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Writing and Communication PackWriting and Communication

Here are the answers to CodyCross Writing and Communication Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

The ice kingdom in Frozen.

Croatian walled tourist city on the Adriatic.

Pitman __, quick writing system.

A culture's theories about the universe and space.

A dance venue that stays open very late.

Russian communist, split from Mensheviks in 1903.

Real estate event for prospective buyers.

Turn a piece of writing into another language.

The Honda Indy in Toronto is a __ event.

His breakthrough hit was 1989's Children's Story.

Fish gelatine used in ale production.

Puzzle 2

US word for what Brits call a full stop.

Food __, sets of nutrients found in food.

To give someone a role or a project to complete.

Stranger Things numbered character.

A rough notepad for sketches or writing.

Dan Quayle misspelled this word on national TV.

Crown prince of Norway, son of King Harald V.

Lowest pitched members of the guitar family.

Australia's national airline.

Make a copy of speech or video.

Back panels of book covers.

Examples include ricotta, gorgonzola, feta.

Puzzle 3

This Kelly used to sing with the Queen Bey.

Israeli business hub on the Mediterranean coast.

Cannons for firing shells over short distances.

King in Greek mythology who married his mother.

Smallest unit of linguistic sound.

Mary __, Impressionist painter of The Conversation.

Fast, graceful antelope of southern Africa.

Track and field event with a heavy ball.

Sadistic nurse in One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest.

Third language of the Bible used in Ezra.

Slang for wept, cried.

Alcoholic drink like Curaçao or Limoncello.

Jeeves and __, a toff and his faithful manservant.

Puzzle 4

Etch words on a trophy.

Filmmaker Ava who directed Selma, Wrinkle in Time.

Goldilocks was guilty of stealing this.

Weapons that can shoot a dart with breath of air.

Property on which a business is carried out.

The __ of Queensberry rules are for boxing.

A Spanish art form comprised of dance and song.

It might start with QWERTY.

US state whose capital is Richmond.

What familiarity breeds.

Three children resulting from the same pregnancy.

Puzzle 5

Clear broths made from meat or vegetables.

Altering evidence.

Native American who translated for Lewis and Clark.

The Old __ Shop, 1841 Dickens novel.

A baby bird that has just got flight feathers.

Happening again and again.

Capital of country ruled by Vlad the Impaler.

Walk down this to disembark from a ship.

Dried animal skin that was once written on.

The study of food for health.

Person enrolled or enlisted into military service.

Puzzle 6

Ice __, container for keeping drinks cool.

Cairo square, site of revolutionary protests.

Adam, starred in BlacKkKlansman.

How words are ordered in a sentence.

Thin leaf structure on a pine tree.

19th C dress style, with a pad worn at the rear.

Discrimination against old people.

Eddy __, highly successful Belgian cyclist.

Music genre of Salt-N-Pepa and De La Soul.

Pizzas are usually served in this shape box.

Person who flew too close to the sun.

Country in which the zloty is spent.

Some of the sounds used in the Xhosa language.

Short-form video streaming app.

Series of prizes founded 1894 by Alfred, a Swede.

Italian region of Perugia, Gubbio and Assisi.

Paul Michael who played Starsky.

Puzzle 7

This superhero's alter ego is Dr. Bruce Banner.

Early Egyptian paper made from reeds.

Fellow feeling.

__ music; calm, instrumental synthesizer style.

Sport that's like shuffleboard on ice.

Persuasive public speaking.

A French open-faced sandwich.

Peninsula running through Spain and Portugal.

Finish a piece of crochet work.

Tell someone what to write.

Penny wise, pound __.

IUCN inventory of endangered species.

This Mary created Frankenstein's monster.

Puzzle 8

Circumflex, tilde, umlaut are __ marks.

The world's largest carnivorous land mammal.

Athletic contest with three events.

A person who plans and designs buildings.

Symbol of punk, worn in clothing or as a piercing.

Rubs to make shiny.

Forecast of one's future as told by the stars.

Votes by an entire population on single topics.

First European printing press.

Brand of coffee machines with disposable pods.

Puzzle 9

Toe with abnormal bending; mallet.

Cylindrical measuring glass used in science labs.

Shade of carrots that are loaded with anthocyanins.

Hair __, grippers to hold back tresses.


Groups of people with different traditions.

Element of British law based around custom.

Influencer Zoe Sugg's YouTube name.

Loudspeaker for low frequencies (says a dog?).

__ Towers, British sitcom with John Cleese.

Academic writings that express theories.

President who told Gorbachev "tear down this wall".

Stack these on your Monopoly property.

Puzzle 10

Dots and dashes system for sending messages.

Mascara coats these.

Prince Charles's home, and that of Duchy Organics.

Actors __ Bale, __ Slater, __ Serratos.

Australian name for an oxbow lake.

Broadway musical about Tracy Turnblad.

The study of the sounds in languages.

Very necessary, required.

Five-peaked sacred peak in Buddhism and Hinduism.

Blind vigilante hero of Hell's Kitchen.

Puzzle 11

Carrie's last name in Sex and the City.

A bicycle propelled by pedals alone.

The smallest unit of meaning in a language.

Name of a Beckham, a queen and a secret-keeper.

Mythical monster associated with full moons.

US destination also known as Sin City.

Rules that blocked female succession to the throne.

Abbreviated ways to communicate long names.

Furry duck-billed semi-aquatic creature.

First female prime minister of the UK, Margaret __.

Vogue, Elle, or Cosmopolitan.

They keep your feet warm while you sleep.

Backs up, supports; promotes a specific product.

Puzzle 12

In history, a triumvirate ruling the Soviet Union.

Style of bathtub installed where two walls meet.

Ferry Cross the __, Liverpudlian ballad.

Christian holiday celebrating Jesus' resurrection.

Roof of the mouth.

Added name to a document.

Acronym for female spouse of US president.

Harm someone's reputation by slander or libel.

Visit different cities or countries.

Month Virgo birth sign starts in.

Bride in Tim Burton's 2005 animation.

Type of communication that uses speech.

First British ruler of the House of Hanover: __ I.

Organ that is inflamed in splenomegaly.

Puzzle 13

Rhyming Zanussi slogan: the __ of science.

These markers introduce topics in conversation.

Oscar-winning actor Frances, known for Fargo.

Code of good manners.

Author who created Willy Wonka and Miss Trunchbull.

Site of major English win in Hundred Years' War.

Stream that flows into a larger one.

Device in space that makes GPS work.

Some say these attract.

__ Lace, Big Bopper hit about a pretty-faced girl.

Puzzle 14

French and Spanish are this type of language.

Cruising around in a yacht.

These china vessels pour drinks of steeped leaves.

Medical term meaning related to the scrotum.

Discussed, argued, disputed.

Occupation of Nintendo's Mario and Luigi.

Orange spice obtained from crocus flowers.

Amelia __, first woman to fly solo across Atlantic.

Mode of transport on Kenyan safaris.

Usually round plastic discs attached to a placket.

Irish saint whose day is celebrated on March 17.

Iron that has been beaten into shape.

Terry __, Python and director of Time Bandits.

Performance by musicians.

Libya's leading port and national capital.

Country that was the birthplace of Albert Camus.

Stutter in speech.

Puzzle 15

Marks or pictures used to represent meanings.

Writers' online platform whose logo is an orange B.

Leafy herb used to garnish dishes.

It is pulled to open a parachute.

Moorish general created by Shakespeare.

Famous linguist Noam __.

Trips made by doggies at least twice a day.

Florals used in scrapbooking and other arts.

Yuri __, first human in space, aboard Vostok I.

Adele's Bond theme.

Puzzle 16

Indo-__, language family of French and Hindi.

Magic, sorcery skills.

Barack Obama's vice president.

City where Lady Godiva took her famous ride.

Job that doesn't require working full hours.

Absorbs a language while growing up.

Tolstoy's Anna.

__ arrest; held in custody without good reason.

Computer accessory made of rubber.

Of land used for cattle grazing.

The Y in DIY.

Concentrated shot of coffee.

Drives a vehicle backwards.

Puzzle 17

__ Gothic, Grant Wood painting.

Feline nickname for lighting devices in roads.

The mother language of Norwegian and Danish.

Seeking to defend or justify a wrongdoing.

Leader of the Free French forces in WWII.

Scheduled period for an appointment or delivery.

Physically stronger.

Single-wheeled vehicle.

A break in a performance.

One of seventeen found in a haiku.

Morning water on leaves caused by condensation.

__ sun, lack of darkness in Arctic summers.

Celebration with parades and traditional music.

The Ronettes' song featured in Dirty Dancing.

Scottish biscuits for cheese.

Lights that hang from the ceiling.

Puzzle 18

Water channels between two land masses.

First wife of John Lennon.

Outside venue or museum.

All the words in a language.

__ Park, French amusement park for Obelix's friend.

A well-known Beatles song.

Austrian pastry dish with sweet fruit filling.

Sloping style of calligraphy.

Sino-__ language family that includes Cantonese.

They sat at Camelot's round table.

Author of War of the Worlds, book published 1898.

Puzzle 19

Reviewing text to rephrase more elegantly.

Stuffed bears.

Antisocial, cynical TV doctor __ House.

Meat and eggs are a source of this.

Suitcase or bags used when traveling.

Joining two businesses together.

Language that is the most spoken in Africa.

Start legal proceedings against a president.

Breathed out.

Especially fine, highly-polished glassware.

Puzzle 20

Town in Belgium where a famous battle was fought.

1815 eruption of Mount Tambora caused a __ winter.

Actor Newton, was Val in Solo: A Star Wars Story.

Personal items that lock-openers are attached to.

Element, along with oxygen, needed to make water.

Tile word game with Double Word Scores.

San Francisco prison island.

Speech without variations in pitch.

Another word for wedding celebrations.

Protective canine.

Relating to the treatment of patients.

A literary guide to mythical creatures.

Haile __, Ethiopian leader until 1974.

Relating letters to the sounds they represent.

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