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Here are the answers to CodyCross World Capitals Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

Red-breasted birds associated with spring.

Dried plums.

Austrian capital, with a Spanish riding school.

Along with waxing describes the Moon's phases.

Cut-off trousers.

Utensil to moisten the meat, often used with turkey.

The animals that are people.

Courageous, adventurous.

Mia __, Rosemary's Baby main star.

Antagonist in Hugo's Les Miserables.

Motion __ detects when there is an intruder.

Puzzle 2

What films with sound were first called, for short.

Tea __, perforated metal ball for stewing.

Almost-rhyming capital of Nicaragua.

Game on ice, sliding stones toward a mark.

Minsk is this capital of this ex-Soviet country.

Peach dessert; shoemaker.

Multinational business magazine.

For wiping your feet on upon entering a house.

Fall back into bad ways.

For a reason, to do something due to something else.

Goods from home sold in other countries.

Puzzle 3

Comic strip character susceptible to kryptonite.

Bosnia and Herzegovina's largest city and capital.

Not poisonous or harmful.

Experiencing again.

Syrian capital, where St Paul was travelling to.

Over my __; point blank refusal.

Synthetic materials such as latex, melamine, vinyl.

A memento you bring home from a trip.

Not on the fixed menu.

__ of Broadway, musical with Astaire and Rogers.

Puzzle 4

Yellow bird friend of Snoopy in Peanuts cartoons.

Fondness or love.

The Hubble is one in space.

Counterfeit copies of coins, paintings etc.

Marvin Gaye heard it through this.

Set of rules followed by a computer.

Black-spotty dog also called a carriage dog.

Family origins, study of descendants.

Percentage of an income paid to a book's creator.

Nuuk is this chilly Danish territory's capital.

Puzzle 5

Mocked, made fun of.

Song voices.

Elizabeth __, character of Pride & Prejudice.

Sauce made with capers, good with fish.

__ control, TV device also known as a zapper.

Black tie formal dinner jacket.

Large bird of prey found in the Andes mountains.

Much-needed period of relaxing on your own.

__ acid, produced after extreme sporting effort.

Capital of Greece and 2004 Olympics host city.

Expensive caviar; white whale.

World's largest rainforest.

Puzzle 6

How James Bond has his martinis.

A psychic who earns money talking to the dead.

Not gentlemen.

Mediterranean port and capital of Lebanon.

Anagram of hissed.

Uncomfortable, wary.

European consortium of plane manufacturers.

__ City; oil rich capital with same name as state.

Children's pet, a small African rodent.

Layman's term for myocardial infarction: heart __.

Puzzle 7

Diver's costume.

Of or relating to heat.

Face photo, especially a police profile.

Soppy, tearful.

A proof of purchase.

Style of cooking of a country.

Algiers is capital of this similarly named state.

Occurs every four years.

Sucre is the capital of this South American nation.

The second officer in charge of flying an aircraft.

Daily records of events.

Puzzle 8

Dutch capital with extensive canal network.

"Acidic" movie with Meryl Streep & Jack Nicholson.

Generic name for paper currencies.

Comforting, acting sympathetically.

Connective tissue between bones.

Without offspring.

The degree a line deviates from being straight.

__ lounge, seating area to wait for a flight.

Prosperous period.


Nourishing substances such as minerals, vitamins.

Puzzle 9

Halting, coming to a standstill.

Important study centered on viruses.

Closely avoided accident.

Andean city and Chile's capital.

Sent to a war zone.

To have last minute nerves before getting married.

Best place for spotting constellations.

Rode a horse fast.

2014 Oscar nominee about a jazz drummer.

A person who holds moderate political views.

Declare abandonment of.

Puzzle 10

Creator of the band One Direction: Simon __.

European country that has Paris as its capital.

Kitchen tool for stripping the peel off citruses.

Capital city of Iran, chosen by the Agha Khan.

Fleshy leg parts between knees and hips.

Predatory insect with a praying posture.

Someone who chops down trees for timber.

Makers of Barbie.

Hand coverings.

Northern astrological sign for those born in July.

Out of direct sunlight.

Second largest software company after Microsoft.

Puzzle 11

Sound of voice too low to be understood.

Goodbye or farewell, per The Sound of Music.

Relating to physical needs.

Having taken a breather, got your breath back.

Fluffy rectangles that hang in the bathroom.

Presented with food and drinks.

Chemical element with the symbol Na.

Arab state with Amman as its capital.

Folded flaps on the front of a jacket.

Colombia's largest city and national capital.

Puzzle 12

European love of knights and princesses.

Lithuanian capital, named after the Vilnia River.

Circumstances that surround a situation.

Culinary room.

Paper certificate received by Nobel laureates.

Kenyan capital, named after the river it stands on.

Specific list of items.

"Holy" fish popular on Catholic holidays.

Pie plant.

The chief character of Dickens's A Christmas Carol.

Puzzle 13

American gangster pre-WW2.

Seat of South Africa's executive government.

Opened a bottle of wine.


The Fault in __, by John Green.

Alaskan sled dog.

Insolvent person.

Australia's capital and largest inland city.

Split personality; alter ego.

Telephone attached by a wire.

__ Huston, Morticia in The Addams Family film.

Biblical prophecy: the "Four __ of the Apocalypse".

Puzzle 14

When a car stops working during a journey.

Important religious site and Israel's capital city.

Swedish capital and 1912 Olympics host city.

Voice of the people in street interviews.

Cinematic German Shepherd, star of 1920s films.

Protecting from attack.

Artwork found on some living room walls.

Steals from a store.

Machine for pilot practice.

Laid back, relaxed.

Puzzle 15

Nicosia is capital of this Mediterranean island.

A small wooden home in the Swiss Alps.

Crocodile __ was brought to life by Paul Hogan.

Capital of Czech Republic (and Bohemia).

To fiddle or interfere with something.

Harum __; impulsive, reckless.

Korean fermented vegetables.

Demonic representations of Satan.

Author of "The Tale of Peter Rabbit": Beatrix __.

To have female cats reproductive system removed.

Puzzle 16

Tiny pieces of bread, for crispy grilled toppings.

Madame Emma __, adulterous wife in Flaubert's book.

German capital, once divided by a wall.

Window covers that can be vertical or Venetian.

Tight-fitting; close to the body.

Song about an astronaut: " __ Man" by Elton John.

Linear measurement, in metric or imperial.

Brigitte __, a French counterpart of Marilyn Monroe.

To disassociate yourself from someone or something.

Shopping on the internet.

Puzzle 17

Life is one of these, or so sang Liza Minnelli.

To bring a package or item to someone else.

One who keeps watch onboard.

Uppermost part of a church topped with a spire.

Undead creature who feeds from live people's blood.

Diddle or con.

Dabbed with an absorbent pad.

Its berries add to gin's characteristic flavour.

__ City; capital of the Pope's city state.

Author of "Dr. No": Ian __.

Restaurant staff.

Thai capital, also called Krung Thep.

Puzzle 18

Finnish capital and 1952 Olympics host city.

Inter-country dispute that imposes economic duties.

Abstaining from sex.

Street signal that means stop.

Paramaribo is this Dutch-speaking nation's capital.

Not ordinal numbers.

Self-__; vacation basis with no meals provided.

Robots; Do __ Dream of Electric Sheep?.

Boxing term for an early win.

Puzzle 19

Capital and largest city of Romania.

Cargoes sent by sea.

Fast-paced; e.g. a bullet train.

Extremists, activists.

A tool used by companies to target consumers.

Beverages such as coffee, tea or cocoa.

Driving __, Morgan Freeman and Jessica Tandy film.

Dog comes in 3 types: giant, standard, miniature.

Surgeon-fitted device that regulates heartbeats.

Puzzle 20

Wishing for something to happen.

This word contains a y but no vowels.

Surname of three English sisters authors.

Dog house.

Fermented milk, tangy, often served with fruit.

Religiously happy.

Ring __, person in charge of carrying the rings.

"Cat got your __", a rebuke when staying silent.

Kidneys, liver... skin is the largest of these.

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