamond.

An expression with contradictory words.

Another name for Italy's Gallos Archipelago.

Tim Roth was this character in Reservoir Dogs.

Burn these off when doing a workout.

Tudor king married to Elizabeth of York.

Chimes of a child's __, while a ballerina twirls.

A fitness move or drill.

__ identity; wrong person named.

Work or office place cafeterias.

Puzzle 19

__ Powers, spoof 60s groovy spy.

Thérèse __, Emile Zola's tale of lovers who kill.

Large Thai island, internationally popular resort.

Tidier, less messy than.

Told tales on someone.

Neolithic Chinese culture in Taihang Mountains.

Operation __; British forces in Libya, 2011.

Cake eaten at Easter with marzipan apostles.

In the plus column on a balance sheet.

Agents of __; spy and superhero TV series.

The opposite of cool down, done before exercising.

Making a boat move with oars.

Thoroughbred numerical rating based on pedigree.

"No rest for the __".

From the shipyards to President of Poland: Lech __.

Puzzle 20

Relax in this after a workout; Jacuzzi.

Laura __, maker of romantic, floral dresses.

Kangaroo country besides Australia: New __.

Ancien __, France's old monarchical order.

Return to where you live.

He wrote his first symphony at the age of eight.

City depicted in the BBC TV based novel Neverwhere.

Vascular, a heart-based exercise.

Saxe-__ and Gotha; royal house of England.

In-car system to keep passengers cool.

Dish with a melted cheese crust.

South __ is where Mount Rushmore stands.

Phil __ voiced Baloo the bear in Jungle Book.

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