CodyCross World of Illusion Pack answers

World of Illusion PackWorld of Illusion

Here are the answers to CodyCross World of Illusion Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.

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Puzzle 1

River of W France famously connected to brandy.

Cyril __; Japanese magician who removes his head.

Cutting it short.

Numerator over denominator.

Jimmy Smits and Dennis Franz cop show.

__ valve; attachment for inflating pneumatic tyre.

Telepathy magic trick using reading material.

What is lost when overcome by anger.

Guiding celestial light.

Brownish colour, resembling a wall.

Liechtenstein's monarch, came to throne in 1989.

Type of meat in the Finnish dish poronkaristys.

Puzzle 2

French line of defense during WWII: __ Line.

"King of Casa Loma" who died a pauper: Henry __.

__ of Magical Arts; US society that promotes magic.

Travel to and from work.

Nickname for an unfussy defender in soccer.

A laden personal vehicle.

A big, fat lie.

Medical term for excessive teeth grinding.

Shoes ancient Greek actors wore on stage.

Site of major Tajikistan earthquake of 1907.

Famously made Liz Hurley's safety pin dress.

__ Away, Aardman-DreamWorks tale of the sewers.

Paul __; magician whose assistant was Debbie McGee.

__ Orthodox, architectural style of St Basil's.

Tea brand and former supermarket chain.

First president of the Republic of Indonesia.

Bronzing in the sun.

"Bright copper __": some of our favorite things!.

S in ESP.

Puzzle 3

Comic horror movie series starring Courteney Cox.

Giuseppe __, Italian driver won the first F1 title.

Relating to the key female at a wedding.

British king who ruled less than a year: __ VIII.

Magician's commentary while performing.

Magic __; premier society for stage magicians.

Supporting beam in a floor or ceiling.

Writer of Les Liaisons Dangereuses.

Former romanisation of the name of China's capital.

__ dosa, Indian crispy crepes.

Puzzle 4

Performance magic using a deck of 52.

Performing art that demonstrates intuitive powers.

Romanian communist overthrown and executed in 1989.

Italian alpine ski resort close to France.

Features no. 8 on the Beaufort Scale.

Malevolent campaign against someone (a sorceress?).

Talented footballer playing for 2000s Real Madrid.

Middle __ (MOR), gentle easy-listening music.

Type of fat in whole milk.

A household tidy or glove compartment.

A hellbender, for instance.

A substance that soaks up a liquid.

Premolar teeth.

Puzzle 5

Olympic events run over 100m, 110m and 400m.

Country whose most populous city is Guayaquil.

Biggest winner of the 86th Academy Awards.

Acts as a go-between.

A smokeless propellant used in munitions.

Water bird with large pouch.

Scannable mark on merchandise.

__ pulse amplification, co-invented by Strickland.

Original name for a Bloody Mary drink: Red __.

__ Course in Magic; illusionists' encyclopedia.

Word from the Latin words meaning "bad air".

Rearrange the order of a pack of playing cards.

If your palm is __, you might be coming into money.

Biblical teachings of Christ.

Used a rotary phone.

__ Sane, a character from David Bowie.

Puzzle 6

At the socialist end of the political spectrum.

Crisp white wine from the Loire.

__ trick; billet reading performed by mentalists.

Laughing; __ up.

Python, Rutle, and composer of Spamalot.

Chemical element with strong photoconductivity.

Voodoo charm or amulet.

Opening or crack through which to sneakily look.

Medieval weapon that flung stones at the enemy.

Harare is the capital of this country.

Catherine's surname in Wuthering Heights.

Float, appear to be suspended in mid-air.

Light blue usually found in watercolors.

Slick surface.

Puzzle 7

Fisherman's __, castle and lookout over Budapest.

Legal action.

Avoiding a subject; __ around the bush.

Concealing an object in the hand.

Sonny __, jazz saxophonist of "St. Thomas".

Pad for abrasive cleaning.

British TV show about the Crawley family: __ Abbey.

__ ladies, pastel-colored houses in San Francisco.

Doug __; Canadian illusionist and escape artist.

Male gymnastic discipline.

Jean __, hero in Les Misérables.

__ Gerónimo, Philippine general, battled Lawton.

Model's platform.

Only living species of the acinonyx genus.

Country known for a rye flatbread called flatkaka.

Not a poor read, The __ Prince.

Puzzle 8

Jeff __, actor of The Big Lebowski.

Corn husk steamed Mexican doughs with fillings.

Central French city, capital of Cher dept.

Prokofiev's Peter (& the Wolf) is depicted by __.

Stage magic trick with rollers and a crank.

Asian paper folding.

Mohamed __; overthrown president of the Maldives.

Open to the elements.

The O in OCR, or __ Character Recognition.

A magician never __ his tricks; conjurers' rule.

__ through; just managed to pass an exam.

Number of players in a team of Gaelic football.

Cowboy hat maker.

Puzzle 9

Extinct flying dinosaur.

What the pot calls black.

Relying on someone.

Undoing a fastened jacket.

On the Waterfront director.

Coconut, sweet confection popular in Caribbean.

Africa's last monarchies: Morocco, Lesotho, and __.

__ of China; monument Copperfield passed through.

Roud Folk __, database of ditties.

Stew and __, a beef casserole with suet balls.

Author of a WWII novel, The Cruel Sea: Nicholas __.

Magician's eye-mask prop.

Where Magna Carta was sealed and JFK is remembered.

Puzzle 10

Attempting to give a correct answer.

Flavored ice.

Building site examiner.

Country once ruled by Alfredo Stroessner Matiauda.

A back handspring in gymnastics.

Finger accessory that can sense how someone feels.

Sea mammal with flippers such as a walrus or seal.

The Great __; Geoffrey Durham's alter ego.

__ Mare; nickname for Henry VIII's fourth wife.

__ to Freedom, Mandela's 1994 autobiography.

Large, ice-free Russian seaport on Barents Sea.

Elvis canine hit.

A place worth visiting in a city.

Cylinder used in coin magic.

Black comedy about a vinous road trip.

Puzzle 11

Religion where the word "bracha" means a blessing.

Oakland NFL team.

__ Mitford, author, journalist and activist.

Boyzone member: Duffy, Gately, Graham, Lynch....

Goat milked cheese named after the animal.

Mouth cleaners.

Fully __; mature, established.

The Man Who __ Trees, Best Animated Short.

Widespread wind storm with quick-moving showers.

__ elbow trick; coin-snatching illusion.

Official language of Indian Goa state.

Ornamental house plant, anagram of "A big one".

Sim __; Danish magician Dante's magic words.

Selling stolen items.

French jewelry and watch brand.

Puzzle 12

Mortal __, fighting game with Sub-Zero, Scorpion.

Jim __, stand up comic in Half Baked and SNL.

__ Hall, writing partner of Keith Waterhouse.

Lose or displace something.

__ magic; tricks performed to passers-by.

Archaic term for a hospital for contagious diseases.

To put straw on a roof.

__ palm; Japanese card manipulation trick.

Healthy option lunchtime crispbreads.

Country bordering Guatemala on the north.

Description for any small open boat.

Puzzle 13

Feeling it.

Millionaire's offshore banking site.

Get one’s toenails done.

Dined between breakfast and lunch.

El Capitan park.

Nick Cave's band.

Method of concealment, using arm clothing.

What the master lost in Cock a doodle doo, __ stick.

New England's NFL team.

Root used like ginger in Thai cooking.

Driving an 18-wheeler.

Author of the First Hippo on the Moon: David __.

Skilled underwater scientist.

Marriage to many spouses.

Battlefield where Henry VII became king.

Of or relating to squirrels, marmots and chipmunks.

Hidden pouch on magician's table.

Inventor of the X-ray: Wilhelm __.

Tessa __, star of Creed and Westworld.

Puzzle 14

Fastest gait of a horse.

Networks of connected buildings.

In Monopoly each player gets $200 when __.

Korean summer dessert of fruit topped shaved ice.

__ Rebellion; 1940s peasant revolt in Hyderabad.

The __, anarchic students Rick, Vyvyan, Mike, Neil.

Art of random mosaic pieces, in Gaudí's works.

No. of individual images per second in photography.

Flame-swallowing performer.

Magician who designed the Squeeze Box illusion.

Cheap as chips.

The French spelling of the Belgian capital.

Paradise opens, They shoot the __ first.

Puzzle 15

Small, negligible.

Open __! Magic words uttered by Ali Baba.

Legendary island called the Isle of Apples.

Sacred national trees of Latvia: oak and __.

Creamy, blue-veined cheese from France's Auvergne.

The Magic __; Los Angeles nightclub for magicians.

Design cut into a surface with acid.

Barbara Bush's spaniel co-wrote a book with her.

__ Robin; huge hit for Michael Jackson in 1972.

A seducer; a lady-killer.

Puzzle 16

Cricket bowling technique.

Assyrian deity that is a mix of ox, bird and human.

Joint on a hand.

Temporary problems.

Courtesy title added to a male name on an envelope.

Vibrating device used as a magician's aid.

Old-fashioned term for a wine merchant.

Sleeping sound.

ABBA female singer with blonde hair, __ Fältskog.

Cauliflower dishes; named after lover of Louis XV.

The making of illegal payments.

Black magic, wizardry.

"Wood" river, 15% of Amazon basin water.

Puzzle 17

Get all the pigs in the pen.

Gropius's Dessau edifice with its name on the side.

Corners violently.

She's not bad, she's just drawn that way.

Small crustacean that resembles a lobster.

Small rum cake from Lorraine, France.

Composer of the opera Dido and Aeneas: Henry __.

When things are black as Newgate's knocker.

One who doubts magic is real.

Controlling a spectator's choice in a magic trick.

Reinhold __, first to climb Everest without oxygen.

Puzzle 18

Painting by Caravaggio: The Supper at __.

__ Steps, iconic scene from Battleship Potemkin.

Idris Elba stars as a DCI with iconic overcoat.

Crown Prince of Norway, son of King Harald V.

Small hole-making tool.

Request for a medium-rare steak, a French term.

__ shuffle; sleight of hand false card shuffle.

John __; scientist who created ghostly illusion.

Archaic term for to be fitting, to be proper.

The leaves of ferns or seaweeds.

Waist cincher gives an hour-glass figure.

Piles of snow build-up.

British slang for the face, especially the lips.

Puzzle 19

Rustic, baked open fruit tart.

Four __, 1943 issue of poetry by T. S. Eliot.

Magician, illusionist.

Heathers Duke, McNamara, Chandler and __ Sawyer.

Wander about.

Above __; David Blaine's Plexiglas stunt.

City of Light, formerly Benares, on the Ganges.

Fortress and museum overlooking the bay in Oslo.

Nickname for Haydn's 94th Symphony.

Belgian King who succeeded his father, Albert II.

Welsh enchantress, goddess of inspiration.

Moving fast like a meteor.

What one cuts to when getting to the point.

Sad, pitiful, touching.

Aka tadpole.

Lauding one's self.

Puzzle 20

Frog sounds.

NFL team from Jacksonville.

Smoke and __; reflective illusionists' technique.

Criss Angel __; Cirque du Soleil illusion show.

Capital of Armenia.

Cleared debris from a river bed.

Norfolk company, making mustard since 1814.

Rumpled, beach-style hair.

Angry, ferocious, adverse.

Mrs __, Oscar-winning role for lead Greer Garson.

A welcome intervention, perhaps from above.

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