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Here are the answers to CodyCross World Mysteries Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

Country where the sport of curling originated.

Established doctrine, especially in religion.

Place in Scotland allegedly haunted by a monster.

Going faster and faster.

A person who repairs machines, especially cars.

Those who go up a hill or mountain.

A wish of well-being when parting ways.

Shortened, changed name for affection or ridicule.

Circular ring for playing and to exercise.

Food coating from crumbs, flour or seasoning.

How muses make artists feel.

Puzzle 2

A preserved remain of ancient animals or plants.

Low heel with a baby feline name.

Mysterious Cities that Esteban was searching for.

Sea creature that can soak a lot of water.

Mother __, Calcutta missionary, Nobel Prize winner.

Fatal, deadly, fell, mortal.


Meal eaten in the evening.

Past tense of teach.

The strengths or abilities to do something.

Puzzle 3

Opposite of departures.

Of the country; a rural piece of music.

Medical treatment for those with kidney problems.

Glass container for pouring bottle of wine in.

Classic fictional voyager, visited remote nations.

Getting your toes done.

Great-great-great-grandson of the mammoth.

Male of extraordinary super powers.

Worn by the unidentified man in Bastille Prison.

Counsel, advice, input, recommendation.

A thin, cylindrical glass container used in a lab.

The act of asking someone's hand in marriage.

Set of conventions or etiquette rules.

Small orange citrus and a widely spoken language.

"Artistic" work on street walls, bridges or trains.

__ never falls far from the tree.

A blood feud; it means "revenge" in Italian.

Puzzle 4

Someone who works in a place surrounded by books.

Egyptian, whose tomb location baffles historians.

You get stuck between a rock and this.

Strange words sewn in pocket of unknown man's body.

France, Venezuela, United States, Japan, England.

The study of water and its resources.

To invite to competition; to defy, confront boldy.

Period between conception and birth.

Astrological earth sign, December 21 – January 20.

Acknowledgement of truth; entrance fee.

Fabric canopy used when jumping off a plane.

Clove pink, sweet-smelling bright pinkish flower.

There are thousands of them spoken around the world.

Theory of human existence proposed by Darwin.

Sweet tropical fruit, very hard skin, yellow flesh.

Puzzle 5

Big foot stool, can sometimes have storage space.

Lack of iodine can cause problems with this gland.

Not detailed; high military rank.

Food prepared from cereal plant.

One of four equal parts.

House of the ladies of the night.

New Mexico site of purported UFO landing in 1947.

Preposition; absence or lack of something, someone.

Or of relating to the general public; widely known.

Device to cut grass on the edges of a yard.

Puzzle 6

Chemical element found in salt.

Window coverings, curtains.

Middle, most inner part of a circle.

Water container usually round in shape.

They have a metal blade and rhyme with wives.

Most famous member of The Beatles; killed in 1980.

Very important or potent, powerful, authoritarian.

Famous Leonardo da Vinci painting, The Last __.

One of the primary colors.

Crop responsible for Irish famine in the 1800s.

Red head.

Amount, bulk, mass; degree of loudness.

The O in UFO, unidentified flying __.

Puzzle 7

Having only one partner during a period of time.

Kitchen closet, cabinet.

You hit this with a putter.

Mysterious musical instrument, no touching.

Putting things on a big pile or heap.

To fail to give proper attention to.

Woodwind instrument in the same group as saxophone.

Lost underwater city with mermaids and mermen.

Educators, professors.

Round hard candy on a stick.

Santa's sleigh puller.

Puzzle 8

Group of at least 300 soldiers.

Metal or wood panel at the top end of a bed.

An ant colony.

Heavenly pasta or soup noodles.

The opposite of knowledge.

Final century of the second millennium.

Someone who acknowledges or admits to something.

Devices that indicate direction.

Story told only with body and facial expressions.

Between morning and evening.

Calling others to convene; sending for someone.

Exceptionally high quality; grandness, excellence.

Found in the mouths of young children.

Person who makes a living working with wood.

Famous US drama with O'Neal and Ali MacGraw, 1970.

Puzzle 9

A metal tool used for cutting or chipping stone.

Moving or floating in the air.

It can be odd or even.

Straightforward; a non-stop flight.

Two hundred minus eighty, divided by four.

Water with high concentration of dissolved salt.

Thousands of long lines in Bolivian landscape.

It means "fifth" in Spanish in the feminine form.

Anagram of fasten.


Things or beings unusually large and powerful.

Male swimming bottoms; chests.

India's peaceful revolutionary during the 1940s.

A thing done, a deed; film genre.

The conclusion of a musical piece.

To not remember, not recall.

A holiday ship visiting many destinations.

Puzzle 10

A model or design used as a guide in sewing.

A polygon of six angles and six sides.

A device that changes energy into mechanical motion.

A comparison between two similar things.

To have power over; to influence.

Amelia __, aviator who vanished over the Pacific.

CIA statue with impossible-to-decipher inscription.

Type of electric organ very much used in churches.

Dutch artist known for his sunflower paintings.

Happiness, anger, sadness.

Puzzle 11

Thin boards an artist mixes paints on.

There was one in Venice, according to Shakespeare.

Key that can unlock many doors.

Ship-swallowing zone near Bermuda in the Atlantic.

Little ones; sons and daugthers.

Short but strong French emperor of the 1800s.

Uttermost, unparalleled; topmost, supreme; maximum.

Technological device that changed the world forever.

State of having no money at all.

The Yeti lives in these mountains.

Fearless and knowledgeable fighters.

Support of a statue or vase.

A very good looking man.

A mixed alcoholic drink like a piña colada.

Precious stones in chocolate or champagne color.


Puzzle 12

Opening something with a key.

Nice soft wind by the ocean.

Uncontacted, isolated rainforest civilization.

Face drawings or paintings.

Animal that moves on its belly or small short legs.


Male head of family or tribe; religious title.

Daughter of Henry VIII, British queen for 44 years.

Ink container that needs to be replaced.

__ Plain, where Stonehenge stones stand.

Religious celebration on December 25th.

Wooden boy.

Body substance that attacks allergies.

Puzzle 13

Wound, contusion, fracture.

A sharp and long pointed knife.

Bush that has colorful flowers, blooms in spring.

To discharge completely from accusation.

The last one.

Wide curved bones between the spine and legs.

Nor single neither double.

England's capital.

Some dinosaurs had these bony combs on their heads.

Strong wish, urge, appetite, craving.

Puzzle 14


Conductors of cars, buses or trains.

Eighth planet from the sun; Roman god of the sea.

Over the shoulder weapon; chewing gum brand.

One who is accused of being an non believer.

Not public.

Wild bovid, bison.

Mental or physical exhaustion.

Science that studies matter and energy.

Cousins of pistachios and walnuts.

Antonym of happiness.

Mythical bird from Greek and Roman legends.

Puzzle 15

Luggage usually taken when hiking or climbing.

Giggling, grinning, cracking up.

Cassia, mid-brown colored spice from a tree bark.

Located at or near a border; outermost.


Jack the Ripper's true one was never known.

Detailed, elaborate, particular.

Ten percent of ten thousand.

For some, the funnest night of the week.


The power to make use of as one chooses.

Person in charge of getting financing for a film.

Puzzle 16

Unrealistic conceptions; false ideas or beliefs.

Tending to promote or help; facilitative.

Safari, Google; Internet search engine.

Twelve of these make up the zodiac.

Group of instrument players under a director.

Individual costs of items.

Someone who is outgoing and very expressive.

Site of mysterious death of Austrian royal in 1889.

It means "highway" or "motorway" in Spanish.

Not properly shaped.

Process of making the illusion of motion and change.

Companion of thunder.

Lobster and oysters.

Disney movie about Princess Giselle.

To clean something in order to kill germs.

Custodian, guardian, janitor; sitter, nurse.

Oil or grease used to make something slippery.

Swimming competition where any strokes are allowed.

Puzzle 17

Selected, elected; hand-picked.


British luxury car; a large feline predator.

Scooby-doo's best friend.

Lumber; wood processed into beams and planks.

Shallow body of water smaller than a lake.

Colorful tropical bird, can mimic human voice.

Turin __, sheet with holy facial imprint.

Expensive but not necessary; opulence.

Risk, imperilment, jeopardy.

A considerable amount; basket, barrel.

Sport that Serena Williams and Roger Federer play.

Seat of a king and queen.

Too much; surpassing the normal limits.

Malfunction, technical difficulty, bug.

To register something to have proof or evidence.

London Eye, Melbourne Star and High Roller wheels.

Instructions for making a meal.

Celestial bodies with tails that fly through space.

Part of a page outside the printed or written area.

__ Earth, belief that inside the world is a vacuum.

Houses for a mountain men.

Puzzle 18

Loss of memory.

Divine lady.

__ Candelabra, huge hillside carving in Peru.

Within the same family as squares and triangles.

Huge in size and volume; impressively ponderous.

Points TV and radio shows strive for.

Ocean fauna.

A species wiped from existence.

It matters a lot more than the destination.

Sphere-shaped body part containing the iris.

Film or play told with dance and singing.

Puzzle 19

Something you can take anywhere.

Ark of the __, stone slabs that were never found.

Flat shape with five sides.

Checkers in the UK.

Large bodies of troops; special forces or groups.

Mystical hidden kingdom in Tibetan religion.

Indian bread eaten with curry.

Galago, small nocturnal primate with large eyes.

Hats, caps, helmets, bonnets.

To engage in mental exercise in order to relax.

Similar to speed.

Nut-loving animal with a bushy tail.

Severe long-lasting snowstorm with strong winds.

Bruised ocular area.

Puzzle 20

Two-wheeled transportation with an engine.

Container to carry your books.

Beaten eggs, folded while cooking.

Phone conversation within your area.

Artist who painted "The Night Watch".

Helplessness and inability to act.

Uni-humped camel.

Instrument that indicates a plane's height.

Ability to attract metal objects.

A good person who helps strangers.

Microorganism restores bacteria to digestive tract.

Sand __, an artistic beach creation.

A famous or well-known person.

Very strong wind blowing across a desert.

Frederick __, UFO fan who vanished in 1978.

A decorative scented bouquet of dried flowers.

Rockets that light up the sky in celebrations.

Collier, one who digs up bituminous rock.

Burt __, world famous US actor during the 1950s.

Running at a very fast pace.

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