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Here are the answers to CodyCross Yoga Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.

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Puzzle 1

Jane __, social reformer, Nobel Peace Prize winner.

Secret __, system of anonymous voting.

Enlightenment and good judgment.

They are used to make a tapenade.

__ when, stands for MFW.

__ Mountains, old frontier of Babylonia, Assyria.

Steady, balanced.

One who converts animal hides into fabrics.

Country, alphabetically between Laos and Lebanon.

Georgie __ pudding and pie.

Another name for the Asiatic wild ass.

Puzzle 2

Teach someone a skill.

Geno band Dexy's __ Runners.

Celery-tasting large round root vegetable.

Malian city, the epitome of geographical isolation.

Roman Emperor who wrote Meditations: Marcus __.

Reliable, hard-working supporter.

Actress from Hitchcock's Vertigo.

Voice artist dubbed the Man of a Thousand Voices.

Vinyasa-style yoga with poses in sequence.

Nonsense; device once used for theatrical applause.

Puzzle 3

Author of Solomon Gursky Was Here: Mordecai __.

Orange liqueur from the Caribbean.

Slow yoga style, holding poses for a long time.

__ the Gap, documentary about skateboarders.

First Triumverate member with Pompey and Caesar.

__ your own nest: do something for financial gain.

Hindu greeting, said at end of a yoga session.

Teased, mocked cruelly.

__ Crusade; 1147 military campaign in Polabia.

Aristotle __, shipping magnate.

Puzzle 4

In Greek mythology, Amazon queen with magic girdle.

Poisonous substances that cause muscular damage.

French dish of meat, pork skins, and beans.

Busy Belgian cargo and passenger ferry port.

Separate something from its head.

State tree of Florida.

Calming wash with music from singing bowls, etc..

Glass, hinged structure for protecting seedlings.

Strong, timber pose, obliquely not facing floor.

__ jelly, gelatinous substance used as a lubricant.

Name of Lord Byron's dog.

Determined, resolute, fearless, indomitable.

Free-floating blood cell.

Home city of the band Frankie Goes to Hollywood.

__ for positions, or to try to gain an advantage.

French kingly style of the Palais de Luxembourg.

Puzzle 5

French thick shellfish soup.

Magnifiers for jewels.

Fibers finer than cashmere, from an ibex.

Floor or ceiling supports in a building.

Another name for a bush baby or nagapie.

Jill Bolte __, My Stroke of Insight neuroanatomist.

Berry used in cough lozenges.

Indian text or theory weaved into yoga.

Mysterious and understood by few.

German word for Monday.

Female who is committed to and practices yoga.

Dice shaped.

Gloria __ will Survive.

Puzzle 6

Adult female horse for breeding.

Charcoal burners, European secret society.

Edible starch, used as a food thickener.

Calibration; body arrangement in good posture.

Spread out over a large area.

Coleridge poem inspired by Mongol ruler.

Movie, The Fabulous __, starred Michelle Pfeiffer.

Major party at the world's carnival festivals.

Number of pigmented squares on a Rubik's Cube.

Portmanteau invented for New Girl's Jessica Day.

Wipe out, extinguish.

Pen with ink that cannot be erased.

Dutch parliament buildings in The Hague.

English part-songs of the Baroque era.

Second most populated city in the Netherlands.

Ustrasana, dromedary kneeling posture.

Soraya __, English wife of Saudi businessman Adnan.

Puzzle 7

Dogs and the wind alike can do this.

Being in good shape, able to do exercise.

Author of Love, Loss, and What We Ate: Padma __.

Selfish, piggish, inconsiderate motorist.

Short, inconsequential songs.

Cords that attach to surfers' ankle straps.

__ Mountains, NW US mountains with Mt Rainier.

Irish castle and celebrated stone.

Breath __, or pranayama, governing the breath.

__ of sparrows, an anthropomorphic collective term.

Puzzle 8

Obsessive need to light objects on fire.

King of the birds balance with limbs wrapped.

Center part of a boat between the stern and bow.

The __, UK supergroup of Beck, Clapton and Page.

Artificial language invented by Dr. Zamenhof.

Dictator of Spain for many years: __ Franco.

Beggar; member of a propertyless religious order.

Architectural style embodied by Fallingwater.

The C in CBT, a therapy.

In geology, an upwardly folded rock.

It measures the density of gasses.

Turnip-type vegetable, produces sweetness.

Highly venomous African tree snake.

Take air into the body.

Annual June celebration in Finland: Juhannus or __.

Puzzle 9

World famous Tokyo fish market.

Hand-balance yoga pose, bird tail-feather display.

Someone moved to safety.

Dress worn while sleeping.

French for "Do you speak English?" Parlez vous __?.

Another name for a mezzaluna blade.

Neurologically caused loss of ability to speak.

2015 Hugh Jackman, Sigourney Weaver movie.

First President of Indonesia.

Meditative, free state of no suffering or desire.

__, Madrid's impressive shopping boulevard.

A melody with a higher pitch sung in a hymn.

Puzzle 10

Drummer replaced by Ringo Starr in The Beatles.

The young of a bird with spectacular tail feathers.

Italian salted and air-dried raw meat.

Vital __, or prana, forces flowing around the body.

Peggy and Madge are short forms of this name.

Fluid that lubricates joints.

Tycoons, moguls.

Pensively, fretfully, sullenly.

Kurt __, Slaughterhouse-Five scribe.

__ It Hot; 1959 film with Tony Curtis, Jack Lemmon.

Pose on all fours with back parallel to floor.

Region in NW France; also a girl's name.

Puzzle 11

1985 book that was basis for movie Goodfellas.

Woven flooring.

Concentration, fixing mind on one thing in yoga.

The Declaration of Independence's first signatory.

Ruled books used by accountants.

Spanish version of haggis.

Fastidious about needs.

The two larger digits on feet.

Eric __, from South Park.

New Mexico city where aliens purportedly landed.

His 1st wife was Barbra Streisand: __ Gould.

Dark-centered velvet flowers.

Lizard-like reptile found on New Zealand's islands.

Puzzle 12

N in the NATO phonetic alphabet.

Gunfight venue between the Earps and Clantons.

Extra seeing organ found between the eyebrows.

Dribs __, odds and ends.

Stones tune, __ for the Devil.

Red __; wild African bush pig.

Movie with secret agent Schwarzenegger.

French-speaking region of Belgium.

Spike __, Irish comedian, writer and Goon.

Arata Isozaki was the 2019 receipient: __ Prize.

Spaceflight of July 1969 that landed on the Moon.

__ stand, inverted yoga pose, on the scapulas.

Sponges for scrubbing pans.

__ station, scientific community at the South Pole.

A stanza of four lines.

An academic without match.

Acted as referee in an argument.

French term for vegetables cut in tiny cubes.

Puzzle 13

She sang Sweet but Psycho.

Holiday homes in warmer climates abroad.

From South Asian country with New Delhi as capital.

Long-fingered nocturnal lemur native to Madagascar.

Language of northern Spain and southern France.

I Robot, volume of sci-fi stories by Isaac __.

A yoga bind or lock, in Sanskrit.

The shaman mandrill in The Lion King.

Charbonnel et __, confectioners to royalty.

Robes worn by clergy.

Alloy made of tin and lead.

Puzzle 14

Whom Reagan asked to tear down the Berlin Wall.

Name given to residents of São Paulo.

__ esculenta; brain-shaped mushroom.

Something with three points, like a tooth.

Someone making money from illegal acts.

Database system using structured query language.

Snake posture in yoga, lying on tummy, chest up.

Under the __ Tree, Hardy book and Shakespeare poem.

Lowest level of a cumulonimbus, say.

Ananda Balasana pose, rocking like an infant.

Parisian business district.

Another name for botany, study of plants.

Measure of thermal insulation for duvets.

Cherilyn __; full name of singer Cher.

Puzzle 15

Two-handled Neolithic jugs.

Relating to Sardinia's French neighbor.

World-famous Catalan chef at El Celler de Can Roca.

Orange Japanese citrus fruits.

Forename of the matriarch of the Carter family.

Reciting in tune, for meditative reasons.

Otherworldly, ghostly, heavenly.

Carl __, Bill Murray's character in Caddyshack.

Animal whose name means "earth pig" in Afrikaans.

V-shaped, maritime yoga asana on tailbone.

Puzzle 16

Part of the brain linked to motivation, emotions.

Unwinding, calming.

Bob __, who played Saul Goodman.

French operatic soprano and film actress.

Continuing narrative in a TV drama.

__ Trust, charity that rescues important buildings.

It washes off chemicals in photo developing.

Colonial rulers.

Norwegian island group in the Arctic Circle.

Operation __; aborted German invasion of Malta.

Henri Charriere's memoir about Devil's Island.

Dog of European (Spitz) and Asian (Chow) descent.

Edible green plant like cabbage or broccoli.

Trick someone into clicking onto an Astley song.

Holding crowd control method used by police.

Turning the body, for spine flexibility in yoga.

A person having many responsibilities to another.

Part of ship with cheapest accommodation.

Somewhere between the earth and the moon.

Puzzle 17

Douglas __, Snr, swashbuckling actor of Robin Hood.

Polar vegetation with yellow, cup-shaped blooms.

Yoga that awakens dormant energy in the spine.

__ of Rhye, Mercury-written 1974 hit for Queen.

Bird, similar to a woodpigeon.

Company that buys and sells for another.

Island chain lying between Russia and the US.

Pastry maker, dessert chef (French).

Dutch-rooted language of 10 million South Africans.

Lying back, stretching out on the back.

Ability to produce offspring.

Sarah __; classical singer in West End musicals.

Decorating with glued-on paper cut-outs.

Mental shortcut for problem-solving.

Gravitational collapse of star after collision.

Puzzle 18

Kurosawa's tale of truth and doubt in 12th C Japan.

Passover no-no for observant Jews: __ bread.

Harangue, criticize.

An exercise or discipline, such as a yoga session.

Ethnic group known as Chaldeans.

Teaching lesson with a lecturer or don.

German word for cloying sentimentality.

Presidential palace found on Rome's highest hill.

First people to work with iron.

Informal name for the coccyx.

Puzzle 19

Angela __, Murder, She Wrote star.

Used for baking ring-shaped cakes.

Korean soybean paste.

William the Conqueror's first title: Duke of __.

Concentrating attention on one thing.

Son of Zeus and Semele.

Mentions, brings up a subject.

Tadasana, or __ pose, simple standing.

A person from Antigua's twin island.

Medical term for bedwetting.

Puzzle 20

Woman's gown or outer petticoat of the Middle Ages.

Youngest of the Griffins on Family Guy.

Stephanie Kwolek invented this bulletproof fabric.

Firm-fleshed fish with poisonous spines.

Girls' name or area for mooring yachts.

Half lord of the __, aquatic seated twist.

Anthony __, Red Hot Chili Peppers frontman.

Chinese tech co, at center of cybersecurity issues.

Traditional South African barbecues.

Religious rules in Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism.

Large particle collider in Switzerland and France.

Michael __, director of the infamous Heaven's Gate.

Simón Bolívar's white horse.

Clear eyes, full __, can't lose.

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