CodyCross World Poetry Day Pack answers

World Poetry Day PackWorld Poetry Day

Here are the answers to CodyCross World Poetry Day Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

Boston's basketball team.

Technique of thick application of oil paint.

French "boy" poet of Illuminations.

Terry's dark chocolates.

Emblems/signs that mean things to people.

Dance music festival on Croatia's Zrce Beach.

Japanese word for New Year's Eve.

Tigrillo; small, spotted Central American cat.

70s TV show with Clarence the Cross-Eyed Lion.

Baruch __, Dutch philosopher who wrote the Ethics.

The K in JFK.

Fisherman's __, pointy-towered edifice in Budapest.

American writer of Walden, and the poem Friendship.

Country where The Life of Brian was filmed.

Puzzle 2

On the inside.

Stripy rodent, stores nuts in its chubby cheeks.

Lively Italian dance from the 16th century.

Synonym of Switzerland, its female persona.

Female pilot or flyer.

How a diva sleeps in the woods.

Prominent 11th century Hindu theologian.

Pepper: red, green or chili.

Middle name of code-breaker Alan Turing.

Way better than, outclasses.

The __ Files; James Garner detective drama series.

A plant apt to bring forgetfulness.

The Owl's companion in the poem by Edward Lear.

Barney Rubble's pet dinosaur-kangaroo cross.

In a not too distant past.

Horror film feature.

__ War; US military campaign on the Great Plains.

"Gather ye __ while ye may", famous Herrick saying.

Puzzle 3

Hedda __, Hollywood gossip columnist, 1930s-60s.

Poet of the North anthology about The Troubles.

Term for Japanese Americans educated in Japan.

A famous comet was named after him.

__-monsieur (or madame), toasted cheese sandwich.

__ Grove, Minnesota, home of Laura Ingalls Wilder.

Swiss international diplomatic meetings city.

Calvin __, Summer, One Kiss, and Feels artist.

Betjeman urged bombs to fall on this UK town.

Isabella __, Scottish expert in crustaceans.

Fuerteventura: one of the __ Islands.

Puzzle 4

In the middle of.

Dehydrated yogurt and grain product aka hondros.

The S in SI, the __ International d'unités.

Victorian poet of The Walrus and the Carpenter.

Rent a big boat.

Song, __ in the Rain.

25% of Filipinos speak it as their first language.

Elizabethan poet known for The Faerie Queene.

City home to the Flames ice hockey team.

Chinese zodiac crower.

A group of wild pigs.

Puzzle 5

Italian term for a drinking song.

Southernmost point of Scotland: Mull of __.

Paint spraying device; to cover up, expunge.

Sound from all around.

Indecision, dithering, procrastination.

"Hope is the thing with __", Dickinson's metaphor.

Witch in Slavic mythology.

Colourful horned pheasant native to Asia.

Basketball team from Salt Lake City.

__ to a halt, stopped in jittery stages.

Sino-Tibetan language spoken in Bhutan.

Beat Poet whose most famous volume is Howl.

Louis __, Cristal champagne producer.

Puzzle 6

Aileen __; serial killer depicted in Monster.

Locked, fastened.

Hate or indifference.

Orange avenue in Monopoly, US version.

Low impact.

Bagpipe music for weddings or funerals.

Chef who invented Caesar salad: Caesar __.

Only breed of dogs kept in ancient Arabs' tents.

Religion founded by Guru Nanak.

Capital city of Bhutan.

The Pied Piper of __, Browning's tale of rats.

Country that celebrates its Independence July 21.

The Eve of __, Keats' poem of dreaming of a love.

Sweater brand synonymous with golf.

Puzzle 7


Henry __, Victorian who wrote about London poverty.

Peregrine __; super speedy bird of prey.

Architectural style of Moscow State University.

Drink known as Scotch.

2006 fantasy film starring Ed Speleers.

Greek lyric poet of Lesbos, wrote Ode to Aphrodite.

Oath taken to show one is loyal.

Neil __; Breaking Up Is Hard To Do singer.

Floated on a shallow vessel.

Ted __, Poet Laureate, wrote about fearsome nature.

Puzzle 8

Old baby.

Tree with which the tabernacle was built.

Location in France of Monet's home and gardens.

I Remember You heavy metal band.

Agreement between groups in accord.

"For the caged bird sings of __" said Maya Angelou.

St Lucian, Nobel prizewinning poet of Omeros.

__ artery, major blood vessel in the thigh.

Part bivalve, part fruit.

Country whose Internet address abbreviation is DZ.

The Long __, movie with Elliott Gould.

Sickeningly sweet.

Puzzle 9

How people are dropping when many fall ill.

Charities that provide groceries for the needy.

Large cumulus cloud, looks like a cauliflower.

US poet of Personae and the Cantos.

__ and chive; popular crisp and dip flavour.

Where one sells grass.

Angle between the rotational and the orbital axis.

Of or relating to gazelles.

Term to describe the Jews of Spain.

Large triangular sail at the front of a boat.

Peter Weir, Mel Gibson film of WWI's Dardanelles.

Counterculture types like Kerouac and Ginsberg.

__ Square, green area north of the White House.

Puzzle 10

The __ at Coole, W B Yeats's take on birdlife.

Song begging three times for wintery weather.

Condition of hanging loosely, unfitting.

The Ruby Sorceress, princess from The Wizard of Oz.

Military caste, comprising enslaved Turks.

Not caused by flea bites.

Poetry that ignores the strict rules of meter.

Levelling; stable background.

Elsie __, wartime dietician and nutritionist.

Land that gained independence to become Bolivia.

Puzzle 11

Fifth __, American girl group.

Demi Moore movie, A Few __.

Spring back or recoil.

Summer wind in the eastern Mediterranean.

Jenny Joseph poem about wearing purple in old age.

This one or that one.

Small flat licorice sweet, __ cake.

Plants with bitter juices also known as euphorbias.

Clever retort, perhaps French.

Writing in joined characters.

The __ Weddings, Larkin describes a train ride.

Puzzle 12

Swedish city through which the Fyris River runs.

Andrew __, a prominent 17th C Metaphysical poet.

An introduction to Cavalli.

Arranging the balls for play.

First American astronaut to walk in space.

Having two matched sets of chromosomes.

Julian __, founder of WikiLeaks.

Arthropod with six legs.

Preparing dried fish.

Quick line sketch of a figure in art.

Siegfried __, poet of Counter-Attack and The Hero.

Yogic sinus irrigation tool.

Puzzle 13

Hurried off.

Lucky clover.

D H __, novelist-poet of Birds, Beasts and Flowers.

Parade musicians who set a tempo.

Sheet of metal, with stampings, at base of the car.

Poetry with irregular rhyme; anagram of gored leg.

A cowboy's worst nightmare.

Building style named after a German emperor 936-73.

Voice artist of Pepe le Pew and Bugs Bunny.

Younger twin of US tennis doubles champ Mike.

Graphical view of statistics in vertical columns.

Irish town, scene of a siege by Cromwell in 1649.

Polish/russian donut holes.

Rorschach's journey with former superheroes.

Spotty eggshell.

Puzzle 14

Word that Poe's raven repeatedly quoted.

Warrior queen of Halicarnassus.

B vitamin important for expectant mothers.

Symmetrical snow crystal, each is different.

Influenced someone else to behave badly.

1979 disco hit for Lipps Inc..

Canada's longest river.

Katherine __, New Zealand poet of A Day in Bed.

Term coined by Marcel Duchamp to describe his work.

Plays Freddie Mercury in Bohemian Rhapsody movie.

Puzzle 15

Themistocles' naval battle victory over Persia.

The state of being first and foremost.

__ School, US building style of Winslow House.

Crow-like birds with alpine and red-beaked types.

Home country of the singer Björk.

A small Greek restraurant, anagram of Eva Tran.

"And did those feet in __ time": William Blake.

Very basic and luxury-free.

Roman __, entertainment involving cruelty.

Emperor of Japan who came to power in 1989.

Persona of director Tarantino in Reservoir Dogs.

__ House, this London station is a grand residence.

Paul __, Belfast poet of Meeting the British.

To bump into.

Puzzle 16

US Modernist poet, noted for his odd line-breaks.

Canadian new wave and punk festival, 1980.

Raccoon-like animal with a prehensile tail.

Freddie __ of The Good Doctor and Bates Motel.

Spaceship central to the movie Alien.

Country where the Notwane River is located.

To __ Bridge, by lyric poet Hart Crane.

Erich __, East German leader of the 70s and 80s.

Seattle-based NFL team.

AKA adverbials.

The stock exchange for Hong Kong.

Candy that is a super sour attack on your mouth.

Elizabeth Garrett __, first British female doctor.

Smell carried by the wind.

Puzzle 17

Lazy people.

Thick, treacly, viscous.

__ Danes; played Juliet to DiCaprio's Romeo.

__ de Santiago, pilgrims' routes across Spain.

Ocean surrounding the island of Mauritius.

"Mary had a __ lamb", small tots' nursery rhyme.

Joel __, Agent Campbell in The Happytime Murders.

First female Olympic tennis champion: Charlotte __.

Hedy __, actress, pioneer of cellphone technology.

Ancient name for a lighthouse, as in Alexandria.

Portuguese poet Fernando __ wrote under many names.

Puzzle 18


How much wool did the black sheep have.

Benjamin __, Birmingham dub poet and actor.

Postmodern architecture with an emphasis on shape.

Thin crepe of fine twisted yarn.

China's "City of Flowers".

Important female role at a Christening or baptism.

Eating something noisily, like corn flakes.

Black Panther: “Don't scare me like that, __!".

Director of the iconic 1927 film Metropolis.

Setting for taking evening or low-light photos.

"In Xanadu did __/A stately pleasure dome decree".

La Mano Negra, a Sicilian blackmailing group.

Bob Dylan's original surname.

Identifies an illness.

Puzzle 19

Simon __, feted Yorkshire poet of Book of Matches.

"In __ Fields the poppies blow": by John McCrae.

Caroline and William, famous sibling astronomers.

__ Law, 1494 legislation that blunted Irish powers.

"Little Column" neighborhood of Athens.

Played the Allied goalie in Escape to Victory film.

Combative supporter.

Popeye likes this girl.

Kazimir __, Russian artist of White on White.

Urging a horse on.

Puzzle 20

Orange pigments in plants, especially carrots.

Dante __, wrote the masterpiece The Divine Comedy.

The __, poem of "April is the cruellest month".

City regarded as the "capital of the Highlands".

On a fundamental level.

Turning point for Anglo-Chinese trade relations.

He-Man's feline companion.

Gigantic olives grown only in Puglia, Italy.

Singer Helen Reddy's country.

A junior's past.

He painted Composition IV.

Two dots on a vowel, denote separate pronunciation.

Cabaret or nightclub female singer.

Golfer Phil __; famous for his left-handed swing.

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